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Arrested for a Class A misdemeanor, Trial tomorrow!?

Question by Tiger Lilly: Arrested for a Class A misdemeanor, Trial tomorrow!?
Let me start where it started… I got arrested. But I’m not a bad person. I’m smart, in college, and a good daughter. My mom is sick, and can’t work. My dad has to pay for his new family. I work, but it’s not too much. I do volunteer work, and take care of my mom. You wouldn’t think I’d been arrested from looking at me, and I will NEVER mess with the law again. I hit rock-bottom that night, and I learned from it.

I got arrested 27 days ago for a Class A misdemeanor. I can’t pay for a lawyer. I’m willing to pay all my fines, do community service, all of that! I went to my first court date on December 4. They said to come back with a lawyer at my next court date, December 18, 8:00 AM.

That’s tomorrow morning, if you didn’t notice.

I’ve been talking to my Councilor (for lack of a better word. I’ve known her for years, I go to her for advice. She’s like an aunt, or another mom. She’s very smart.) about it, and she mentioned that her son-in-law is a lawyer. I gave her the details of my arrest, and he talked to me about it. He said that because my mom is sick, they should appoint me a public defender. I’m nervous. He says I should go tomorrow, and say “My mother is sick, I’m in college, and we can’t afford a lawyer.” and the judge will appoint me one.

I’m nervous, though, and I’m not sure. I don’t have much choice now… My plan is to get up, drink some coffee and smile. And pray for the best.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? What happened? Any law enforcement officials have any input? Please help! I can post more details if you need them. Thanks so much!
I’m 19 years old. I forgot to say that.
Shoplifting. I stole. And I’m ashamed.
I know there is no excuse for theiving! I know that! I know no one will believe this, but it was the first time I ever tried to steal anything. And I got caught. I’m ashamed that I’ve embarassed myself, and my family this way. I made my mom cry, because she didn’t raise me like that. I know there’s no excuse, I was just trying to give background information.

This was a first offence.
Thank you all so much! Yes, it is a hearing, not a trial. Oops. I’ve got 7.5 hours to be there, so I’m going to bed now, but I’ll check here again before I leave in the morning! Again, thank you all so much, feel free to IM or email with advise.
And yes, I’m guilty, so I’ll plead guilty, accordingly. I forgot to say that too.
Just got done. They won’t give me a public defender. My boyfriend (who had to bail me out after I got arrested) paid my $ 500 bond in under two hours. The guy (prosecutor, I’m pretty sure) was kind of a jerk to me, and said that I “was bonded out in under two hours, so I’m pretty sure you can afford an attorney.” When I said it wasn’t my money, it was my boyfriend’s, he suggested my boyfriend buy me a lawyer. He also let me know that the only way I’ll get a public defender is if I let them re-arrest me. Thanks, dude.

Back to talking to my family-friend’s son-in-law. I hope he can help. I’m leaving my question open a little while longer, so keep leaving advice! Thanks everyone so far.

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Answer by Kheph
ummmmmm wow that sucks, you can get put in prison for up to year for a misdeamenor and since i dont know what misdemeanor you commited it kind of sucks ask for them to appoint you council and they will ask you like how much money tha you made and stuff good luck

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HELP! Workers Comp hearing question? I’m at MMI and my hearing is tomorrow.?

Question by kitkat: HELP! Workers Comp hearing question? I’m at MMI and my hearing is tomorrow.?
I just spoke with my lawyer. My hearing is tomorrow and both the IME doctor and my doctor are saying two different things.

The IME doctor says that I am a Scheduled Loss of Use and my doctor is saying that I am a permanent partial classification.

The lawyer said that tomorrow they will stop my payments and have to do an “over the phone” deposition of both doctors to come to a conclusion.

He also said that “classification” is usually a back injury and so he doubts that the judge will rule in favor of the classification which will end up with me having no money whatsoever after they deduct what I was already given.


How can my doctor put me at a permanent partial classification if this is not usually given for arms, and how can I fight to get it???

I want compensation for all the money I haven’t been able to recieve at my former job due to this injury.

Will my lawyer fight for me??? Is there something else I can do to help my case???
My injury is both arms bi lateral epicondylitis, both operated on. Both still have symptoms.
I am a permanent partial disability.
New York State

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Answer by kitkat
Work Comp laws change depending on state so without state nobody can give you specifics on what your entitled to besides your doctor. So im just going to clarify a few items for you. You need to work with your attorney and doctor and have him address the specifics for your injury and state. Ok first of all an IME doctor is always going to minimize your injuries. He works for the insurance company. Second the “classification” your doctor gave you is not necissarily wrong simply because it is usually reserved for back injuries. In most states your temporary partial or temporary total disability payments will stop as soon as you reach max medical improvement OR 52 weeks. Once you reach max medical improvement you can still be entitled to benefits in some cases. Such as a job counselor helping you actively look for work, retraining periods, or restrictions your current employer can NOT work around but has not made a decision on wether or not to retain you as an employee. These are not temporary disability payments so do not fall under the same criteria or heading and you may wish to talk to your attorney about it. Your lawyer should be fighting for you. However he is not a mind reader and will have to bring concerns up to him before he can help you. You are more than likely not his only case so be persistant. If there are things you can do to help your case he will advice you. Unfortunately work comp cases take a long time to settle in most cases and the insurance companies for work comp are known to be jerks. Its an uphill battle both ways and most laws favor the insurance company versus the injured party. Good luck on your case.

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