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Pay the prisoner, save the taxpayer?

William Deverell

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William Deverell, internationally acclaimed B.C. writer, environmental activist, civil libertarian and criminal lawyer who is a multi-award-winning crime novelist with 14 titles to date and creator of CBC TV’s long-running dramatic series Street Legal.

Pay the prisoner, save the taxpayer?
In Canada, crime pays. Just not very much. That’s why there’s a movement from inside and outside of the prison walls to give Canada’s federal inmates a raise, despite stern resistance from the federal government.
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Q&A: How long can a prisoner be held before trial?

Question by serena_dee: How long can a prisoner be held before trial?
Two people I know were arrested for criminal child abuse (the 8 mnth old nearly died because of it), posession of illegal drugs, bringing drugs over state lines, selling illegal drugs, etc. The woman was bailed out, but her bf is still being held in the county jail. The two will be tried together, but plead not guilty, despite evidence and witnesses statements.

The woman keeps putting off the trial date. I don’t know what her first excuse was, but this last time her lawyer “had to be in another county,” so neither of them showed without giving advanced notice. The trial has been put off another couple of weeks, but now she’s bragging she’s going to keep putting it off for two more years.

I don’t know if they’ve waived their right to a speedy trial, but the man has been in jail since their arraignment. How much time has to pass before they’ll let him go? He could get outon bail, but no one has paid it.

Can she put off the trial that long? What will happen if she does do it?
This trial is taking place in Kentucky.

Best answer:

Answer by jglawson80
As long as it is the defendents, or one of the defendents, that is delaying things, there is little that the court can do to speed up the trial. Her boyfriend could request that their trials be separated, meaning they would be tried separately, but he would have to show cause as to why the court should do it.

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