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Immigration Lawyer – Brad Bernstein offers some insight into next year’s possible law changes

www.4immigration.comListen in as Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein of Spar & Bernstein, PC tackles a wide range of immigration questions relating to everything from green cards, deportation, education visas, work visas, adoption visas, permanent residence, naturalization, entertainment visas, sports visas, and anything else related to immigration law. Top US & New York Immigration Lawyer/Attorney Brad Bernstein and his associates give free advice to callers at Immigration Link Show on Linkup Radio 93.5 FM. Immigration Link Radio Show is aired Monday through Friday, 12:00pm-12:30pm EST, on 93.5 FM in New York City Metro Area and on our website at To schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, please call 1-800-522.0804 (within USA) or 1-212-227-3636 (outside of USA). Also please visit our cool blog, Spar & Bernstein’s Immigration Law Link
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Q&A: Head of Court apointed for 29 years, to a new lawyer?? felony case – First offence?

Question by elguy81: Head of Court apointed for 29 years, to a new lawyer?? felony case – First offence?
1. I am going to court for automobile insurance fraud, now this is a felony if i plea. My lawyer told me that he can try to swing for a mistameanour plea.

2. He can not promise anyhting, but what he can promise is that he will work harder than the ” head of court apointed lawyer” that i have now..

3. All the motions, and evidence has been given to my attorney. Now, my attorney is known and respected in superiour court. HE has been court apointed for 28 years.

4. This new lawyer i am talking to, he knows the DA they went to school or something togethere. Does this help, or can it equal the same relation ship and respect my lawyer has with the DA that is working on the case.

5. The new lawyer is charging me, 10k,, five up front for my case. and he will try to go to trial and make a plea of mistameanor, instead of a felony.

6. Does this mean that, he will try to plea to a mistameanor befor trial. But he stated that he will go to trial with this. Sorry if i contradicted and confused with the begining of this sentance.

Note: I have a clean record, this so called fraud is set to had happen in 2003, march and i have been in College ever since, graduate from Computer Enginering in 2010.
1. New lawyer stated, he can fight for a mistamenour.
2. I was told the same to stick with the court apointed, in superior court.
3. Would a mistamenour affect my employment in the engineering field
4. Or should i just take it to trial and see what happens..
5. Someone plead guilty to our case, because he got a sweeet deal.. I dont want to do that

Best answer:

Answer by Slappy
If your court appointed lawyer is a public defender, stick with him or her. They are usually the best trial lawyers you can find in any county.

He is saying that he will try to get a deal where you can plead guilty to a misdemeanor in exchange to dropping the felony. He is also saying that if this doesnt happen, he is willing to go to trial.

Either way, stick with the public defender.

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How do you feel about your tax dollars the next three years supporting the trial?

Question by Can’t be a Lib and a Patriot: How do you feel about your tax dollars the next three years supporting the trial?
of the Gitmo detainees? Haven’t we already spent millions on gathering evidence and housing and feeding them already? And we want to start at zero and build a case again? Why wasn’t a Military tribunal based on the current evidence “Just” enough? And what happens if the ACLU lawyers “get them off on a technicality”? Do you really want FAIR justice for these murderers?

Best answer:

Answer by Deke666
Fine. But why are Conservatives so against the Constitution of the United States which guarantees to the accused a fair trial? What is wrong with a group of people who revere a man (George W. Bush) who is on record saying, about the Constitution that, “…it’s just a goddamn piece of paper?” Why do such people pretend to be patriots?

The Constitution refers and applies to all people who are brought to justice under its auspices. Some people pretend to know something about the Constitution, have never read it, and engage in calling out other users, even tho’ they are woefully ignorant about he issue.

The more time I spend here, the more I worry for our educational system. Example: a Mexican drug runner is caught in Austin, Texas. Now, what do you think happens? Well, he is charged with various state and federal crimes, and is brought to trial in the appropriate jurisdiction. He is not a citizen, yet he is entitled to a fair trial, and if he cannot afford legal counsel, receives the assistance of a court-appointed attorney in his defense. That’s the way it works in the real world. Evidently, conservatives live in an alternate reality of their fantasy X-Box worlds.

