What kind of lawyer do I need?

Question by ﺕ SB22 ټ: What kind of lawyer do I need?
There’s 2 properties, one worth $ 280k & the other worth $ 75k. The properties & my ex husband are in Alaska, I’m in Colorado with a disability, making it impossible for me to travel there & take care of things myself. They are in his name only. I do not have any knowledge of real-estate or property laws & I have been severely screwed over by my ex, his shyster lawyer & the divorce trial Judge already. I trust no one in the so-called “justice” system anymore.

My ex is supposed to sell the properties (that are considered marital assets) & he gets to pay off any & all of HIS debt with the proceeds, then whatever is left over, he is to give me 60%. But nothing is selling & he keeps adding all he wants to this so called debt. He now claims it is $ 85k & he has recently implied that I’m liable for half of it. Which I’m not. But he’s got a lawyer & judge in his back pocket & will do whatever it takes to screw me over yet again.

Well, he just made me an offer to settle, but I don’t like it, at all. Its sneaky & deceitful, just like him.

So, do I need a lawyer? What kind of lawyer should I get, a property lawyer or divorce lawyer, or something else? & which state should I look for one, Colorado or Alaska? I do not have any money to hire a great lawyer, not that I know how to find one anyways, & I know that lots of lawyers offer free consults, but will this be enough to get the legal advice I need? How do I find the right lawyer?

We have no children together & were married 21 years. My name is not on the properties, because he bought them as part of his business while we were married.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

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You have already been to court? (divorce trial judge seen). Did you not have a lawyer?

You need a Divorce lawyer who will also work out all the details of the assets and debts.

The first visit is usually free. If you know someone who was happy with their divorce lawyer, use their person. You can see several lawyers for that first free visit, and decide who you prefer. Ask first if the first visit is free. Good luck.

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