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Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers Support More Safety Education for Teen Drivers

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers Support More Safety Education for Teen Drivers

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) February 5, 2011

A recently issued national report on the wide impact of teenage driving crashes reinforces a belief long held by the Virginia personal injury lawyers of Marks & Harrison: The best way to reduce teen car accidents is to raise teens’ awareness about the consequences of risky driving behavior.

According to the report, compiled by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and State Farm Insurance, more than 40,000 people were injured in 2008 in automobile crashes involving teenage drivers, with nearly 30 percent of the fatalities occurring to the occupants of the other vehicle involved in the car wrecks.

The report identifies four key behaviors that contribute to teen driving accidents and fatalities: Failure to use seat belts, speeding, alcohol use and distracted driving, such as using a cell phone or texting while behind the wheel.

In a news release announcing the release of the report, “Miles to Go,” one of the report’s co-authors points to startling statistics showing that more than 40 percent of teens fatally injured in car accidents in 2008 had a positive blood alcohol content, while 16 percent were reported to have been distracted.

“Reducing speeding and alcohol use, increasing seat belt use, and eliminating distractions for teen drivers are the four calls-to-action we see in this report that would have a great impact on reducing injuries and fatalities for all road users,” said the co-author, Dennis Durbin.

Those subjects have frequently been touched upon the attorneys of Marks & Harrison, a Richmond-headquartered personal injury law firm that represents car accident victims throughout Virginia, including those injured in drunk driving and distracted driving crashes.

For 12 years, as part of its community outreach efforts, the law firm has sponsored a teen drinking and driving safety program called, “Make it Home.”

The program was designed in conjunction with nurses in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at the Medical College of Virginia, and it has been presented to more than 10,000 high school students throughout central Virginia in an effort to educate teen drivers about the tragedies that can occur if they choose to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

In the program, Marks & Harrison personal injury attorneys show a 20-minute video to students and participate in a question-and-answer session. Two of the firm’s Virginia personal injury lawyers, Ryan Wind and James Mick Kessell, presented the program in November at Richmond’s Open High.

About Marks & Harrison

Established in 1911, Marks & Harrison represents clients in a variety of practice areas, including personal injury, wrongful death, car accidents, tractor trailer accidents, motorcycle accidents, alcohol/drug-related accidents and pedestrian injuries. The firm features offices located in the Virginia cities of Richmond, Petersburg, Louisa, Charlottesville, Tappahannock, Hopewell, Staunton and Fredericksburg. To learn more about the firm and its car accident attorneys, call (800) 283-2202 or use the firm’s online form.

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My Child Safety Program

My Child Safety Program
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My Child Safety Program

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Class Action Law Firm takes on BMW for Systematically Concealing Safety Risks of Defective High Pressure Fuel Pumps and Turbo Chargers

Flawed engine design of BMW twin turbo models leaves consumers stranded

Sacramento, CA (Vocus) October 5, 2010

Sacramento, California based class action law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, LLP, recently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of individuals who own various BMW vehicles released between the years of 2007-2010. The lawsuit, No. CV10-2257 SI filed in the Northern District of California, seeks to compel BMW to initiate a recall in order to replace all of the high pressure fuel pumps (HPFP) in the affected vehicles.

According to the complaint, in 2006, BMW announced with much fanfare the development of its new N54 twin turbo engine. BMW touted the new engine as incorporating state of the art technology that included dual turbo chargers and a newly developed fuel injection system. BMW represented to the public that this new technology would eliminate ‘turbo lag,’ a common problem in turbocharged vehicles, and that its new state of the art fuel injection system greatly increased the performance and fuel efficiency of its vehicles.

Plaintiffs allege that the new engines that were so highly touted by BMW in fact contain serious design flaws that render the vehicles unsafe to drive. There are essentially two design flaws at the center of the case. First, the plaintiff asserts that BMW’s new fuel injection system that supposedly incorporates a new ‘state of the art’ fuel pump actually malfunctions at an alarming high rate. As a result, many BMW owners have had to repeatedly replace their fuel pumps, sometimes within 1,000 miles of vehicle ownership.

Lead attorney on the case, Stuart Talley of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, noted, “When these fuel pumps fail, the car comes to a complete stop or loses substantial power. If this happens while someone is driving on a highway at high speeds, this can create a very serious safety hazard. We believe the defect is so significant that it makes these cars unsafe to drive.”

