Workers Comp question?

Question by chuck j: Workers Comp question?
Back in July I injured my back pretty bad and have been off work since. BWC has been paying my benefits without question and so far so good. I go in October for a pretty major surgery, Doc wants to remove a rib and place a titanium cage in my back along with a few other things. This is my second surgery at the age of 32, first was a microdiskotomy on my lower back. The doc told me when I saw him last that I will not be returning to this job nor this type of work ever again and I’m on permeant restrictions. So what does this exactly mean, do I get retrained? I talked to a lawyer today and he basicaly told me that BWC would have to retrain me for a job that I can do but still make the same money per hour I was making the time of injury, $ 17.50. Do I go to school to be “retrained”? Also since I am in such bad shape, do I have the option of sewing my employer for my injury, or emotional distress for a life long injury or back problem?

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Answer by shroomigator
Yes you can be retrained, but you don’t have to accept it. they will pay for all your retraining. You can always sue your employer, for your injury and for pain and suffering.

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