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The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. Launches New Website Featuring Bankruptcy and Immigration Law Services

The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. Launches New Website Featuring Bankruptcy and Immigration Law Services

The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A.

Pompano Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 13, 2010

The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. announced the launch of their new website at, which features information on their immigration and bankruptcy law services. The firm has special expertise in all aspects of immigration and bankruptcy law, including work visas, visa waivers, naturalization and citizenship, green cards, personal bankruptcy, business bankruptcy and more. is packed full of legal information, attorney bios, information on the practice, immigration information, bankruptcy information and a complimentary consultation form.

Already established as one of the top South Florida immigration law firms and bankruptcy law firms, The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A., has made major design upgrades to make their website easier to navigate, easier for site visitors to have direct contact with the law firm and made significant improvements to the consultation procedure.

With the growing number of people facing bankruptcy and immigrating to the United States, it is even more important to have a website that gives clients access to the information that they need. By maximizing the use of the Internet, potential clients can get informed about the law firm, submit a consultation assessment and then get personalized responses from an immigration lawyer or bankruptcy lawyer.

“Our number one goal is for our clients to find our website useful and easy to navigate,” stated Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. “We hope that the site will help people who are facing immigration issues or bankruptcy to learn about our firm and feel confident that they are choosing the right law firm when they work with us.”

Andrea R. Jacobs, the founding attorney of The Law Office of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A., has been practicing law in South Florida for over 20 years. She is a member of the Florida Bar, The United States District Court for The Southern District of Florida, The American Immigration Lawyers Association, The Florida Bar Association, The Bankruptcy Bar Association, The American Bar Association, The Florida Association of Women Lawyers, The University of Florida Alumni Association, and Phi Kappa Phi Honorary.

Headquartered in Coral Springs, FL, The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. has been representing bankruptcy and immigration clients since 1993. The firm represents both individuals and corporations for diverse immigration and bankruptcy matters. Visit The Law Offices of Andrea R. Jacobs, P.A. online at

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Pre-Paid Legal Services pt 4 Hi, my name is Brandon Price and I am an independent associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services. Here is the presentation video about becoming a member and an assiciate with Pre-Paid Legal Services. Pre-Paid Legal Services is a 36 year old New York Stock Exchange publically traded company that offers a service no one can match: Pre-Paid Legal Services!!! Basically, it’s having a top notch law firm on retainer 24/7 and only having to pay .95 a month or less! You’ll definetely benefit from the membership so dont waste any time in signing up! You can also promote the membership yourself and make $ $ $ doing it! Imagine, telling your friends and family about this great membership and getting paid to do it! Watch the video and it will give you all the information you need to start yourself on the right track to success! I’m sure your going to have some questions, so feel free to email me @ or call me @ 253-720-8326. If your ready to sign up, go to and click on “Enroll Now”
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Immigration Services Firm Pro-Link GLOBAL Appoints Sophy King Director, Knowledge Management

Immigration Services Firm Pro-Link GLOBAL Appoints Sophy King Director, Knowledge Management

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2010

The Pro-Link GLOBAL Group, a boutique Corporate Global immigration services and Visa firm is proud to announce a tremendous addition to the team. Sophy King joined the team in April as Director, Knowledge Management. She is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Pro-Link GLOBAL works with a variety of clients and provides support for US immigration lawyers.

Sophy has an international background herself and has lived in many of the countries she offers guidance on. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Oriental Studies (Chinese) from Cambridge University in 2000, Sophy then spent two years on assignment in Japan. She has lived in Moscow, Russia; Vienna, Austria and Qingdao, China. A multi talented linguist, Sophy speaks Mandarin, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Russian she is uniquely gifted to help Pro-Link GLOBAL’s mission to provide support for relocation companies and US immigration lawyers who do not offer global immigration services themselves.

Sophy joins Pro-Link GLOBAL from a major global immigration services company and has worked in the global immigration field for the last seven years. Sophy specializes in the EMEA region, though her extensive experience also covers the Asia Pacific and Americas regions.

As noted by Andrea Elliott, Senior Global Immigration Lawyer with Pro-Link GLOBAL, “It is a rare event, that an accomplished linguist and immigration services expert, like Sophy King, comes along. Pro-Link GLOBAL, is honored to have her country expertise and wealth of client implementation knowledge on our team.”

