would she will be able to came in to the US?! if not what they gonna do?

Question by I_belong_to_me: would she will be able to came in to the US?! if not what they gonna do?
. my best friend was convected in class 1 misdemeanor embezzlement “moral turpitude”under 200$ anyways she played guilty to one charge and the maximum sentence is12 months the judge only sentence her to 60 days in jail all was suspended?! the lawyer who was hired by the court didn’t tell as she is gonna have a problem in emigration. I contact the emigration lawyer. and he said he cant do nothing because shes a GC holder and she may get deported and took to jail. I contact the criminal lawyer he told as she would not be deported because the crime was up to 12 months not more. and it was the first. but she wanted to able to travel aboard. the lawyer told as that she may have a problem coming in if she travel. but they cant deport her. but the Q is why would they stop her from coming in. and if they DID what they gonna do to her?!

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Answer by Marc G
Well, they could stop her from entering the US because she is a convicted criminal and not a US citizen, and is therefore undesirable in the eyes of the US government. I’m not saying that they will, just that they might, so if I were your friend I would stay in the US. If they DID stop her, the worst case is that they would deny her entry into the US and they would place her (at her expense) on the next plane back to the country she came from.

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