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Ignored the IRS for years… where to start?

by ImagineFreedom

Question by dlbham: Ignored the IRS for years… where to start?
I have not filed my taxes in about 6 years… in that time i had a levy or two, but now I need to make things right. Should I call the IRS and throw myself at their mercy or visit a tax lawyer first? I don’t have any documentation for those years either, and I know I would probably need it. (Example – the IRS used to double-count rent I received from rental property, and I dont have the 1099s to prove it now…)

I don’t know what alternatives I have, if any, because I truly fear not getting treated fairly (I used to get audited yearly before I “checked out”). My finances, and back taxes, are a complete mess (I didn’t pay on any credit cards or loans for 6 years either). I visited the CCCS about my consumer debt and have a manageable plan to pay that off, but that is not with the IRS “wildcard” and the payments I may owe to them. I have no idea where to even begin to get my financial life back in order. Where should I begin?

Best answer:

Answer by Steve D
I think a professional (lawyer or enrolled agent) approaching the IRS on your behalf would be better than throwing yourself on their mercy. There are a number of companies who specialize in this kind of service. They’re often able to negotiate settlements for less than you owe and stop the penalties and interest from accruing.

You can get competitive proposals from several such companies based on your situation at the site in Sources.

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What happens with my position and seniority at work after 2 years of workers comp?

Question by Lilia p: What happens with my position and seniority at work after 2 years of workers comp?
I have been in workers comp for 2 years now in Illinois. I have permanent restrictions (25%, cannot walk more than 3 hours), and my lawyer is trying to settle (He won’t tell me how much in average for the leg, or if there is life medical, nothing). What happens with my position at work? I cannot perform the same job anymore plus I do not have personal medical insurance anymore. I was working for some other companies, since I am a freelance. Now I am loosing all the other jobs, insurance, position, seniority in these places too. My lawyer says is “immaterial”, he cannot do anything about it. The place where I had the accident is supposed to guarantee the job for life?

Best answer:

Answer by michr
your settlement is based on set guidelines from the state using your % of total disability.
then since you can not return to your old employment these factors are used to determine a multiplier, your age, skills that transfer to another job, education and work history, this multiplier can be as much as 6 times the dollar amount that is determined by the % of total disability.
usually the settlement will include continuing medical coverage but that coverage is for the original injury NOT for other medical conditions. you must use the same doctors as you have for the WC injury and must be pre-approved for any doctor visits .

your attorney is correct about these other jobs being irrelevant
all WC deals with is your work related injury and the permanent partial disability that resulted from it.
there is not much for an attorney to do, the settlement must be within the states guidelines and the state must approve the settlement.

the employer does NOT guarantee your job for life. if you can not perform the essential duties of the job then you can’t, and therefor you will no longer be employed.

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It seems odd to post this in “legal”, but I am a RN with several years experience…?

Question by Jennifer L: It seems odd to post this in “legal”, but I am a RN with several years experience…?
and I have been considering exploring the option of becoming a nurse assistant to a lawyer. I understand that nurses will do chart reviews for lawyers in malpractice cases, looking for things that deviate from the standards of care. How does one go about getting certified or trained in this type of nursing? In what capacity do lawyers use nurses for this kind of work?

Any other info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by ice38034
You might want to call a law firm and ask them. That way you will not be miss lead by answers on here. I know where I am from there is a law firm that does a lot of nursing home abuse/neglect cases. Good luck and I hope this has helped!

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Can a previous lawyer in custody case, 2 years ago now be the lawyer to child’s father?

Question by LilyAn8: Can a previous lawyer in custody case, 2 years ago now be the lawyer to child’s father?
Called lawyer for information and was told ” conflict of interest” im not sure what that implies..? Is it possible my lawyer is now working for him?
What does conflict of interest mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Nessie
no, that would be considered a conflict of interest. they just can’t do that.

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