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New York Personal Injury Lawyer, David Perecman, says New Playground is No Place for Kids

New York Personal Injury Lawyer, David Perecman, says New Playground is No Place for Kids

New York (PRWEB) April 28, 2010

Playtime is over at the 0,000 Brooklyn Bridge Park playground, which was shut down this week. Less than a month after it opened, the much-anticipated playground was declared a danger to children in order to avoid personal injury. Three steel climbing domes sitting uncovered and under the sun, were under criticism after reaching 128 degrees and burning children.

“This situation is most unfortunate. You would think a landscape architecture firm would have been able to foresee this problem,” said David Perecman, a personal injury lawyer who works out of New York.

The foam safety surfacing is also in need of repair. The flooring has small holes all over it.

Park officials are examining the options they have for dealing with the scorching metal orbs. To temporarily address the problem, park officials erected temporary tents over them. However, these shades need to be shifted throughout the day to make sure the metal surfaces stay covered as the sun moves across the sky.

Outside the park, warning signs read “Steel dome play structures can be hot”

Parents believe designers placed aesthetics before safety.

New York’s personal injury lawyers recommend that the city find a smart solution quickly, before children are out for the summer.

The legal responsibility is with the property owner, whether private individual or city, to make sure the property is safe. The law holds the owner responsible for injuries if they were aware of the dangerous condition and did not take the necessary steps to correct it. An owner can also be liable if it was obvious that the owner should have known about a hazard or a potential hazard and did not do what was necessary to prevent injury.

“Park officials are now aware of the danger and the danger has been well documented. At this point, negligence will not be hard to argue if the city does nothing, or does not do enough, and another child is hurt,” said Perecman.

Perecman is optimistic New York City will find a solution. This incident also prompted protective action that may prevent situations like this from occurring again.

As reported by The New York Post >, a bill requiring the city to test playground equipment for safety concerns before the equipment is installed is now being considered by the state Assembly.

David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC:

For the past 30 years, the New York personal injury lawyers, auto accident, construction accident, and medical malpractice lawyers at The Perecman Firm, PLLC have championed all types of cases for personal injury accidents. David Perecman, founder of the Firm, is a Board Director and the past Secretary and Treasurer of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) and a chair of its Labor Law Committee. Mr. Perecman’s achievements have brought him recognition as an Honoree in the National Law Journal’s Hall of Fame, in New York Magazine’s “The Best Lawyers in America” and The New York Times Magazine “New York Super Lawyers, Metro Edition” for the years 2007-2010.

The Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients. Among the more recent victories, Mr. Perecman won a million verdict* for a construction accident, a .35 million dollar verdict** for an automobile accident, and a million dollar structured settlement for medical malpractice.

*later settled while on appeal for .940 million

** later settled for .5 million

“Lawyer Advertising”

“Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”


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Prominent New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Says Cover Up Could Be Worse than the Crime for Pitching Great Roger Clemens

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 27, 2009

If a perjury indictment is returned against 7-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens, one noted New York criminal defense lawyer fully expects the federal government to make an example out of the superstar pitcher in a bid to deter anyone in the future from lying during a congressional hearing.

“This could turn out to be a perfect example of how the cover up is worse than the crime,” said Steven Brill, a New York criminal defense attorney and partner in the New York litigation firm of Sullivan & Brill. In a February 12, 2009 article out of the Associated Press, a retired FBI agent is quoted as saying that perjury cases involving high-profile defendants are becoming more common, telling AP: “It used to be we didn’t mess with these kinds of cases. Everybody lied to us. Then, they got Martha Stewart on lying, and it became the flavor of the month.”

“Even if he is found guilty of having taken performance-enhancing drugs back in 1998, 2000 and 2001,” Brill said, “from what I’ve seen I don’t expect Clemens to be charged with the underlying drug crime. But there is no question that he will suffer because of his celebrity if a perjury indictment is handed down by the grand jury.

“Congress does not like to be lied to,” Brill warned. “If he is convicted of perjury, he could be facing jail time.”

Brill said that if Clemens is indicted and the case goes to trial, Clemens lawyer, Rusty Hardin, will probably focus most of his energy on trying to discredit Brian McNamee, Clemens’ former trainer and principal accuser, so that no credible evidence exists that could support a perjury finding against Clemens.

“If Clemens stands by his statements,” Brill explained, “and McNamee is shown to be a liar, then the perjury charge cannot stand.”

Looking ahead at what will probably happen to Clemens, Brill said that once a witness gives sworn testimony that contains untrue statements on a material matter in a case, there is not much more that can be done to avoid criminal prosecution.

“For this reason, we always advise our clients of the risks and consequences of testifying falsely,” Brill said. “It is human nature for some people to lie when they are under fire and their future is on the line. If we get the sense that a client is traveling down that road, we strongly advise the client not to testify at all.”

