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How I Made Over $6 Million In The Stock Market – After taxes

How I Made Over Million In The Stock Market – After taxes
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How I Made Over Million In The Stock Market – After taxes

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International Bank Activities Reform Commission Launches Campaign to Boycott Global Stock Message Boards for 40 days with 40 Knights

Balzers, Liechtenstein (PRWEB) January 26, 2004

Free and Clear Press Corps- The International Bank Activities Reform Commission (IBARC) has launched an international campaign to boycott all public message boards on the internet which contain references to publicly traded stocks, according to officials preparing a class action suit against such big names as Lycos, Yahoo, Microsoft, Silicon Investor, and dozens of other touting message boards infested with con artists, criminals, members of organized crime and special agents of the United States Government.

“40 volunteers have agreed to send out hundreds of thousands of messages to honest people to stop posting on any message board with any stock symbol or related to any publicly traded stock on all message boards in any part of the world for the next 40 days”, said a spokesperson for the Liechtenstein based group. “The International Stock Message Board Boycott is on!”

The word boycott derives from Charles C. Boycott who seems to have become a household word because of his strong sense of duty to his employer. An Englishman and former British soldier, Boycott was the estate agent of the Earl of Erne in County Mayo, Ireland. The earl was one of the absentee landowners who as a group held most of the land in Ireland.

Boycott was chosen in the fall of 1880 to be the test case for a new policy advocated by Charles Parnell, an Irish politician who wanted land reform. Any landlord who would not charge lower rents or any tenant who took over the farm of an evicted tenant would be given the complete cold shoulder by Parnell’s supporters. Boycott refused to charge lower rents and ejected his tenants.

At this point members of Parnell’s Irish Land League stepped in, and Boycott and his family found themselves isolated without servants, farmhands, service in stores, or mail delivery. Boycott’s name was quickly adopted as the term for this treatment, not just in English but also in other languages such as French, Dutch, German, and Russian., nicknamed by some posters as Raging BS, is being named in a Class Action Suit being prepared by the American Bank Activities Reform Commission, (ABARC) the D.C. based domestic organization, while a sister organization in Portland, Oregon continues to prepare a new legal action against the Federal Reserve Bank system after a recent corrupt ruling by Judge King in Oregon District Court dismissed a case in which a homeless person was refused redemption for his “federal reserve notes” in “lawful money of the United States”, namely gold.

The independent Commission started by a small group of homeless people in the early 1990’s in Portland, Oregon is gathering evidence of person’s who have been libeled by posters posing as public citizens but in reality are special agents of the United States Government who acted as counter intelligence agents often referred to as “Bashers”.

Such people have been hired as contract agents and employees of the government, including attorneys who work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, who during their off hours browse such message boards for suspicious activities without the boards notifying their posters that they are being spied upon by the government. Some of the agents have used baiting and badgering techniques in order to get stockholders to reveal insider information, a form of illegal entrapment.

The International Bank Activities Reform Commission has revealed that some Chat rooms, Bulletin Boards and Message Boards run by Lycos, Microsoft, and Yahoo such as Raging Bull and others are being used by government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Bank, the FBI, the CIA, Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security to spy on Americans without their knowledge.

In a recent announcement to Lycos Community members, after February 1, 2004, Communities–including Chat, Message Boards, Clubs and Image Galleries–will be discontinued. All text, photos, messages and other content relating to Lycos Communities will be removed from the Lycos Network and will not be saved.” This announcement comes less than 30 days after the Free and Clear Press Corps broke the story of the impending class action against, a stock message board rife with false and misleading information about publicly traded stocks, their directors and business dealings.

John Reed Stark, an eleven-year veteran of the Division of Enforcement of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, is Chief of the Office of Internet Enforcement and is in charge of the Enforcement Division’s Internet Program. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center where he has taught a course on the Securities Laws and the Internet for the past five years and also serves as Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Subcommittee on Securities Law and the Internet. He could not be reached for comment for this story.

Together with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chief of the Office of Market Surveillance, Mr. Stark wrote an article outlining a program for the SEC Enforcement Division and the Internet. Dubbed “EnForcenet,” the article anticipated great changes in the Commission’s enforcement program for the future and promised to tackle head-on any problems the widespread use of the Internet would engender for investors.

