The Crucible Act Three Questions.?

Question by Ally: The Crucible Act Three Questions.?
These are just a few questions I’m stuck on.
It may seem like I’m asking a lot but there’s a lot of questions haha.
If you know ANYY of them please help me out! :)

Who is taken to jail at the end of Act Three?

A.Martha Corey and John Proctor
B.Mary Warren and Martha Corey
C.Giles Corey and John Proctor
D.Elizabeth Proctor and Mary Warren

Deputy Governor Danforth initially dismisses Giles Corey because of his


Why does Danforth dismiss Giles’ deposition?

A.Putnam denies what Giles reports.
B.The court does not believe Giles’ word.
C.Giles will not reveal the name of his source.
D.Giles’ deposition was not written by a lawyer.

The climax of Act Three occurs when

A.Mary Warren renounces her deposition.
B.Abigail says she is innocent.
C.Danforth threatens John Proctor.
D.John Proctor accuses Abigail.

Danforth has signed many death warrants, and so has


Parris’s concerns about the depositions presented suggest all of the following EXCEPT that he

A.wants to see justice done.
B.believes he can advance his career if the trial goes well.
C.believes he can get rid of the people who oppose him. worried about people finding out the truth.

What does Hale mean when he says the following? “In God’s name, sir, stop here; send him home and let him come again with a lawyer-”

A.Hale is beginning to have doubts about the witch hunt.
B.Hale is annoyed with the speed of the trial.
C.Hale is frustrated with the stupidity of the man on trial.
D.Hale knows the man on trial is innocent.

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Answer by Chelfi
If you have to wait an hour or more for an answer to this question you could probably just read Act 3. It’s not hard reading.

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