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Ex-Sen. Fed Thompson call’s Haslam’s tort reform plan unnecessary

Ex-Sen. Fed Thompson call’s Haslam’s tort reform plan unnecessary
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A proposal by Gov. Bill Haslam to limit monetary damages from lawsuits in Tennessee is unnecessary and a jury should decide how much is awarded and not government, former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson told a House panel Wednesday.
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Program connects aggrieved workers with lawyers
Lots of workers complain about their bosses. In fact, tens of thousands of employees each year go so far as to take their concerns to the Department of Labor — more grievances than the agency can handle.
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Immigration Reform from President Obama?

by kleer001

Question by Joel W: Immigration Reform from President Obama?
Obama pledges push this year for immigration reform
Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:40pm EDT
By Doug Palmer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama tapped a top Cabinet official on Thursday to work with Congress to speed immigration reform as senators warned another failed effort could doom chances for a generation.

“Despite our inability to get this passed over the last several years, the American people still want to see a solution,” Obama told reporters after meeting with Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

“It’s going to require some heavy lifting. It’s going to require a victory of practicality and common sense and good policymaking over short-term politics,” Obama said.

Congress failed in 2006 and 2007 to pass immigration reform despite a push by former Republican President George W. Bush.

Earlier this year, Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. economic slump and soaring unemployment made it a bad time to take on the issue, which stirs up strong emotions on both sides of the immigration debate.

which stirs up strong emotions on both sides of the immigration debate.

It sure does, but Congress can’t seem to understand: it is the **Citizens** against the illegal aliens, La Raza, the Ford Foundation, The Mexican Government, the Immigration Lawyers of the United States and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

It is the **Citizens** against very, very big money that they are using daily. Citizens, of course, don’t have money supporters and this could be a massacre if we don’t get someone in the decision making chambers.

All of those lobby groups should be talking to the people of this country, and the people of this country should be telling their Congress People what to do. It ain’t going that way though: those big money lobby groups are talking to… and it IS against the law… Congress. In fact, Obama has two member of La Raza in his cabinet and holy cow.. if we don’t get someone at the table, we can kiss it good-by.

The question is this: as things now stand, do we want President Obama with his La Raza Cabinet Members, to decide how the Immigration reform will happen??? Do we want representation at the table before the process is discussed???
Tell someone.
Illegal aliens affect us all in remarkably serious ways. That means Missouri as well as California as it happens, and that link to the well being of California is very hard to understand, but most surely it is there. Mexican Americans bring a great deal to our culture while Mexican Nationals bring crime and narcotics far to frequently. One in ten does so, but they do it well, and they must be stopped because the narcotics will destroy a very great deal of the Mexican American Population. La Raza, even now, adamently supports any and all illegal aliens. But in our democratic society where we have condemned those closed smoke filled back rooms for a very long time, the decisions about Immigration will take place with La Raza still a major player in Obama’s Administration.

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Answer by ez80227
like most dems he talks more than he acts. however, hopefully we’ll impeach and imprison him for all his criminal activity including misleading the public that he’s a citizen.


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AILA Urges Support of Comprehensive Reform, but Not at the Expense of Fundamental Principles

AILA Urges Support of Comprehensive Reform, but Not at the Expense of Fundamental Principles

Washington DC (Vocus) May 17, 2007

A group of Democratic and Republican Senators announced today that their backroom negotiations over immigration reform have produced a “grand bargain.” The American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”) has emphatically supported the need to fix our broken immigration system by balancing the needs of families, employers, our economy, and our national security to make legality the norm in our country. Unfortunately, it appears that desperate times may have resulted in a cobbling of compromises, which is no grand bargain to the thousands of employers and families who will lose a voice in a hazily outlined process. AILA cannot support such a bargain.

AILA looks forward to being able to review the proposal in detail to be able to try to ascertain its true short and long term impact. In general, AILA would be opposed to a system that: (1) eliminates four out of five family-based green card categories; (2) replaces our current employment-based immigration system with a radical, untested “merit-based” point system that basically eliminates consideration of employers’ needs while at the same time eliminating labor market protections for U.S. workers; (3) fails to recalibrate current green card levels to meet the demands of our economy at both ends of the skill spectrum; and (4) bars most temporary workers from any path to permanent residence.

Any final bargain containing these four unacceptable elements would reorient our immigration system from one grounded in familial and employment relationships to one disconnected from direct ties to the U.S. and the U.S. economy. No longer would U.S. citizens be permitted to sponsor their adult children for permanent residence and no longer would employers be permitted to sponsor immigrants for actual jobs that need to be filled. Combined with the creation of a large, churning pool of “guest workers” who cannot lay down roots in the U.S., this point system raises the specter of a new tide of immigrants lacking the infrastructure and opportunity to effectively assimilate into this country.

“This is nothing short of high-risk, large-scale social experimentation. By untethering the system from its moorings to employer and family relationships, we threaten to dissolve the social fabric that binds immigrant communities,” announced Carlina Tapia-Ruano, President of AILA. “Moreover, by restricting the ability of new ‘guest workers’ to bring their families with them or transition to permanent status, we are creating a dynamic that will generate the next group of illegal residents.”