The second problem relates to the BMW turbo chargers. Specifically, the complaint alleges that owners of the affected vehicles were told that BMW’s new engine had eliminated ‘turbo lag.’ ‘Turbo lag’ is the delay between the time that driver of a vehicle presses the accelerator and the time that turbo chargers on the engine essentially ‘kick in’ to provide added power to the engine. However, shortly after the vehicles were released, BMW began to receive complaints from owners that they were hearing strange noises from the engine along with a delay in throttle response. BMW eventually discovered that these problems were the result of a design defect in the turbo chargers.

Plaintiffs allege, however, that rather than repair the defective turbo chargers, BMW implemented a secret ‘software fix’ to hide the problems from consumers. Any time a consumer brought their BMW in for repair or routine maintenance, BMW would ‘upgrade’ the vehicle’s software. This software tweak kept the turbo chargers from operating at full capacity, ensuring that their defects would go undetected.

Apparently owners aren’t happy. A number of user generated forums, petitions and blogs have cropped up criticizing BMW for their handling of the issue. On the BMW Blog, several consumers reported their BMW’s going into ‘limp mode.’ They also complained of excessive power loss and ‘turbo lag,’ the very condition BMW said it had eliminated with its ‘state of the art engine.’ The plaintiff’s complaint seeks to force BMW to repair the defective turbo charges and/or reimburse consumers for the diminution in value to the vehicles.

Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff have demonstrated their dedication to protecting the legal rights of consumers, as well as their ability to devote substantial resources through trials involving large corporations. Their product liability lawyers have represented thousands of victims of defective vehicles and dangerous products in cases throughout the United States, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuit recoveries for their clients and the classes they have represented.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with William Kershaw, please call Taryn Smith at 916.448.9800 or 888.285.3333.


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New York Lawyer Hails Gains in Highway Safety but Urges More Action to End Car Accidents, Injuries and Fatalities

Steven Schwartzapfel

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2010

The toll from U.S. motor vehicle accidents is dropping, but simple changes in law enforcement and safety requirements could greatly improve the trend, says New York personal injury attorney Steven J. Schwartzapfel.

The U.S. Transportation Department announced last week that 2009 highway deaths fell to 33,808 for the year, the lowest number since 1950. While the decline is welcome news, Schwartzapfel, a car accident lawyer with the New York firm of Schwartzapfel Partners P.C. says the number of auto accidents and injuries remains too high.

“Steps have been taken and progress has been made, but there are still too many traffic injuries and deaths in New York City and the Long Island area,” Schwartzapfel said. “It’s time for more action.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car crashes are the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 3 and 34. Car accidents injure more than two million people annually. In 2008, the latest year for which full statistics are available, New York City had 76,486 car wrecks, with 289 fatalities and 72,384 injuries.

The price is not only physical. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that motor vehicle accidents cost the United States nearly 0 billion annually, with a yearly cost to each licensed driver of roughly 0, according to a new study.

Analyzing data from 2005, the CDC found that motor vehicle accidents made up about 71 percent of the total cost, or billion, while motorcycle accidents cost billion, pedestrian accidents added billion and bicycle accidents added another billion.

Schwartzapfel said he favors basic, but effective steps widely endorsed by the CDC and other safety experts, including:

     Increased use of sobriety checkpoints;
     Broader adoption of laws mandating the use of motorcycle and bicycle helmets;
    Passage of primary seat belt laws that would allow police officers to stop a vehicle if the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.

“A ride on New York City roads and highways is getting safer, but the raw numbers still describe a battle zone,” Schwartzapfel said. “Our efforts to reduce New York and Long Island car accident injuries and fatalities have to be as serious as those statistics.”

About Schwartzapfel Partners P.C.

Schwartzapfel Partners P.C. is a prominent and well-respected plaintiff personal injury and estate litigation firm in New York, with area offices in Manhattan, the Bronx, White Plains, Jericho and Garden City. With more than 150 years of combined experience and highly competent co-counsel throughout the country, Schwartzapfel Partners serves all your legal needs. The firm focuses on all types of personal injury litigation, including vehicle accidents (car, truck motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian) medical malpractice, wrongful death, defective products and drugs, construction accidents, workplace accidents, workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, nursing home neglect and abuse, and complex highway design defect cases. To contact the law firm, call 1.800.966.4999 or use the firm’s online contact form.


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