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Q&A: With 76% of States balking at Obamacare, isn’t that a pretty good sign there will be pressure to repeal it if?

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by Village Square

Question by ME 2: With 76% of States balking at Obamacare, isn’t that a pretty good sign there will be pressure to repeal it if?
it passes? (Especially possible when Dems lose majorities in Congress)

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho took the lead in a growing, nationwide fight against health care overhaul Wednesday when its governor became the first to sign a measure requiring the state attorney general to sue the federal government if residents are forced to buy health insurance.


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Answer by Bev
They can pass it all they want, come November, it will start the process of repeal

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should I sign this post nuptial agreement or what?

by The U.S. Army

Question by Shia: should I sign this post nuptial agreement or what?
my husband and I got married close to a year ago. since recent, about a month and a half going two, he was saying to me that his military lawyer asked him if he had done a prenuptial agreement, he said he told him he had never thought about it, reason being that he just never c it necessary. another time we had a conversation, he mentioned something about it all i can remember is wen he said: wat i thnk about it and before i take what he doesnt have. because we were having arguments, I just never bother to get into his skin wth that statement i just allowed it to pass. the only thing i said in reference to this topic is that how am i to take what u dnt hv “name”, besides, i will hv more money than u and i will be making more money than u in the future. and if i were to take ur money it wudnt b for me it wud b for ur kids or charity, this is if i were to take ur money as i am a very independent minded person” this is very true of me”. now i just spoke to him, initially the call was about a business idea we were talking about and just the regular wats up and all. at the end of all that business talk he said to me “””oh i forgot….. the lawyer contacted me… so i said to him….”wat lawyer are u talking about….” he said… the military lawyer, so i said”oh” so i continued to listen to hear what he was saying. he contacted me over the weekend saying he is going to send me the paper wrks for the prenuptials no postnuptial agreement and what was my adress so he cud send it to me for signing. when he was saying this he was there. crumbling and stuttering wth the wrds, all because he knows that we never agreed on anything in our last conversation we had re nuptial agreement…. i was stunned but i just stayed calm and said ok…. there after i said to him anything else? he said pretty much thats it.. since being married, the last two months we hv been argueing over money all because he thnks i am to spend 200$ off his card or less and he spends atleast 500$ . I am not working at this moment. the reason y i hv to b depending on him now is because i was fooled by him to spend what i had and i must not worry about anything because he will take care of it. now i am spending wisely its causing a problem.
now my question is what do u thnk about the whole idea of prenuptial agreement and what is wise to be done in the agreement. I feel very bad all because he just went ahead and do his thing without discussing it with me to let me know he was going to do it or that he was thnking of doing it. how shud i approach things from here on where finance is concern? just 3 days ago i said to him how on gods earth do u expect a woman to spend 200$ for the month and u spend atleast 400$ plus others that r a must, besides things r very expensive and i am a woman?…. he laughs. i went on to say….. so if i hv a baby what increase u lukin at? he said he was lukin at a 1000$ a month for the baby…. so i said what about the mother… he said…. he wasnt thnking about that “wth a gesture… so i said oh so the mother doesnt exist. now by coincident, a day b4 the convo, i said to him that… i thought about the whole baby thing and i decided that i dnt wnt to have a baby now i want to just enjoy us being together first seiing that we dont really spend anytime much and i dnt really get the support i shud be getting nor will b getting. “” i never tell him this… but i realised that i must ensure i hv a solid ground for myself just in case things go wrong” what he said to me tonight just confirm my ideas and thought about holding off the whole baby thing.. which i am def going to do.

i am thnking of sending bck his credit card to him and the bills i asked him to pay for me like my school fee and rent, tell him that I will deal with it. what u thnk. This hurts me so much just now, how shud i approach things in general from here on? divorce? wrk things out….how? i just feel like, things arent worth it being humilliated like this by the one i am positively sure i love and is willing to do anything for. and i wont be fooling myself either. i do believe in doing whats right? i nd ur true opinions pls and thnk u.
my writing is not a result of me cant read and write properly it only just to shorten the words.

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Answer by caaaad
Didn’t read all of it but let me say that a prenuptial is fair if all it deals with is what you accumulate prior to getting married. It could be anything but what comes to mind is a heirloom that is to stay in the family. You would want the same consideration

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Barber’s Sign

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Yep, Idaho is a "red state". Good thing I didn’t need a haircut while I was there!

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