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Research before hiring financial help

Research before hiring financial help
NEW YORK — One of the most important decisions a small business owner makes is who they hire for financial advice. Choosing the right accountant or tax attorney can help a company grow and be profitable.
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Banks work to minimise impact of bonus rules
Investment banks are working closely with tax lawyers, accountants and remuneration consultants on ways to minimise the impact of new rules on bonuses that are expected to be published next month, in a bid to keep their most senior bankers and traders happy while satisfying the demands of regulators.
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Farmington Schools choose new trustee
Any one of five community members could have been the new Farmington Public Schools board trustee, but in the end the board chose Timothy Devine, a lawyer for Ally Bank, formerly known as GMAC, who has two children in the district.
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Aila’s Guide to Technology and Legal Research for the Immigration Lawyer

Aila’s Guide to Technology and Legal Research for the Immigration Lawyer

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Moscow on the Hudson

MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON – DVD MovieRobin Williams in his fuzzy, sensitive mode with bittersweet touches plays a musician in a Russian circus who gets talked into defecting by a pal and does so (though the pal bails on him at the last minute)–in the middle of Bloomingdale’s. A great concept, to be sure, but writer-director Paul Mazursky doesn’t seem to know where to go from there. Williams winds up living in the same kind of poverty that he did in Russia, casting about for a way to make a living while both wallowing and drowning in the sudden tidal wave of freedom. Mazursky wants to make a point about how little we appreciate what we have, but he fails to entertain in the process–or at least to engage in a consistent way. –Marshall Fine

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The Living Law a guide to Modern Legal Research 1983-1984

The Living Law a guide to Modern Legal Research 1983-1984

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LegalView Brain Injury Site Reports Department of Veteran Affairs Request for Research on TBI and Soldiers

Denver, CO (PRWEB) August 2, 2008, the most comprehensive legal resource available on the Web, informed its traumatic brain injury (TBI) blog readers of the recent Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) declaration that TBI is responsible for many of the casualties deriving from the continued conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The VA is requesting researchers study and report TBI-related information to the department in the hopes of improving the situation; the request has been deemed a scientific priority. Individuals who have been injured in a TBI accident may be advised to seek out experienced traumatic brain injury attorneys in order to receive the best legal advice for any potential TBI-related lawsuit.

The VA request for research and developmental proposals includes information such as cognitive dysfunction, mood and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), depression, post traumatic epilepsy, blast related vision and hearing deficits, chronic pain, substance abuse, sleep disturbances and suicidal tendencies. The VA said in its announcement that because of high-pressure waves, shrapnel and acceleration/deceleration injuries from explosive devices, many soldiers are not fully protected. The VA also noted that while its Kevlar helmets have saved lives, the increasing trauma from impacts and blasts to the heads and faces of soldiers may be resulting in multiple traumas as well as neuro-psychological disorders, motor loss, etc. Individuals who may have been injured by TBI should consider locating a traumatic brain injury law firm that can provide the services of an array of traumatic brain injury lawyers. Additionally, locating a knowledgeable traumatic brain injury lawyer will likely help individuals to get the legal advice necessary to determine what their best course of legal action might be.

In addition to the latest information on brain injury, LegalView has also recently updated several of its legal issue information portals including sites on truck accidents, the Zimmer Durom cup and the antibiotic known as Ketek. Each year, there are millions of vehicle accidents, many of which involve trucks and often can be fatal to those involved. The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has found that of the truck accidents that occur in the United States, often, tractor-trailer trucks cause the most damage in terms of both monetary costs and fatalities/injuries. Individuals who have been injured in a truck accident may have the potential for receiving monetary compensation through a truck accident lawsuit.

The potential Zimmer Durom cup recall has caused a stir among the medical community especially physicians who have reported that patients are complaining of failing Zimmer Durom cup components within their artificial hips. The company, Zimmer Holdings, which manufacturers the hip socket has stopped sales of the Durom cup, however, nearly 12,000 patients have already received the device since 2006.

The additional legal portal that was recently updated relates to an antibiotic used to treat upper respiratory infections among patients. The prescription drug Ketek was allegedly linked to liver damage and to an increased risk of jaundice. In April 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received reports of approximately 134 patients with liver damage as well as 18 deaths related to the consumption of Ketek. Patients who may be affected by this are urged to seek medical attention immediately if any signs of liver damage become apparent while taking Ketek. Additionally, discussing a Ketek lawsuit with an experienced pharmaceutical attorney is advisable.

