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Man fights for country in Iraq what thanks he gets deport his wife immigration say?

by kleer001

Question by My Ancestors Discovered America: Man fights for country in Iraq what thanks he gets deport his wife immigration say?
WASHINGTON – Spc. Moonsammy Narinesammy isn’t worried about dying in Iraq.

He’s worried about spending the rest of his life in Guyana.

Narinesammy, 31, who has months left on his deployment, spends all of his free time between missions trying to solve his wife’s citizenship problems. Immigration and Naturalization Services officials are finalizing deportation paperwork for Ratashwarie, while she waits nervously in New York.

“I don’t know if somebody is going to knock on the door one day and haul me away while my daughter is out at school,” she said.

She faces a possible lifetime banishment from the United States for entering the country on a forged passport in 2000. Moonsammy said the only relatives she has in Guyana live in poor, dangerous slums, in an area where neither wants to raise their two young daughters.

“All I want to do is come back home to my family, but I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Moonsammy, himself a naturalized U.S. citizen. “I have a wonderful family, but it’s getting ripped apart.”

Immigration experts say it’s not an unusual story.

“I probably get one of these calls a week,” said Lt. Col. Margaret Stock, an Army reservist who works with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “It’s a military readiness problem. The spouses are over there, stressing out about what’s happening back home. They can’t focus because they’re worried about where their wives will end up.”

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Answer by claudiacake
They almost had me with their sad little story until the third paragraph from the end. “….for entering the country on a forged passport in 2000.”

Tough. Should have done it legally. Now, go home.

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Is this email about OCS legit? What do they mean by you have a choice? Are you signing up or not? Thanks!?

Question by Sarah D: Is this email about OCS legit? What do they mean by you have a choice? Are you signing up or not? Thanks!?
“The best management training program in America”
Inc. Magazine

This is a communication to the student body on behalf of Captain (I deleted name), the Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer for New Jersey. If you are an American citizen, a full-time student, and medically & physically fit, then you may have the opportunity to lead the nation’s most elite fighting force.

Qualified applicants attend Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. OCS is one of the best leadership development courses in the country; its challenges will develop you mentally and physically. Freshmen and sophomores attend two separate six-week summer courses. Juniors, seniors and college graduates attend a single 10-week course.

Some of the key highlights of the programs are:


– Earn approximately $ 2,700.00 for each six weeks or $ 4,500.00 for the ten-week session.


– Receive up to 12 credits for OCS participation.

GUARANTEED contracts available:


If you have a desire to FLY, you can secure a seat in flight school before OCS even starts.


If you want to keep your feet on the GROUND, there are 21 different management fields you may be interested in.


If you are planning on going to LAW SCHOOL, our program can assist.


– There are no demanding requirements during the school year – complete all training during the summer.

– You do not have to wear uniforms to class.

– This program allows you to focus on your school work, athletics, and enjoying college.

– The initial commitment is ONLY six weeks, with no long-term obligation.

– Financial assistance is available. Marine lieutenants receive starting salaries of $ 40,000-49,000 a year plus incredible benefits

– You have the CHOICE to become a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps upon completion of OCS and graduation from college.

Learn. Grow. Lead. You will be given levels of responsibility and authority that far exceed those seen at entry-level positions in corporate America. This is an unparalleled opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a leader in one of the most elite organizations in the world without committing yourself to service. If you are interested in someday working for the FBI, CIA, Military, government, or as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, the PLC program may be right for you. Additional information is also available at

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Answer by ralen_jor
Yes, it’s legit.

By saying you have a choice, it means that you go through the training before you make a committment, and upon graduation you would become an officer in the Marine Corps.

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