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“I’m a lawyer with references from The Bush Administration.” You want that on your resume?

Question by 12-25 Never Forget: “I’m a lawyer with references from The Bush Administration.” You want that on your resume?
At the end of The Firm, Mitch says “Yeah, I’m still a lawyer with references from Bandini, Lambert, & Locke. You want to put that on your resume?”

Are Bush ex-officials saying something similar now?

“Only 25% to 30% of ex-Bush officials seeking full-time jobs have succeeded…”

“2008 White House Office Staff List – Salary ”

“The Firm – Ending”

Best answer:

Answer by Cookie Monster
Troll. You are almost as bad as Edna

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California Career Firm to Write Executive Resume for Rick Sanchez, Fired-CNN Anchor

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 3, 2010

The San Francisco Bay Area’s leading executive resume writer and career counselor has offered to write an executive resume for Rick Sanchez, the fired CNN news anchor, who has been delightfully and repeatedly ridiculed by comedian Jon Stewart.

“Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company,” according to a CNN statement issued Friday. “We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.“ The dismissal is a further setback for Sanchez, who recently lost his prime time slot to the new program, ParkerSpitzer.

Shimmering Resumes, a resume-writing service for executives and professionals, is concerned that Sanchez may invoke anti-Semitism to challenge CNN’s decision, made hours after Sanchez implied that Jews are in control of the media, especially CNN, during an interview on a Sirius XM radio program that the Washington Post called “gasp-inducing.”

“Oy. You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the fact that Rick Sanchez deserved to be fired,” said Paul Freiberger, President of Shimmering Resumes of San Mateo. “I want Rick to know that I felt he should be fired long before he embarrassed himself on Sirius XM. I often felt that way after watching his program.”

Freiberger, who is Jewish, said he would gladly write an executive resume for Sanchez. “All accused criminals get a lawyer. Fired anchors should get a professional resume writer,” Freiberger said. “Sanchez can surely benefit from the best resume writer and he need look no further. I won’t hold his ignorance against him when I create his resume.”

“Actually, I’m more concerned for Jon Stewart,” Freiberger added. “He won’t have Ricardo to kick around anymore. Who will take his place? I can’t wait to find out.”

Freiberger said Sanchez, 52, has great qualifications to highlight in a resume, including an Emmy Award for his series, “When I left Cuba.” He also participated in CNN’s coverage a Hurricane Katrina.

The president of Shimmering Resumes said he hopes to meet with Sanchez in person and explain the benefits of a professional resume to him, such as:

    Not blaming his floundering career on any particular religious group. “He deserves the credit, himself.”
    Showcasing successes rather than responsibilities. He shouldn’t describe his role in the certain stories he broadcast, such as jumping out of a boat to simulate falling off a cruise ship. Instead he should take credit for CNN’s Peabody-winning hurricane coverage.

In addition to a professional resume, Sanchez also needs job interview tips, Freiberger said. Though experienced and sometimes nimble on TV, he offered to take Sanchez through the job interview process, revealing classic “curveball” questions, such as “If you could blame one religious group for your firing which would it be?”

The job search is often dispiriting and Freiberger expects Sanchez may have to be patient in this process. A proud performer used to success, Sanchez may find rejection letters depressing, and Shimmering Resumes will provide the insightful support he needs to keep his spirits high and carry out his normal affairs.

“Rich Sanchez will report again,” said Freiberger. “ I’m hoping to help all of us get used to this fact.”


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