About LegalView: is a public service brought to you by Legal WebTV Network, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation created by a group of the nation’s most highly respected law firms: Anapol Schwartz; Brent Coon and Associates; Burg Simpson; Cohen, Placitella and Roth; James F. Humphreys and Associates; Lopez McHugh; and Thornton and Naumes. For more information on the accomplishments and track records of’s superior sponsoring law firms and to get in touch with LegalView attorneys, visit LegalView at


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Can I do legal research online? – Have you every been in a situation where you needed to do legal research for a criminal case? Once you started, did you become more confused as you went from book to book? Please check out our video to learn more. Our Legal Training DVD was created to help everyone in this situation.
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New Jersey State Bar Association Provides Free Legal Research with Fastcase

Washington, DC and New Brunswick, NJ (PRWEB) July 8, 2009

Fastcase, Inc. and the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) on July 1 launched a new, free research tool for NJSBA members.

New Jersey lawyers can now access the complete New Jersey law library online by visiting the NJSBA website,, Members now get for free – as a part of their NJSBA membership – services that previously cost thousands of dollars per lawyer each year.

This exclusive member benefit library includes free access to cases of the New Jersey Supreme Court, New Jersey Appellate Division, and New Jersey Law Division, as well as cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit – which currently costs thousands of dollars per year on traditional services – for free on Fastcase with no monthly, hourly or time-based fees.

“Smart legal research is the foundation of being able to give quality legal advice. This new service means our members have the ability to access legal research no matter where they are, allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently,” said NJSBA President Allen A. Etish.

Added Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase: “Fastcase isn’t just a more affordable option. Fastcase is a smarter tool for legal research. We list the best cases at the top of the list, and we’ve built data visualization tools that allow you to map your search results. Time is money, and Fastcase saves you both.”

The NJSBA also negotiated a fixed-rate price of 5 per year for access to the complete 50-state Fastcase database, which is an 0 discount over Fastcase’s normal pricing. Members simply log in to the free service and click the upgrade link to subscribe.

“Especially now with the economy still suffering, clients want smart legal advice quickly and economically and this new tool will help everyone make that happen,” Etish said.

Fastcase launched in 1999 to democratize the law, building next-generation research tools and lowering prices for access. One way the Washington, D.C. based company has increased access to the law is through an innovative arrangement with bar associations, which subscribe at volume discount prices and offer the research tool for free to their members. Fastcase has signed member benefit agreements with 16 state bar associations and numerous voluntary and metropolitan bar associations, making the law free for more than 380,000 lawyers around the country.

The member benefit also includes transactional access to newspaper articles, public records searches, and legal forms, all integrated into the Fastcase website, making it one of the largest online law libraries in the world. Fastcase is Web-based, so it’s available anywhere people have access to the Internet.

“With the Fastcase member benefit, members of the bar are getting one of the most innovative search technologies, running on one of the most comprehensive law libraries in the world,” said Phil Rosenthal of Fastcase. “Lawyers subscribe to Fastcase for 5 per year – already a great price compared to other premium legal research. We’re pleased, through this deal, to be able to bring our service to members of the New Jersey State Bar Association for free.”

Fastcase is the leading provider of such member benefits. For more than 10 years, Fastcase has been advancing the state of the art of legal research, building smarter tools and democratizing the law in partnership with organizations such as the New Jersey State Bar Association. A July 1, 2009, Law Technology News article compared Fastcase with its frequent competitor in the member benefit market, Collexis Holdings (CLXS:OB), declaring, “Fastcase holds the edge in ease of use and intuitiveness of its features.”

About Fastcase

As the smarter alternative for legal research, Fastcase democratizes the law, making it more accessible to more people. Using patented software that combines the best of legal research with the best of Web search, Fastcase helps busy users sift through the clutter, ranking the best cases first and enabling the re-sorting of results to find answers fast. Founded in 1999, Fastcase is celebrating its 10th year of business. Fastcase has more than 380,000 subscribers from around the world, and the company recently launched the Fastcase Public Library of Law (, the world’s largest free legal research site for consumers and lawyers alike. Fastcase is an American company based in Washington, D.C. For more information, visit, or Fastcase’s legal research blog at

About the New Jersey State Bar Association

The New Jersey State Bar Association, incorporated in 1899, is dedicated to the continuing education of lawyers and the public, to reforming and improving the legal system and to aiding in the administration of justice. Visit the association’s website at

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