In highlighting these concerns, it would be irresponsible to lightly dismiss the historic gains notched on the positive side of this bargain: (1) an opportunity for 12 million, hard-working undocumented people in this country to earn permanent residence; (2) significant reductions in the hopelessly backlogged family categories (albeit with some arbitrary limitations built in); (3) the DREAM Act; and (4) AgJOBS. These are enormously important policy objectives, ones that AILA has pursued aggressively for many years. AILA agrees that any reasoned and rational compromise would include such provisions. But the cost of fixing the serious problems created by our broken system should not be the creation of a totally new immigration process cutting families and business out of the process and the imposition of unworkable provisions that will potentially lead to even bigger social and economic problems in the future.

AILA cannot support any final bill that contains these dangerous, untested, and economically destabilizing features. We hope that as debate proceeds on a compromise, Congress will heed the will of the American people and reform our system in a way that embraces the immigration principles upon which this country has flourished for more than two centuries. AILA will work diligently to engage Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle to vigorously address the concerns set forth above and to pass real and workable comprehensive immigration reform this year.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is the national association of immigration lawyers established to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members.

For more information call George Tzamaras at 202-216-2410 or Brooke Hewson at 202-216-2435

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Why does Obama want “demonstration projects” on medical malpractice reform?

by swilkes

Question by Obama – Wimp in the White House: Why does Obama want “demonstration projects” on medical malpractice reform?
In Texas, 2005 limits on damages in malpractice cases has led to a 27 percent decrease in malpractice premiums. An additional half-dozen states have cut frivolous suits through similar means. Obama’s decision to do yet more state testing, rather than propose legislative changes, leaves critics worrying that he has no intention of implementing nationwide reform.

So if Texas saw a 27% reduction in cost for insurance premiums. Don’t you think this would be an effective tool for this? Or are democrats so tied into the trial lawyer association that they cannot enact this in any bill or even in a stand alone bill.

Best answer:

Answer by Sadcat
Because other states have adopted the same reforms, but premiums have gone up; therefore, Obama wants to know why the reforms only have their intended effect in some states and not others.

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Medical Evidence Confirms Judge Matthews Fern Caplan Tim Possenti Orders Death of CPS Reform Grandma

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When speaking about Health Care Reform, did President Obama talk about tort reform? Is that change…?

by juggernautco

Question by KJ: When speaking about Health Care Reform, did President Obama talk about tort reform? Is that change…?
we can believe in from President Obama?

How can he be blaming health care costs on anything else? The Democratic Party is full of lawyers, so in order for Mr. Obama to really do health care reform, he would have to go against his base. Do you believe that will ever happen?

In a recent press release, stated the following “Lawsuit Abuse Facts: ”

According to a recent Towers Perrin study, the U.S. tort liability system cost each U.S. citizen $ 721 in 2001 ($ 205 billion total).
More than 40 percent of doctors reported avoiding prescribing appropriate medication because they knew the drug might be involved in litigation.
Personal injury lawyers walk away with 30-50 percent of any jury award to the plaintiff, plus an additional percentage of the award to cover expenses.
Since its widely used cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol was withdrawn from the market, Bayer is facing more than 8,000 lawsuits. The New York Times notes that at least 6,000 of those lawsuits, however, are being filed by people who did not suffer any side effects whatsoever.
Their web site state these “Fast Facts – Symptoms of Lawsuit Abuse:”

Lawsuit abuse affects all Americans on different levels.
80% of Americans say personal injury attorneys take too much of their clients’ winnings.
76% of Americans believe medical liability lawsuits threaten access to quality healthcare for families.
74% of Americans describe medical liability issue as crisis or major problem.
By 61% to 22% margin, Americans say lawsuits against doctors result in wealthy lawyers rather than improved quality of care for patients.
Lawsuit costs passed on to consumers add up to nearly $ 721 per year for every person in America today.
Because of litigation fears, 79% of doctors said they had ordered more tests than they would based only on professional judgment of what is medically needed.
It takes at least a year to resolve most lawsuits, and delays of three to five years are not uncommon. Unfortunately, injured people with legitimate claims can wait years before their cases go to trial.
An estimated $ 50 billion per year is spent on unnecessary test procedures designed only to guard doctors and hospitals against malpractice claims.
Almost half of the money spent by physician insurers goes towards defending cases that ultimately are closed without compensation paid to the claimant.
The first four answerers are saying Tort Reform is not needed! Wow… it is only 2% of health care (I wonder where you got that fact!). Even if it were true, that is still $ 5 Billion…. not much of a savings and that is why lawyers throw around that fact!!

Best answer:

Answer by Angry
The elephant is the perfect symbol for Republicans: they never forget, lead each other around by the tail, and think everyone should work for peanuts.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Immigration Lawyer – Who Could Benefit from the Immigration Reform? Who could benefit from the Immigration Reform, which according to many rumors may take place this year?Watch this video to hear the immigration lawyers answer. Top US & New York Immigration Lawyer/Attorney Brad Bernstein and his associates give free advice to callers at Immigration Link Show on Linkup Radio 93.5 FM. Immigration Link Radio Show is aired Monday through Friday, 12:00pm-12:30pm EST, on 93.5 FM in New York City Metro Area and on our website at You too can ask a free immigration question from Spar & Bernsteins attorneys by calling 1-877-320-5465 during the hours of the show. To schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, please call 1-800-LAW-LINK or 1-800-529-5465 (within USA) or 1-212-227-3636 (outside of USA). Also please visit our cool blog, Spar & Bernstein’s Law Link
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