Since that time the magnitude of Internet fraud, and the collapse of such brand names as Parmalat, Enron, WorldCom, and soon to join the list, Halliburton, has more than quadrupled with hundreds of billions of dollars in lost equity and illicit profits being siphoned off into offshore bank accounts managed by corrupt government officials. “The knowledge gained by government agents has been abused to no end”, said a spokesperson for ABARC.

According to the article “EnForcenet set out to act immediately, using whatever resources were available.” That included using attorneys and staff at the Securities and Exchange Commission posing as “posters” who would lure honest stockholders into revealing confidential information about public companies, which in some instances were former employees who worked at such companies as AOL/Time Warner, Yahoo, CNBC, CBS, MSNBC, and the Motley Fool.

Public web surfers, who visit government monitored web sites can, and in many cases, have had the entire contents of a person’s computer siphoned out and transferred to a massive database in Virginia for further analysis and additional counter intelligence measures. Clicking on unfamiliar links which have special codes embedded in them can result in the person who created the link creating a “tracking link” back to the respondents Internet Protocol address, and in some cases, those links actually install “spyware” onto unsuspecting citizens’ computers.

Stark has boasted, “The program has experienced success far greater than anyone originally anticipated.” Information sharing under these covert intelligence operations violates certain Congressional Acts related to domestic spying on Americans under the cover of the Patriot Act and legislation designed to reign in the power of government to monitor the daily lives of Americans.

Government web sites are used to record the IP addresses of persons visiting them. Those IP addresses are registered and monitored by the government through services provided by WorldCom and other major carriers of Internet traffic such as AOL to the US government agencies. The Internet, originally developed by the US Government, is in reality the largest intelligence gathering information system in the world and has cost US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

The government has been working hard to spend billions more on homeland security and defense against hackers who are aware that the U.S. government has become the “Big Brother” to the world in the true Orwellian sense, as written in the book by George Orwell titled 1984. Ironically, Georgetown University law student Douglas Colt and a group of friends and relatives defrauded investors of nearly 0,000 in illicit profits by recruiting large numbers of investors to purchase small-cap stocks recommended by the Web site at particular times and failing to disclose that they were engaged in scalping.

The legal but unethical military industrial financial media complex paints hackers as evildoers, but in fact some may turn out be the heroes of the future who bring to light the abuses of government information gathering on the general populace. The government has used its enormous power to crush individual creativity, entrepreneurship and free market enterprise under the guise of “law enforcement” while looking the other way in such matters as the Harken Energy insider trading case involving soon to be ousted President George W. Bush.

A growing legal network of pro bono lawyers, some who formerly worked for the SEC and have first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the SEC, and other non profit non government independent agencies, have gathered over 27 million pages of documentation and evidence relating to negligence and abuse by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

IBARC is planning to put greater pressure on public disclosures of interagency transfers of private information between government agencies such as the SEC, IRS, and CIA. The CIA is barred from domestic surveillance under its original charter, but has been using information-gathering techniques developed by other agencies to spy on American citizens indirectly to avoid any Congressional oversight or investigation.

According to Stark, “The Commission’s ongoing program to combat Internet securities law violations remains a team effort, in which every Division and Office plays a significant part.”

“The Division of Corporation Finance has analyzed numerous Internet securities offerings to determine their compliance with the Commission’s registration and disclosure requirements”, yet it failed to correctly analyze the false and misleading financial statements of Enron, WorldCom, Parmalat, Bank of America, Citigroup, and thousands of other companies who have sold securities to over 100 million domestic and foreign investors for many years.

The Commission has failed to enforce swift enough actions against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac related to their current international dealings in monopolizing the housing finance industry in America, utilizing illegal price gouging under the guise of “overages”, kickbacks to hundreds of thousands of mortgage brokers, and price fixing.

This Division has failed to point out to the investing public that the true net asset value of a mutual fund is not the market price of the stock in the portfolio, but the net present tangible book value of the underlying stock. This false and misleading information that every mutual fund in the nation has buried in their prospectuses, has resulted in the gross negligence of the enforcement of the original reason the SEC was established in the first place under the “Truth in Securities Act”. Independent whistle blowers who have been burned by the negligence and corruption in the U.S. financial system are leveling the layers of lies.

