what to do about a divorce?

Question by xxJxLxTxx: what to do about a divorce?
In october, i saw that my dad was on basically an internet dating site.i found that he was talking to other women and everything. i told my mom and long story short, after a long time of crying, my dad agreed to work on the marriage.

then my mom came to me saying she found emails talking about an affair he had with someone in Brazil when he went there on a “business trip”. one invited a girl over to our house during the day, one saying “i wish we can be together in two years”
my mom found emails dating back to 2005 and now she is talking to a divorce lawyer.she wants my dad to move out and to get a divorce
i am only 16 and my mom confides in me all the time about what to do.

part of me wants the divorce and part doesnt
with all of this, i hate my dad right now and if a divorce happens, i don’t want to live with my dad. what are the chances of my mom having sole custody? she makes enough money to support me i just want to know the legal aspect of it

just advice on how to deal?

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Answer by Heaven Lee
You’re old enough to choose who you want to live with.
Sorry you are going thru this.

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