Sophy has distinguished herself within the industry; she has published several articles on global immigration issues and is a frequent speaker on immigration trends and hot topics. Sophy will continue authoring and publishing articles and publishing industry updates via the electronic news media delivered to our clients titled “Global BRIEF” and the Blog established as a “go to” resource for those in the know at

At Pro-Link GLOBAL, which is the only visa and immigration services firm, where all employees are Six Sigma Certified, Sophy will use her wealth of immigration expertise for the benefit of our staff and clients to help provide support for US immigration lawyers. Her role is also to provide customized consultations to our clients on complex topics all the while ensuring that our firms’ broad global immigration services knowledge is refined and clearly documented in line with ISO Standards. Pro-Link GLOBAL is proud to be a leading niche provider of high touch concierge visa services



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New York Immigration Lawyer Announces New Location, Provides K1 Fianc

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2008

New York New York Immigration Lawyer Valentini Law Offices, PLLC is pleased to announce its new location in downtown Manhattan. The office is conveniently situated within walking distance from twelve major subway lines and is also near the Staten Island Ferry, making it even more accessible to residents of all five boroughs. Additionally, the new office boasts easy access to the PATH train so clients can easily travel to and from New Jersey.

Valentini Law Offices, PLLC continues to offer services in both family and employment based immigration matters including K-1 Fiancé visas, Adjustment of Status, K-3 Spousal visas, H-1B visas, Asylum, O-1 Extraordinary Ability visas and green cards.

A factor that sets Valentini Law Offices, PLLC apart from other law firms is its personal and undivided attention to clients. Valentini Law Offices enjoys helping clients fulfill dreams of a better life in the United States. It is Valentini Law Offices’ belief that clients deserve the most professional, respectful, and attentive treatment. This is why all current and prospective client phone calls and emails are always returned promptly. Valentini Law Offices is unfailingly patient and calm with clients because we understand that their stories might be quite complicated and that they might have a hard time expressing themselves in English. To serve clients better, Valentini Law Offices staff speaks Polish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Farsi, and Japanese.

Since immigration law falls under federal jurisdiction, Valentini Law Offices proudly serves clients in all 50 states. It also welcomes calls and emails and is happy to answer questions about its website New York Immigration Lawyer or services including those of K-1 Fiancé visas.

The information contained here and on our website at is provided for informational purposes only, and is not to be construed as legal advice.


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Lawyer A Career in Legal Services

by publik16

Lawyer A Career in Legal Services

Lawyer A Career in Legal Services

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Lawyer A Career in Legal Services

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Posted: Jul 31, 2007 |Comments: 0
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Lawyers are the backbone of the legal system that affects each one in the society. Looked upon by the society, they have great responsibilities and are obliged to adhere to strict code of ethics.

Lawyers also called attorneys represent the parties in court cases or trials. They argue and present evidence either in support of or against the parties. They educate their clients about their legal rights, obligations and instruct in business or personal matters. Whether they are defending or prosecuting, lawyers must the laws and judicial decisions that would apply to their case. Lawyers job depends upon his/her field of specialization:

Private lawyers focus on civil or criminal law representing private individuals. They pursue litigation; deal with wills, contracts, trusts, leases, etc.

Trial lawyers specialize in trial work; they should be able to think and speak quickly with ease and authority. They are found mostly found outside the courtroom, conducting research, interviewing the clients, witnesses and other details that help prepare a trial.

Corporate lawyers work solely for corporate advising them on legal issues related to its businesses like patents, property interests, agreements with unions, government regulations, and contracts with other companies.

Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property law protect their clients claim to copyrights, product designs and creative works.

Patent lawyers advise on patent laws allowing the client to protect their new invention of a product or a process.

Insurance lawyers work with insurance companies. They advise on legal issues related to insurance transactions, writing policies, protecting the companies from unwarranted claims and actions.

Lawyers specializing in environmental law act for waste disposal companies or construction firms whose works deal with environmental issues. The help prepare and file for licenses and applications for activities, which may affect the environment.

Government lawyers on state level work as prosecutors, attorney generals, public defenders for the government, while at federal level; they investigate cases for department of justice and other related agencies. They help in developing programs, drafting and interpreting laws and legislation for the government.

Some lawyers work for law school or teach in non-academic environment. There are lawyers who work for legal aid societies like non-profit organizations for disadvantaged people handling more of civil cases. Bankruptcy, probate and international laws are other areas of specialization.