According to Brill, state and federal perjury charges are infrequent because it is hard to prove that an individual willfully lied about a material matter.

“In a perjury case,” he explained, “the government must present evidence that proves not only that the defendant testified falsely, but that he or she willfully made a statement which the defendant did not believe to be true and that the matter about which the defendant is testifying falsely is a material matter in the case.

“Clemens lying about his address or the names of his kids wouldn’t count,” Brill said.


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My husband says I have “one more chance”….do I even want it?

Question by November: My husband says I have “one more chance”….do I even want it?
I’ve been married about a year…my husband is extremely unhappy with me…he says I am not supportive, I nag him about the money he spends yet I spend all I want, and that I am mean towards him, hurt his feelings and make him sad and depressed. He also says I don’t need him.

To me, I feel like he is always upset with me. When he gets upset, he yells, swears and is very hostile towards me. The other day he got very mad at me because I got mad at him about how much money he was spending on something, yet he didn’t even have enough to make his half of the mortage payment two weeks before. He says I don’t trust him that it is not always going to be like that, that he was just having a rough month. That I should know my sacrifices will pay off.

He is very angry and says I spoil his fun and don’t allow him to live his life. He says I would rather put him down than see him happy.

Why can’t I wrap my brain around this? I look at myself and I really don’t see why he gets so upset. I don’t think I am that bad of a person. I am professional, intelligent, have lots of friends, good family, and I don’t mistreat anyone.

Do I have my head that far up my ass? Or is he really the one that just is blaming me for everything? He is mostly estranged from his whole family, he hates his mother, brother and hasn’t spoke to them in years. His mother was very abusive towards him.

He says he is about to call a divorce lawyer. I begged him for another chance, but sometimes I think it is really because I just don’t want to be alone. He says if I say ANYTHING ever again to hurt him, he is leaving. He is so harsh towards me, he says I am mean, cold, uncaring, and treat him like crap.

I really don’t want him to leave, but his hatred and hostility towards me is so great, that I’m not sure how to approach this and make him feel better. How do I catch myself in these moments of disagreement with him to make my concerns/needs heard, but not make him feel so hurt and shunned?

I feel like a miserable failure, I feel like my life is ready to be turned upside down. I feel his approach towards me in telling me how pissed he is is so harsh, it does not give me any motivation. Do I deserve that at this point, or should I try to do anything and everything to make him warm up to me?

A trial separation will not work, he says if he leaves it will be for good. He also refuses to go to counseling.
He says he is tired of feeling so angry and yelling at me all the time and he is sick of hearing himself like that and yet I keep hurting him.

He says I am mean and cruel to him, but i am not the one yelling at him and swearing at him and threatening to leave him. In my opinion, I don’t think I am that bad. I never try to hurt him, but sometimes my words seem to really piss him off…

I just wish I knew if this was really his problem and he is putting it on me and I am fully believing it, or if I am totally blind and I am THE problem….

Best answer:

Answer by snik
Sounds to me like he’s the problem.

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Is this why Bush says we “can’t” deport illegals?

Question by kscottmccormick: Is this why Bush says we “can’t” deport illegals?
From Michelle Malkin’s column on Yahoo:
Immigration lawyers and ethnic activists run a massive, lucrative industry whose sole objective is to help illegal aliens and convicted criminal visa holders evade deportation for as long as possible….
Look no further than New York, where four convicted criminal aliens — a child molester, two killers and a racketeer — just won a federal lawsuit to remain in the country after all being ordered deported. The stunning decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Blake v. Carbone, came down on June 1….
The lead winning plaintiff, Leroy Blake, is a Jamaican national convicted of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor in 1992. The feds began deportation proceedings in 1999. An immigration judge ruled Blake deportable in 2000. Blake took his case to the federal Board of Immigration Appeals, which remanded the case back to the immigration judge, who granted relief from deportation…
Rachel, here’s my plan: enforce the laws against employers hiring illegals, and if the illegals can’t find work they will deport themselves.

Best answer:

Answer by Rachel G
I would love someone to actually come up with a comprehensive plan with budget figures. It’s simply not plausible.

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For those who “blame” the Insurance Companies, is it because Obama says so?

Question by The MobFather: For those who “blame” the Insurance Companies, is it because Obama says so?
Remember now, back in March of this year, he invited the CEO’s of the major insurance companies to a White House summit.

Afterward, Obama praised them for their ideas and cooperation with his plan

(Flash forward 4 month, and his ratings tanking) Ins Companies are now the “villains”

Uh, I don’t think so Mr President:

Total Health Care spending in the US 2.2 Trillion
Ins company profits – .06% ( That is .60 cents per $ 100 dollars)
Ins co. CEO salaries – 0.005 % ( that is 1/2 cent per $ 100 dollars)

Why don’t you ask where the other $ 99.39 went???

