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I just got a misdemeanor hit and run on a parked car, what should I expect?

Question by Marco: I just got a misdemeanor hit and run on a parked car, what should I expect?
I didn’t know I commited hit and run when the actual event happened. I was at a packed mall with no parking spots, then I tried to park in a space that was too small and I got on the curb so I backed out (I didn’t noticed I hit anything.) My friends who were infront of the parking spot noticed the whole thing, they honestly didn’t even noticed I hit a curb, let alone hit a car.

It wasn’t till I left and my friend told me I might have hit a car and after that I noticed a scratch on my car. After that I rubbed the couple of scratches out with my bare hands. I just learned after I gave my statement to the police that my friend said he saw some woman who wasn’t even the owner of the car go crazy when I did I backed out of the spot and rubbed up against another car and she got my license while I was driving away (because I didn’t drive away like a madman because I didn’t think I did hit and run.)

The officer said he got me on security cam and said I tried to back out like a madman but I told him my friend was infront of me and when I was backing out I hit the curb and said “oh shit” I tried backing out all retarded on the curb (I assume this is when it happened) then a car behind me got on my right up on my backside (because he was probably trying to park in my spot because it was crowded) and I started honking at him. The officer comfirmed I satyed there in that spot for a while after I hit the other car.

Anyways I did noticed later that I had hit a car but between the time of the incident and the time the cop went to my house it was like within 1 hour to 90 minutes. I had a prior permanent scratch in the same area the officer said I hit the car, and when he came he was gun ho that I did it and he wanted me to confess to things I was uncertain about or else he would take me to jail. At first I wasn’t honest about me rubing out the scratch but after he put me in his car and admited to the whole thing honestly and he still didn’t accept it. He wanted me to say I knew I hit the car and that’s why I backed out like a madman or else he would take me to jail. So I told him what he wanted to hear, but that the part about knowing I hit the car at that moment was a lie, its not what happened it’s just what he wanted me to say. I also exagerated how much I cleaned up the scratches because he didn’t except I did with my hand. I said I cleaned it with a rag at my friends house, which is a lie. At one point I told him I felt he was entraping me because I told him everything and he was still threatening me that I was going to jail unless I told him “the truth.”

I was able to rub off my damage, the officer showed me the other car, it looked like paint damage to me but he said something about chipping off some piece of plastic on the bumber (and paint damage.) It was a mercedez benz he told me (it was big though in the picture, I think maybe it’s a SUV but I don’t know.)

I admit I noticed later I had hit a car and I had some time to go back and inform the driver so I admit to hit and run but I don’t like the way the officer treated me the whole time. Like I said I had to lie about how it happened just so he wouldn’t take me to jail.

He gave me a misdemeanor hit and run (california). It’s vehicle code 20002(a) hit and run. The other vehicle’s damage is seriously paint but the officer said some bumber piece fell off.

So knowing this info here are my questions to you.

1. Should I get a court appointed attourney, or represent myself? I’m not getting a lawyer because I know most DUI lawyers are theives and don’t really help you out.

2. I’m trying to get into law enforement (not as a cop), so how bad does this affect me in the application process?

3. I have a spotless record, so what’s the chances I might g
Just to clarify if I were to get a PA it would probably be a cheap specialist, hence why I said DUI lawyer.

Best answer:

Answer by Conor
You never want to try and handle a case yourself. Do you honestly think you know the law better than a Prosecutor who has been to law school? Obviously not. You’ll want an attorney. I’d recommend getting a public defender as this is a pretty straight forward case and PD’s are quite good at handling these types of cases. Don’t waste your money on a private attorney.

Make sure you keep in touch with your friends in case they have to testify for you.

You won’t go to jail. You’ll probably get your license suspended, have to pay restitution for the damage to the vehicle, and probation at most. This is a very low level misdemeanor and is going to take place is misd. traffic court.

Let your attorney handle the ins and outs of the law, as well as how it can be handled.

Good luck.

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