Lawyers mostly work in their offices, courtrooms, and law libraries. Those practicing privately have irregular working hours, while salaried ones have regular hours. They face tremendous pressure when their case is being tried in the court. Lawyers hold meetings either at clients home or at office, hospitals or at prisons. They have to travel to meet people, gather evidence, and appear before courts or any legislative authorities to present their case.

No lawyer can practice law without a license. Studying to be a lawyer is not an easy task. Educational pre-requisites for lawyers is four year college degree followed by three years in law school and thereafter passing the written bar examination. If one does not appear for bar exam, he/she is not called a lawyer and cannot practice.

There is intense competition for admission to most law schools. With large number of students graduating from law school every year, graduates with high ranking academic records from well known law schools have the best lawyers job opportunities. If a lawyer is willing to relocate to a new country or state, he/she has to take additional examinations to be a licensed practitioner.

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Kevin Pederson
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Kevin Pederson has written many articles on An Online Information Guide.. Lawyers are sought after for consultation and help with the rise and fall of criminal-related issues especially for their knowledge in laws and other


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How much should I expect to pay for a lawyer to obtain a Declaration of Parentage in a gestational surrogacy situation? Does this include DNA testing? Do you provide this type of service?
The co-op electric company placed a service charge of per month on buying back excess electricity from our solar panels, is this charge legal?
What is the scope of para legal services?

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What is Court Reporting Service and Court Reporter?

A court reporter can make a transcript of testimony, meetings, speeches or other verbal discussions. In some places, court reporters also help judges and attorneys in areas of research or organization. Some States require a court reporter to be a notary public, and some States require testing for state licensure.

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Centennial College offers Court Support Services program

This program is about the admission and the scope of Court clerk training and Municipal Court Training at Centennial College. The admission requirements and criteria has been given very clearly.


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Essential Criteria for Choosing a Family Attorney in the State of New York

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Ways to Evaluate the Best Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys

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How Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Get The Job Done

Everybody has their day in the courtroom. This means that even if the client is guilty, the criminal defense lawyer must do whatever is required so that person won’t be convicted of the criminal offense.

Mark Givensl
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Help Wanted; Webcam Modeling Jobs In Philippines For Beautiful Men And Women

Do you live in the Philippines? We need beautiful men and women who want a well-paying job. Did you know we have hundreds of filipinas, and filipinos earning over ,000 per week with us? It’s true, and we offer convenient payout options, such as Payoneer. There is never any cost to apply with us, if you are in need of a real change in your life, please learn more about us now, and what we have to offer you!

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Are You Ready For Your Career As A Medical Assistant?

Are you thinking of becoming a medical assistant? Not only is this a hugely popular career but many people happily work in it for 30, 40 and even 50 years. It can be a very rewarding career choice and the fact that you get to work with people and help them in their most desperate state can be an immense emotional reward.

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Money Savings- How Much Do You Pay For Auto Insurance?

Due to the fact that auto insurance is mandatory, everyone who wants to drive, needs to get insurance. Nevertheless, the amount you pay for insurance can truly vary depending on a number of factors. You can do some things to help you pay the littlest amount for your car insurance.

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Why you Need an Executive Resume

Job searching can be a great worry to many job seekers. This is made even worse by the lack of an Executive summary. Writing an executive summary is not easy task and seeking professional resume writing skills can be of great help. They are very experienced and will provide writing expertise.

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Detailed Ultrasound Technician Salary Info

Thousands of new ultrasound technician jobs will probably be created in the coming ten years. It is fairly understandable that lots of folks are searching to pursue this career in healthcare.

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What You Need To Know About Being A Rn

While being a registered nurse may seem like one of today’s most lucrative professions, there are specific things that you should know about being a registered nurse before you take the actual plunge. Make sure that you fully understand these things, in order to fully ready yourself for the career that you are getting into.

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Activity Searching: The Importance of Inspecting Corporate Websites

Are you in need of a job? In case you are, there is a just right likelihood you can flip to the internet, specifically task posting websites, or use the employment part of your local newspaper. Even as those are all great strategies to take, whilst on the lookout for a role, there’s every other tool that you should utilize at the side of task posting web pages and native newspapers. That instrument is an organization website.

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How To Become An Actress on Disney Channel

With a little bit of tip and advice, you too can become an actor on Disney channel. Auditions are held across the world for identifying the best performers who can be hired for Disney channel.

Regina O Leel
Feb 24, 2011

How To Maintain A Daily Balanced Diet?

