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Pay the prisoner, save the taxpayer?

William Deverell

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William Deverell, internationally acclaimed B.C. writer, environmental activist, civil libertarian and criminal lawyer who is a multi-award-winning crime novelist with 14 titles to date and creator of CBC TV’s long-running dramatic series Street Legal.

Pay the prisoner, save the taxpayer?
In Canada, crime pays. Just not very much. That’s why there’s a movement from inside and outside of the prison walls to give Canada’s federal inmates a raise, despite stern resistance from the federal government.
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As a taxpayer, does this pi$$ you off?

Question by Actual Size: As a taxpayer, does this pi$ $ you off?
When people go on TV and say “I owed the IRS $ 3,000,000 but I hired Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe and they got me out for $ 165.” Seems to me that if you made the profit, pay your fair share of the taxes. These folks cheated on taxes, got caught, then turned around, hired tax lawyers and screwed the Gov’t AGAIN. Then, they go on TV and rub our noses in it. As a honest taxpayer, these ads really make me mad.

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Answer by Lefty
Yes I agree….

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