“The Division of Market Regulation has monitored the impact of the Internet on the types of services offered to investors by broker-dealers, such as on-line brokerage and day-trading, and is developing an appropriate regulatory regime as more of the functions of traditional exchanges and other market mechanisms move on-line”, yet it took independent whistle blowers to smack the commission over the head relating to the mutual fund scandals which have only now touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of uncovering massive money laundering operations in which the current administration is engaged.

“The Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) has been working to respond, through the examination process, to the rising tide of concerns about the operations of on-line brokerages, ECNs, and day trading firms”, yet despite massive settlements being paid to buy off the Commission and their tiny army of staff and attorneys, inflated market manipulation of prices on the New York stock exchange continue unabated, and Wall Street high fliers look upon such settlements as “just another cost of doing business”.

Either they are guilty of fraud or they are not. There should be no settlements where corrupt and scandalous market manipulators neither admit nor deny any wrongdoing, a loophole in civil procedures which has allowed wrongdoers to get away with literally trillions in illicit profits and gains at the expense of the pensioners of America.

Wall Street has been hoping to get back to business as usual, yet only recently has the Commission been forced to take action against specialist firms who engaged in unethical market timing on behalf of huge pension funds and organized crime families who dominate Wall Street. The ongoing investigations into Parmalat may well just as soon come home to roost in the heart of New York City.

“The Office of the General Counsel has helped to develop the legal analysis applicable to new types of on-line fraud and to provide guidance on the application of federal privacy law to on-line investigations”, yet it has failed to disclose to the general investing public that Americans are being spied upon, without their permission or knowledge, a direct violation of the United States Constitution.

“The agency’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) works with the SEC’s Enforcement staff and foreign authorities to obtain information needed to investigate and prosecute SEC enforcement actions and also assists foreign authorities in obtaining information needed from persons or entities based in the United States”, yet it only recently has addressed the issues of naked short selling whereby corporations domiciled in the Cayman Islands and other offshore tax havens have literally stolen hundreds of billions of dollars from pension funds and little old ladies who had no clue what was going on with their portfolios. The Commission should have known or was negligent in not knowing.

“The Office of Investor Education and Assistance (OIEA) helps to build an educated, informed investor community and advise the public on remedial strategies when investors are victims of fraud”, yet the total amount of funds returned to the investors who are defrauded pales in comparison to the amount of legal fees the attorneys who work for the commission as “Agents” collect for their time and effort in “educating the public”.

It is estimated that various US government agencies have gathered over 700 trillion pages of information on American citizens during the past decade alone that is stored on magnetic tapes and online storage information retrieval systems.

The Commission has developed its own customized search engine that surfs publicly accessible areas of the Internet for potential securities law violations; and renovated the Commission’s on-line Enforcement Complaint Center.

In July 1998, as a result of the Internet’s growing importance and the rising incidence of Internet fraud, a formal Office of Internet Enforcement (OIE) was created within the Enforcement Division. John Reed Stark, formerly the Division’s “Special Counsel for Internet Projects” was promoted to Chief of OIE.

Since 1999 OIE staff has grown from three to more than twenty, including sixteen lawyers whose current functions include: conducting surveillance and identifying new areas for future monitoring, analyzing the complaints received in the on-line Enforcement Complaint Center (ECC), formulating investigative procedures, conducting law enforcement training for SEC staff and outside agencies, “engaging in special technology-related projects”, ensuring staff compliance with federal privacy statutes and other applicable laws, conducting certain important Internet-related investigations, and serving as a resource on Internet matters for the entire Commission.

OIE has also constructed a state-of-the-art computer lab, warehousing a separately secure and firewalled local area network facility that includes the latest software, hardware, and operating systems. The computer lab utilizes its own T-1 line, and has the capability to warehouse Web sites, “Internet protocol trails” and other important electronic evidence.

“The purpose of the international stock message boards boycott is to have honest people stop posting for the next 40 days so that all that is left on such stock boards are the crooks and the government, who some say are one in the same, but nonetheless, the two parties need to get together and sort out their differences”, said a spokesperson for IBARC.

It doesn’t mean “all message boards”, just the ones with stock ticker symbols and those related to specific stocks. It may well separate the pumpers and dumpers from the thumpers. It will also give the honest people in government a chance to take a step back and see who within the government is working with organized crime.

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