Balanced diet is a combination of good meal which includes foods with all major nutrients. Thus, it averts a number of complications, such as obesity, atherosclerosis, and hypertension and so on. A balanced diet keeps blood glucose and cholesterol levels in control.

Kevin Pedersonl

Aug 30, 2008
lViews: 6,686
lComments: 2

10 Things You Need To Know About A Diet Chart

Diet Chart is a guide to a list of foods and quantities you eat. The primary concern for a diet chart is the individual’s weight, height, body mass index and sex. Know more ten thing about diet chart

Kevin Pedersonl

Aug 29, 2008
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Natural Secrets To Cure Jock Itch

Jock itch, also called as tinea cruris, is a fungal infection of the skin in the groin.
Read more about quick natural health remedies and secrets that will help you ward off jock itch infection.

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Alternative Medicinel
Aug 27, 2008
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Ten Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Yoga Session

Helpful suggestions and tips to practice yoga and to make the most of your yoga session!

Kevin Pedersonl

Sports and Fitness>
Aug 21, 2008
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How To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Having loose skin after weight loss is a side effect of following a rigorous weight loss program. How to Tighten Loose Skin after Weight Loss! This article explains the effects a crash diet or rapid weight loss program may have on your skin and offers useful tips on how to tighten your loose skin after weight loss as soon as possible.

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Alternative Medicinel
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Easy Tips For Teenage Acne Treatment

Teenage acne problem is faced by a number of teenagers all over the world. In fact, ninety percent of teenagers develop acne. This article explains the causes of teen acne and offers easy tips for teenage acne treatment to help teens have beautiful, smooth and acne-free skin

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Yoga In Office: Simple Yoga Stretches For Working People

Try our simple Yoga stretches for working people. These simple stretches have been adapted from Yoga techniques so that they can be performed with ease at any office or place of work.

Kevin Pedersonl

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Prevent Acid Reflux with the Right Diet

Acid reflux is a medical condition that can be preventing by choosing the right diet and taking other preventive measures.

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Aug 19, 2008
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Kevin Pederson has written many articles on An Online Information Guide.. Lawyers are sought after for consultation and help with the rise and fall of criminal-related issues especially for their knowledge in laws and other

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New York City Divorce Lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Also a Prominent NYC Entertainment Lawyer, Announces Expansion of Legal Services

(PRWEB) June 7, 2005

Lisa Beth Older, a NYC divorce attorney with extensive experience in litigation, is now offering her legal services and representation to aspiring writers and actors seeking representation with television and motion picture deals, or with litigation problems.

Not only has she had almost twenty years experience help celebrities reach their goals; she has also become a deal maker.

Lisa Beth Older can also help you with litigation challenges and with the ordeals many find themselves faced with when undergoing a NYC divorce case.

Of late, of particular interest to her law firm is acquiring and attending to new clients that have completed draft treatments of their screenplays or television pilots.

If you are an accomplished actor, writer, producer or director that has a completed project that you think has artistic merit and need representation on the television or motion picture studio level then it might interest you to set up a consultation to see what can be done to enhance your career or protect your legal rights.

Call her to set up an appointment today at 212-786-0901 in NYC

Or call her at 845-246-0400 if you are located near any town near the artist colony of Woodstock New York!

Or visit her on the web at

Email or


This is not deemed legal advice and is not intended to substitute for hiring independent counsel of your choice.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq.

# # #

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New York City Attorney Lisa Beth Older, Esq. Announces She Will Offer Services for Personal Injury and Car Accidents

Saugerties, NY (PRWEB) August 21, 2005

New York divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, a prominent New York attorney with more than 20 years of experience, now offers services to victims of personal injuries and car accidents.

She is an experienced, successful trial lawyer comfortable in all court settings. She has practiced divorce law, but is now available for people in Kingston, Woodstock, or Saugerties N.Y., seeking representation for personal injury or car accidents.

Older is also pleased to announce that she has opened a new office in New York City, on the waterfront, in Battery Park City. This office is located at 375 South End Ave, Building 400 Suite 23c, New York, N.Y. 10280. Here she will focus her personal injury and accident practices. She also maintains an upstate law office at 1228 Route 212, Saugerties, N.Y. 12477.

Older provides a web page with comprehensive materials about law for the public.

Visit her online at She can be reached at 212-786-0901 or 845-246-0400 for free telephone consultations

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