(Hint: Drive around your local hospital and count how many “personal injury” law offices you can find within sight of it)

Think that 350+ lawyers in DC might have something to do with that?

FACT is.. the left can’t pass their agenda without making the weak minded “feel” upset in some way. But, they will NEVER sell out their brethren.. the trial lawyers.
typo – 0.6%.. still 60 cents
I’m referring to the “evil” profits that the left is now laying the blame on .
hey g.. if you’re too stupid to read.. i’ll read the article to you.

Calling me stupid.. prove it. Love to do an online, live video chat with you.. hell, we can advertise it here so all your friends can watch too.

You pick the topic.. c’mon.. why pass up a chance to prove it ? .. email is open

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Answer by Über (Tree Hugging)Liberal, Lola

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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Says Tough Economy Causes Rise in Embezzlement Crimes

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) July 7, 2010

In tough economic times, embezzlement becomes and even more common crime. North Carolina embezzlement law defines the crime as the taking of money or things of value that have been entrusted to an employee, clerk, officer, or other agent by the alleged victim.

A Raleigh embezzlement case typically involves an employee – someone with access to a company credit card or company bank accounts – who has taken money from the accounts or charged personal items to the credit card. Since embezzlement is considered a violation of trust, it is categorized as a felony, regardless of the amount in question. Theoretically if you are accused of embezzlement Raleigh of just 0, you’d face a felony.

There are two levels of embezzlement North Carolina. The first level is any amount up to 0,000 and is a Class H felony. The second level is any amount of 0,000 or more and is a Class C felony.

The importance of the value may be crucial to your case. That’s because a Class C felony is a much more serious crime, resulting in mandatory prison time of 5 years or more.

A Class H felony, for a first time offender, may result in probation, and no prison time at all.

One of the problems with embezzlement is the dispute over the amount of money taken. Where the person has admitted to taking some money, the question will be how much did they take. That’s important for two reasons.

First, if the amount equals or exceeds 0,000, the crime is much more serious.

Second, if the person is placed on probation, and ordered to pay restitution, the question is how much restitution must the person pay back. A failure to pay back the restitution could result in a violation of probation, and an active sentence. So it’s important that someone accused of embezzlement Raleigh not be required to pay back more than is truly owed.

In tough economic times, sometimes victims – companies, employers etc., – may use the fact that you’ve been accused of embezzlement to saddle you with ALL losses from the business, even losses that you are not responsible for. This is called “cleaning the books.” And it’s a strategy they might use to try to get back more than is truly owed.

If an employer approaches you about claims of embezzlement, you should certainly contact a Raleigh embezzlement lawyer or embezzlement lawyer Raleigh as soon as possible. This is because anything you may say to the employer could be later used against you.

And, because, if we act quickly enough, there may be ways to avoid a criminal charge entirely.

# # #

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High Profile New York City Divorce Lawyer Says Electronic Devices May Hold Tiger Woods Hostage in a Possible Divorce

New York Divorce Lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 1, 2010

The exposure of Tiger’s voice message for alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs was released on December 2, 2009, by US Weekly and caused a media storm followed by Tiger’s admission posted on his web page that he has had an affair, says attorney Lisa Beth Older, Esq.

Now it is rumored that his wife may be headed toward a divorce.

The use of electronic devices such as voice messages to take down celebrities carries a huge price tag, the least of which is to destroy troubled marriages and inflict insufferable pain. “The advent of the electronic witness has heightened possibilities in divorce litigation, making it more palatable to be the innocent disenfranchised spouse,” says New York divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older.

Electronic devices have become virtual reality witnesses. More and more New York Courts are allowing electronic evidence to play a part in the divorce discovery process. Electronic devices have a long history in the annals of divorce in New York and in other states.

But unlike old fashioned cameras where one can destroy the film after the adultery is proved, computers and other like devices retain indelible traceable imprints which have been used for far more nefarious purposes. People who can reap financial gain by dallying with married celebrities are no more than home wreckers for profit, armed with an electronic device as corroboration of the affair.

“Superheroes and extraordinary athletes are not perfect and are held to a higher standard which provides an opportunity to prey on celebrities,” says New York attorney Lisa Beth Older.

Improper use of electronic devises can hold innocent people hostage.

As in terrorism, governments are astute enough to know that paying off the terrorist for the release of hostages will incite more terrorism. Celebrities and persons falling victim to electronic devices should follow suit. “Celebrities being preyed upon by women with electronic devices that record infidelity are better served by following the lead of David Letterman,” says New York City divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, citing to the example of Letterman refusing to pay for the silence of an extortionist.

In the case of Tiger Woods we see how a simple electronic devise can led to the demise of a vulnerable brilliant American hero.

By: Lisa Beth Older, Esq.

# # #

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