What should I do about my daughters dad paying child support?(read on)?

Question by Tbrat: What should I do about my daughters dad paying child support?(read on)?
Heres the deal. my daughter is 6, I have her 100% of the time. Her lame ass back stabbing manipulative two faced cant hold onto a job daddy who takes advantage of the system and sues people and companies for the stupidest reasons lives in Oklahoma. He told me today that his “lawyer” told him that he can have his child support he pays me reduces. I dont see how that can be possible because he rarely sees my daughter. Rarely has any contact with her. I have the brunt of mostly all the responsiblitly. The little amount I get from him barely helps me with rent. Food. Clothes for her. School supplies. and other neccessties. He keeps threatening me with taking me back to court. He always tries to pick fights with me and tries to get personal info from me and gets pissed off when I DONT give it to him. He has 4 kids by 3 different woman. He is on his 3rd marriage.NO HIM AND I WERE NEVER MARRIED.his 2nd marriage was just spite towards me but they got a divorce before they were married 1 year
HE is the one that is suppose to be court ordered to provide health care for our daugther. But he never does. He cant seem to hold onto a job for more than 6months to a year. he has his current wife provide health insurance for all his kids(they have one baby together). Which I dont think is fair. He is pissed at me cause he cant manipulate or control me or buy me.He is constantly threathing to call the cops on me for stupid reasons. He is a liar and proven to be a liar.He takes advantage of people and the system. Why is it so easy for him to get things handes to him and I have to work part time bust my ass to try to provide for our daughter and I still can barely make ends meet???Thats wrong
When he and I had went to court back in 2003 about custody and child support we had to go through mediation first and He wanted us to go to mediation sepreate but I said NO and its a good thing we didnt because I caught him in at least 6 lies in front of the mediator!! What are my options?
I dont get how he can afford to go travel around to theme parks with his other kids and family— He always seems to be getting different vehicles every 6 months ==he will trade them in and get different cars/vans/trucks. He got a settlement from Social security but he “payed” back his mom for borrowing money from her but he cant help me– he got his house repoed because him and his wife werent working(they change jobs often although she has managed to keep this one she has for some time I give her credit). he is constantly getting deals on things.I dont get to do things like he does because Im either at home with our daughter or at work.
BTW I live in a small town. Not many “Full time jobs” available that can work with me on my hours. My car literally breaks down almost every month… I cant afford a newer car….
BTW just to respond to sam’s response about people complaing about money but have internet==This isnt my computer. Its my best friends computer.She let me use it. Please….I cant afford one…

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Answer by gunning4u
be happy you receive can go back in to have this readjusted.but you may receive less. for the record.i hate deadbeat dads.

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