The Good Side and Bad Side to Lawyers’ Contingency Fees

The Good Side and Bad Side to Lawyers’ Contingency Fees

The Good Side and Bad Side to Lawyers’ Contingency Fees

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Home Page > Law > Cyber Law > The Good Side and Bad Side to Lawyers’ Contingency Fees

The Good Side and Bad Side to Lawyers’ Contingency Fees

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Posted: Aug 06, 2010 |Comments: 0


Perhaps my most fascinating lawsuit in the area of medical malpractice involved a stunning British woman who claimed that her cosmetic surgeon had botched her breast augmentation procedure, resulting in uneven results. There were some color images that showed the damage to the woman’s breasts, but they really did not fully show the extent of the damage. So, I requested that the judge allow me to have the client undress in the presence of the jury. He conceded and allowed me to do so in his chambers. The jurors milled around as the plaintiff stood naked to show them her issue.

Go to this site for further information on <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=’’>best personal injury lawyer</a>.  While plastic surgeons may encounter numerous difficulties during breast surgery, some inflict such terrible damage that monies a jury might award will never compensate for the harm done. I’ve often exhibited injuries of my clients to juries so that they can get a clear image of the damage that truly happened in my tort cases. But, this was probably the most heart rending experience I’ve ever had in the courtroom.  The term tort has no actual relation to the non-legal term tart. The word is of French derivation, and means to wrench or turn awkwardly.

It seems appropriate from a modern sense, I guess, since most victims of a tort are often bowed, bent, broken, and/or twisted out of shape in some sense or another. In the modern parlance, tort really only means an injury that has been inflicted on the body or mind. Both personal injury claims and malpractice cases are considered torts. Whether you have previous contact with the law via the result of a contract, real estate deal, or even in the commission of a crime.  But don’t be surprised if a rich man’s Mercedes knocks you down at some time in your life, and you find it necessary to call upon the services of a tort attorney. No matter the experience or reputation of the tort attorney, there is one set price for both the inexperienced or the highly reputable. That fee is what is known as a contingency fee, which is actually illegal in both England and Canada. The way this works is when a lawyer agrees to represent you and takes on your case, the charges will range anywhere from 33.3% up to 40% of whatever the final recovery is. If you end up recovering nothing, then you don’t owe your lawyer anything. As a person looking for <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=’’>compensation lawyers melbourne</a> you should visit that site.

In many areas, the tort lawyer will be able to advance costs to cover what he needs and then recover this back from the settlement. There are as many torts as there are people. Every kind of disaster known to man and every kind of accident known to man all have their own tort. You will also find cases addressing negligence on part of a hospital or doctor, and it is this negligence that seems the be the unifying thread of tort cases.  In today’s world you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re handed a piece of paper to sign when you first walk in a doctor’s office, as most doctors are taking this approach in a growing number of states. It supposedly constitutes a waiver of your rights to litigate any disputes between you and the physician and an agreement to enter into arbitration instead. However, there is some contention about the legality of these agreements, and though ruling have gone both directions the majority view them as invalid. Typically, if the arbitration agreement does not allow you to seek resolution any other place, it’s not a legal agreement.

One of your key rights in this country is the right to a jury. So regardless of which state you’re in, you are entitled to that. Criminal law as it is considered today was supported heavily through the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during 1953 to 1969. A number of well-worn rights and legal constructs were revived and given new respect, lending renewed relevance to criminal law practitioners. You’ll find quite a few lawyers in the political arena as well as quite a few excellent forensically capable lawyers who have abandoned the courtroom for the political arena, like the US These individuals experience with the legal system has been felt in legislation throughout Congress.

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About the Author:

Born at Derby, Tasmania, in 1933, I was the eldest child of Richard Beswick (1905-77) who came from an old Tasmanian family who were pioneers of mining and farming in our district, and his wife who was born Kathleen Jessup (1907-93), also from pioneering farmers, and who had been a teacher before she married.


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Is 18% contingent fee fair. This is a Non formal Chapter 13 Debt Resolution? 18% is based on the original balance of resolved acct. I’m not sure what’s the norm?
What are good carbs and bad carbs ?
“What does it mean when a lawyer says they will work on “”contingency””?”

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Born at Derby, Tasmania, in 1933, I was the eldest child of Richard Beswick (1905-77) who came from an old Tasmanian family who were pioneers of mining and farming in our district, and his wife who was born Kathleen Jessup (1907-93), also from pioneering farmers, and who had been a teacher before she married.

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