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Divorce Lawyers – Choose The Best For Representing Your Case Well

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Divorce Lawyers – Choose The Best For Representing Your Case Well

Divorce Lawyers – Choose The Best For Representing Your Case Well

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Home Page > Law > Criminal > Divorce Lawyers – Choose The Best For Representing Your Case Well

Divorce Lawyers – Choose The Best For Representing Your Case Well

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Posted: Aug 17, 2010 |Comments: 0


If divorce is the only solution to make things better and then the right thing to do would be to look up divorce lawyers. Do not try to do it yourself as this could be disastrous. A good lawyer will apprise you about your rights and represent you in the best possible way. It is important to find a good lawyer for your divorce to ensure that your case does not look weak in court against the other side.

Look Around For Good divorce lawyers

This may not be as simple as going shopping but it would be a good idea to find just the right lawyer to represent your case. Ask friends or go through phone books and other places of information such as the web. You need to find somebody who is specialized in divorce cases. Make appointments and decide for yourself which lawyer is best suited to fight your case.

Watch Out For the Fees

Although a substantial fee is expected as with all cases, do not opt for a very expensive one unless your case is weak and this lawyer is the best person to defend you. Similarly do not hire a lawyer just because the fees are very less. Chances are that even the service won’t be too great. The fees usually range from 0 to 0 per hour. Do not hesitate in asking an attorney about the fees to save you from a shock later on.

Be Ready With Your Points

It is better to prepare for your meeting in a rational way. Make a list of the issues that need to be cleared such as sharing of property, money, custody of kids and support that you expect post divorce. Ask questions without diffidence or hesitation. Remember divorce lawyers are used to all kinds of cases and will not find yours weird. No point in beating around the bush, come straight to the point and ask your questions, however weird they may seem to you. A good lawyer will give you a good hearing.

Assess the Divorce Attorney Well

When you make an appointment and meet the attorney, assess him/her well. You should be comfortable. The attorney should have an air of competence. You can evaluate by the kind of questions that you are asked. It is also important to know if the lawyer will be personally looking into your case or handing it down to a junior lawyer. Ask about the money involved in terms of fees and incidental expenses. Also ask about how and when these payments are to be made.

Read the Agreement Carefully

Divorce lawyers are sure to draw up agreements with all terms and fees included. It is important that you should read this well before you sign any document. Take your time and do not rush through. If needed don’t make a decision on the spot, ask for some time and discuss with a sensible person. Only if you feel very comfortable then sign the agreement.

When you have taken your decision the lawyer will give you an appointment soon after. Inform the other divorce lawyers too that you will not need their service. Put your case in the competent hands of the lawyer and wait for the case to be taken care of in the best possible manner.

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Sandy Smith
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I’m in TN and can’t afford to retain my divorce lawyer. Do I need to drop the divorce proceedings entirely, or can I postpone? It’s been 3 years and getting nowhere fast. What are my options?
What are related occupations to a lawyer?
What are the best gloves for football ?

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For more information on divorce lawyers please visit this website:

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Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by - March 20, 2011 at 5:15 pm

Categories: Divorce Lawyer   Tags: , , , , , ,

Can a lawyer representing someone on “contingency fee basis” charge up front for “filing fees?”?

Question by Moi G: Can a lawyer representing someone on “contingency fee basis” charge up front for “filing fees?”?
My father hired a lawyer for a monetary civil case in California. The lawyer agreed to take the case on a “contingency fee” basis stating that he would be compensated 30% of the winnings if the matter was handled outside of court and 40% if it goes to court. The lawyer has sat on this case for over a month and has done nothing but send the defendant a letter stating that she is illegaling detaining a check the belongs to my father.

At the initial consultation with the lawyer, my father explained to the lawyer very clearly that he had badly suffered financially due to the situation which required the lawyers legal services and he currently had no money to his name and would be unable to pay for anything upfront as he can barely pay his bills due to the situation he was put in. He also told the lawyer he would not be able to pay any of the filing fees due to his financial situation. At this point the lawyer agreed to take my fathers case on a contingency fee basis and said my father would not have to pay any fees up front.

Well, we contacted the lawyer yesterday to get an update on the case as it appears he has been dragging his feet and has done next to nothing to represent my father. The lawyers paralegal told us that they were not having any success with the defendant in dealing with the case out of court and it would probably have to go to trial.

To our surprise the paralegal then said that the lawyer is requiring and upfront “filing fee” which will be in the amount of anywhere between $ 1,500 – $ 2,000. My father then argued that he did not have that kind of money and he explained that to the lawyer the same day he was hired on a contingency fee basis.

My question is…is this legal or is it a situation of malpractice?….and what (if anything) can my father do? My father clearly stated to the lawyer during the initial consultation that he would not be able to pay any fees whatsoever until the case had been settled at which point the lawyer agreed to take the case.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Landlord
The filing fees are court fees, they are seperate from your attorneys pay. He is going to work for free and collect after the case is over, however he did not agree to pay any of your fathers expenses in the mean time.

You can not file a lawsuit against anyone without paying the filing fees, the courts do not operate for free.

This is NOT any malpractice from the attoney, it is unrealistic expectations of your father. The attorney never said he was going to pay any of your fathers bills.

What do you think? Answer below!

1 comment - What do you think?  Posted by - February 27, 2011 at 11:14 am

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