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CDL Test Answers

CDL Test Answers
Our CDL Study Guide and CDL Practice Tests include the following: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles, Doubles and Triples, Tank Vehicles, Hazardous Materials (hazmat), and Transporting Passengers all for one low price !
CDL Test Answers

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My fiance got a DUI. BAC (Blood test) was .13 (almost twice the legal limit in California)…?

Question by Laura G: My fiance got a DUI. BAC (Blood test) was .13 (almost twice the legal limit in California)…?
He has a Class A, B and C license. His JOB depends on him winning his case against DMV and against the county. This is his first offense. What are the chances that it will be dismissed by DMV AND by the county, or wind up with an acquittal.
Also, if we cannot get the charges dropped completely, what are the chances of getting it reduced to a “Wet and reckless” and what kind of penalties are included with that charge? Would he still be able to keep his drivers license? We DO have a DUI lawyer. Please be as informative as possible when answering this question! Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Grin Reeper
in Pennsylvania he would be SCREWED.

Cant say anything about california sorry

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DWI Lawyers Get Blood Test Suppressed Due to the Coercive Tactics of the Police Officer

DWI Lawyers – Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

Tempe, AZ (Vocus) May 6, 2010

DWI Lawyers from the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor were able to get a blood test suppressed in a case involving a DUI with a prior due to the coercive tactics of the arresting officer.

According to court documents, in the case of State v. Creek (City of Phoenix Court Case No. 3884018) a City of Phoenix judge suppressed the readings of a .136 blood test in a DUI case due to the coercive nature of obtaining the blood.

In the Creek case the defendant was from Texas and was told that he would be booked into jail overnight unless he completely complied with the blood draw, all questions and field sobriety tests. While in the DUI van with two police officers, the defendant stated ‘I don’t want to be any trouble, but I should speak with a lawyer.’ The officers gave Creek the ‘evil eye’ and looked at each other. Creek then stated ‘Never mind, I’ll do what you want.’ After the blood was drawn and he answered questions Creed was allowed to take a taxi back to his hotel.

According to court documents,the judge found that the officers clearly infringed on Creek’s 5th Amendment Constitutional right to speak to counsel before answering questions or agreeing to provide a blood sample. Due to the fact that this was a DUI with a prior conviction, Creek was facing a minimum of 120 days in jail, but because of the officers’ improper actions he received zero days in jail and no second conviction.

“The police cannot threaten you with incarceration in order to get you to answer questions and provide blood samples” said Phoenix DWI Lawyer David Michael Cantor. “ Creek’s Constitutional rights were not awarded to him and as a result his case was dismissed.”

The Law Offices of David Michael Cantor enjoy an excellent reputation as DWI lawyers in Phoenix, and throughout the Legal Community because of their aggressiveness, integrity, honesty, and professionalism. For more information about the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor visit

About the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

The Law Offices of David Michael Cantor feature criminal defense and DWI lawyers in Arizona who are ready to represent you. As Arizona’s premier defense lawyer, David Michael Cantor defends DUI/ DWI cases, vehicular crimes, homicide, drug and sex offenses, white collar and property crimes. David Michael Cantor is AV Rated – the highest rating possible – and was voted a Top 100 trial lawyer. David Michael Cantor has been interviewed and has appeared on Inside Edition, the CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, CNN Prime News, Hannitty and Combs, and every local news channel including Univision. In addition, his cases have been covered by CNN, MSNBC, and even Howard Stern.


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Barely blew over the legal limit in NC after totaling my car, about an hour later I was given a blood test…?

Question by Barely blew over the legal limit in NC after totaling my car, about an hour later I was given a blood test…?
Fortunately, I did not hit anyone. Does anyone know what I can expect if the blood test comes back under the limit? I asked if I’d blown over the limit and the officer said, “Just barely.” If it does come back below .08 do I still have a DWI? Or does that just make the sentence more lenient? I was told the breathalyzers they give out in the field are not that accurate which is why they either give you another one at the police station or a blood test in the hospital (I had to go to the ER). Since I was only a little over couldn’t it be argued that the first test was not accurate? Will I be able to drive AT ALL these first 30 days?

I am meeting with a really good DWI lawyer tomorrow but I’m anxious to know a little about what I might expect.

thank you.
I do have a ticket for driving while under an impairing substance. Since the breathalyzer was so close to the limit would that estimation of time elapsed be much more critical? Couldn’t one argue that there would be a margin of error equal to the difference in my percentage and the legal limit?
I was knocked unconscious by the airbag so any noted behavior would not be telling of my condition. I was not drunk by any measure. In the ambulance I was talking very clearly, etc., as I was at the hospital. I felt 100% sober. I have no idea how long I was in there car b4 the police and ambulance got there, again I was totally knocked out.
It was raining, I ran off the road on a curve, my tires needed replacing. Honestly, the alcohol had little, if anything, to do with the accident. When I got in my car to go home I felt totally fine to drive. Not drunk or even tipsy.

Best answer:

Answer by Gunny Bill
Blood test is more accurate and harder to fight in court if you are over the limit. They know approximately how fast the body will metabolize alcohol. So, they take the time your arrested and the time blood is drawn and they can figure pretty close what it was when you were behind the wheel. If your under the limit for DWI you may still get charged with driving while impaired. As for being able to drive…has your privileges been suspended?

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Cdl Practice Test.

Cdl Practice Test.
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Cdl Practice Test.

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