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Baton Rouge Divorce Lawyer, Joseph K. Scott, III, Advises Families On Surviving The Holidays

Baton Rouge Divorce Lawyer, Joseph K. Scott, III, Advises Families On Surviving The Holidays

Baton Rouge, LA (Vocus/PRWEB) December 15, 2010

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in you lifetime. Psychologists rank divorce as more stressful than losing a parent or changing careers. Holidays are also the most stressful time of the year for everyone. Combine the two, and many divorcing couples enter into an intensely difficult time period. But a little strategy, patience and planning can help any family in transition.

“No one feels like celebrating in times of heartache and distress. But this may be the best time to start new traditions, simplify your celebrations, and make sure that your children get to enjoy the time they spend with you,” said Baton Rouge divorce lawyer, Joseph K. Scott.

Holidays are also a time for reminiscing. This can be painful for people going through a divorce. The holidays will never be the same for you or your children. But everyone experiences some sadness around the holidays. Perhaps it’s for grandparents who have passed or how the holidays were celebrated. Remember that you are creating your child’s future reminisces.

Most couples divorcing have worked out, with their attorneys, a calendar for handling holiday and school breaks. You may be seeing you child for Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Don’t dwell on what you don’t have, just be sure to make the most of your holiday time with your children.

Try to be patient with yourself and your children. Remember what you are really celebrating. Think about how you always wanted to celebrate the holidays. Maybe you always wanted to spend your Christmas away in the mountains or at the beach. Since you’re no longer required to spend holidays with in-laws; you can create the holiday you want.

Children are flexible and they tend to adjust to holidays just as they would your normal visitation schedule. They also tend to adjust better if both parents have adjusted to their new roles.

“Don’t set yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations. Be flexible. Making cookies, singing carols, and decorating are all thing parents can do together with their children that don’t cost a fortune,” said Baton Rouge attorney, Mr. Scott.

Children take cues from their parents. If you, during this most difficult of times in your life, can find joy in the season and celebrate with a generous heart and gracious spirit then you’ve given your children an invaluable gift.

For more information or for a consultation, Baton Rouge divorce attorney Joseph K. Scott, III invites you to visit his website at or contact his office at (225) 381-8080, Joseph K. Scott III, Attorney at Law, 830 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

About Joseph K. Scott, III:

Joseph K. Scott is admitted to practice in all State and Federal Courts in Louisiana. Mr. Scott is also a frequent speaker on family and criminal law issues for local educators and bar associations.


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Isn’t it about time for Atlas to Shrug? To kick the Altered Rouge “Democrat” Following Parasites to the Curb?

Question by cybe: Isn’t it about time for Atlas to Shrug? To kick the Altered Rouge “Democrat” Following Parasites to the Curb?
The people who really produce have the power. Not the Parasitic Unions, Not Lawyers, Not Federal Government Bureaucrat leaches. Not over entitled Union Teachers, not the scum running the Universities doing a crappy job of imparting useful and correct knowledge to our children. Especially not Politicians who work against the will of the people to take more power from the people for themselves to give them control over us. Not the scum in the Justice department bought off by big money supporters of democrat despots, or their IRS, ATF, and DEA thugs who think they are above the law and have been made so by the despots running our government contrary to our Constitution. Not the false environmentalists who are actually not worried about the environment but use it for a pretext to push a Communist agenda, stinking Watermellon environmentalists the democrats love so much. Not the activist Judges who know no law except their mobs own agenda and blow their noses on the Constitution.

It’s time to take back, to take out the trash, to let the Middle Eastern and European Powers buying our politicians and officials, our entertainment industry, our colleges … to keep their influence over on their side of the pond, or else they will face consequences that hostile forces do that attack our country, because that is what they are after all.

Best answer:

Answer by Mark Lloyd BHOs FASCIST FCC CZAR
You are absolutely right, and it’s way past time. Brilliant

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