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FolderViewer Is Not the Umpteenth Windows Explorer Replacement, It Is a Completely New Way of Organizing Your Files

(PRWEB) July 27, 2005

FolderViewer is not the umpteenth Windows Explorer replacement, it is a completely new way of organizing your files. Originally developed for law firms to support the secretarial staff and lawyers to keep track of time-spent on documents per client and author.

FolderViewer lists, prints, (un)packs, renames, distributes and converts and edits files and images. The files are presented on screen according to different Views. There are already 50 different Views implemented in the program, but you can design as many as you want and save them to disc. All nearly 110 file properties (i.e. Author) and derived properties (i.e. Week number) can be used to Group, Filter, Sort or Search on.

New Technology: Distribute files (i.e. MP3´s) to calculated sub-folders based on file properties like ..\Artist\Album\ using very advanced, yet very easy to use Copy/Move Queries. Or distribute your MS Word documents created today, but not yet printed today to ..\Weekno\Author\Company with just one click using advanced filters.

Use the Multi Rename Tool to rename files on the fly using the file properties in the new filename, correcting case properties as well.

The Folder content or search results can be saved or exported to CSV, Excel, XML or HTML files for example to publish your MS Word documents to a local Intranet.

(Un)Pack files and send them using your default mail client, complete with an attached report of all the included files and their properties.

Multi process and convert images to different formats with just a few mouse clicks.

Create new folders using the New Folder Wizard based on (company) rules. Rename tags of MP3 files using the MP3 Batch processing tool. Organize your photos using the FolderCommander (press F12) tool which displays your image files in two panels using details or thumbnails.

You can print file lists, edit, preview and organize all kind of files like: MS Office documents, Media files and Photo’s:

Using the EXIF/IPTC batch editor, IPTC-data to XML converter, syntax based File Editor, HexEditor, MP3 player, MP3-tag editor, Slideshow-, and Image Editor (where you can add sounds and annotations to images to use in a Slideshow).

Finally, after installing FolderViewer a MS Explorer add-in is also installed on your computer. This tool offers you Folder content, Tree-structure and Contact Sheet printing functionality from within the MS Explorer.

There are many other features not mentioned here. Just explore the program and press F1 to get to this Help-file when needed.

We hope you will enjoy FolderViewer as much as we enjoyed creating it. And when you still want to use it after 30-days you can become a registered user for only $ 35,00.


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Product Liability Attorney Advising ASR Hip Replacement Recall Victims on Ways to Protect Themselves from Further Harm

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) September 30, 2010 –

ASR hip implants manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedic, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson have been recalled in the United States and Worldwide. The medical device company issued the hip implant recall after an independent research study released by the National Joint Registry found that the ASR hip implant had failure rates of up to 13%, well above the acceptable average.

According to the study, out of the 93,000 ASR hip replacement patients, 12,000 may experience hip replacement failure within 5 years. Most hip implants last for 15-20 years on average. Victims of the ASR hip implant recall may require a painful second revision surgery to correct the failing hip implant.

An investigative report released by the New York Times in 2008 revealed that hip replacement surgery is an intensive medical treatment costing up to ,000, requiring 2-4 days of hospitalization and months of physical therapy rehabilitation.

To protect the rights of hip replacement recall victims, the California product liability lawyers of Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have compiled the following information on steps to take if affected by the ASR Hip Recall.

1. Find Out If You Have a Recalled ASR Hip Implant

Contact your doctor or the hospital that performed the hip implant surgery to determine if your hip replacement implant was involved in the ASR hip replacement recall.

2. Which Defective Hip Implant Devices Are Being Recalled?

The hip implant recall involves all of the devices used in DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.’s ASR™ XL Acetabular System and DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing Platform.

3. What are the Symptoms of Hip Implant Failure?

Defective hip implants can cause crippling pain and impair the quality of life for those affected by the hip implant recall. Hip implant failure can cause bone fractures, hip joint dislocation, inflammation, infection, and extreme discomfort.

4. How Many People Are Affected by the Hip Implant Recall?

The National Joint Registry, an independent medical research team has discovered that 1 out of every 8 hip replacement patients will likely require a second hip implant operation, called a revision surgery. Out of the 93,000 people that have undergone hip implant surgery with an ASR Hip Implant, an estimated 12,000 may now require the hip replacement revision surgery.

5. Should I Speak with a DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Representative?

Never speak to any DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. or Johnson & Johnson representatives or sign any documents. Anything you say or any documents that you sign may endanger your personal injury claim and be used against you as evidence in court.

6. How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help Me?

Utilizing a qualified and experienced hip implant product liability lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected, that you receive the best medical care possible, and you are justly compensated for any loss of income and pain and suffering endured.

Nagelberg Bernard Law Group is conducting a thorough independent investigation into medical product negligence claims. The team of experienced product liability lawyers are actively reaching out to hip replacement recall victims that underwent surgery with defective hip implant devices. Expert personal injury attorneys are preparing to file lawsuits on behalf of hip replacement recall victims nationwide.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a defective hip replacement device, contact the attorneys at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group to determine if you have a hip replacement recall claim. Legal experts are available 24/7 to provide free and confidential legal consultations on your defective ASR hip implant personal injury claim.

Law Office Tel:

(800) 232-7070





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