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Coast Guard Boot Camp and How to Prepare for it!

Coast Guard Boot Camp and How to Prepare for it!
Undercover Cc: An Insider’s Guide To Surviving Coast Guard Recruit Training, written by a former Cc, details what to expect while in Recruit Training, its principles, how to excel, stay out of trouble and covers numerous insider tips and secrets!
Coast Guard Boot Camp and How to Prepare for it!

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Check Him Out!

The Worlds Best Fighting Manuals
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The Worlds Best Fighting Manuals

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New York Personal Injury Lawyers Prepare to Move In as Struggling Landlords Create Dangerous Living Conditions for Tenants

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 30, 2009

As reported by the New York Times, landlords are struggling to pay their mortgages. It’s a story being repeated throughout neighborhoods around New York, according to personal injury lawyers.

More than a financial nightmare for the owners, residents of the abandoned apartment buildings are being left in a dangerous limbo. As the landlords vacate their responsibility, buildings are being left in a state of perilous disrepair and with non-existent security. Many tenants are even being left without basic services including heat and hot water.

With conditions like these escalating, New York personal injury lawyers expect to hear from more and more tenants injured by inhospitable building conditions.

“What many landlords don’t appear to realize is that if something happens on their property, they are responsible for it and the financial consequences can be as enormous- and even more so – then the ones they are abandoning in the neighborhoods around New York,” personal injury lawyer David Perecman explained.

A landlord has a duty to keep the apartment and the building fit to live in. If a tenant can show, for example, that a trip or slip and fall was a result of a hazardous condition like a broken stair, and the landlord either knew or should have known of the problem, the landlord can be held responsible for the tenant’s injury. As explained by New York personal injury attorney Perecman, this also means that the landlord must do the things agreed to in your lease, including doing all necessary repairs.

Many of these landlords bought their buildings in recent years when the real estate market was booming. Now, the unstable situation is growing because those same landlords are struggling to make mortgage payments. They don’t have the thousands of dollars they need for building repairs either. Left unchecked, poorly maintained buildings not only threaten the health and safety of the people living there, they threaten to destabilize entire blocks.

If a person is injured due to a hazardous condition on someone’s else’s property, in New York or elsewhere, they should see the advice of an experienced personal injury or slip and fall lawyer right away.

About David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC:

For the past 25 years, the New York personal injury lawyers, construction accident, auto accident and medical malpractice lawyers at The Perecman Firm, PLLC have championed all types of cases for personal injury. David Perecman, founder of the Firm, is the past Secretary of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) and a chair of its Labor Law Committee. Mr. Perecman’s achievements have brought him recognition as an Honoree in the National Law Journal’s Hall of Fame, in New York Magazine’s “The Best Lawyers in America” and The New York Times Magazine “New York Super Lawyers, Metro Edition”.

The Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients. Among the more recent victories, Mr. Perecman won a million verdict* for a construction accident, a .35 million dollar verdict** for an automobile accident, and a million dollar structured settlement for medical malpractice.

*later settled while on appeal for .940 million

**later settled for .5 million

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Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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