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How should legal separation papers be served?

Question by Tonia: How should legal separation papers be served?
My “husband” filed legal separation, his lawyer sent them through the normal mail, not certified. He knows exactly where I live and has my address and send me a $ 100 check every month. Is this a legal way to serve me. He is in New Mexico and I moved to Washington State he has several family members who live up here if that matters. He is in the military and I have heard the military doesn’t recognize legal separations? Is this true? Thank you for your help.

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Answer by honeybee89
Well it depends if the papers are notarized. But no I don’t believe that’s legal. and as for the military not recognizing legal separations this is absolutely true, my soon to be husband is going through this too with his ex wife, he’s been legally separated from her for over a year and has been trying to get the divorce moving ahead but can’t get her to do anything on her part so in order to serve her with papers he had to go through a lot of hoops, especially through JAG and she has 3 months to respond, if not it needs to go to the court. I hope that helps!

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Should I wait after my probation ends before my immigration lawyer can file my papers for a spousal petition?

Question by vincentpjimenez: Should I wait after my probation ends before my immigration lawyer can file my papers for a spousal petition?
My lawyers says i need to wait after my informal probation ends, then they can file the petition for me (I-130, I-485). I got married to my wife who is a US citizen and I was convicted of shoplifting on Jan 8, 2008. the 2 year informal probation ends on Jan 8, 2010, and my lawyer says that we should file the papers after Jan 8, 2010. Why are they delaying this? What problems might arise if I file the petition asap? I know there is a “petty offense exception” law and my case falls under this because it is a single offense, the maximum possible jail time was 6 months only, and I did not do actual jail time. Please advise I don’t want to waste money anymore. I have made a lot of consultations with different lawyers around 12 maybe and all of them say that its not a problem as long as its a single petty offense, and we just have to sign a waiver. But when I actually hired a lawyer, this lawyer all of a sudden told me to wait after my probation before they can file my papers to the INS. I will not be able to work for 1 year because I dont have a work permit, and my papers will definitely be delayed. I am thinking of getting another lawyer who is more specialized in this area and firing my current lawyer. My current lawyer says they can file it right now, but i will have to sign a waiver that if the outcome is bad (deportation) that they will not be responsible for it, because the lawyer can lose his license. Please advise.
I am here legally up until Jan 1, 2009, when my H-4 visa expired. I got arrested on Oct 25, 2007 while I was still in status.

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Answer by Lawenforcer
Wow, is our system broke, you steal and stay….great!!!

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Q&A: If I was involved in an accident & my lawyer did me wrong, can I sue him? I’ve already signed papers.?

Question by kennahvc2007: If I was involved in an accident & my lawyer did me wrong, can I sue him? I’ve already signed papers.?
I was injured in an automobile accident when my daughter & I were out on Mother’s Day (2008). The other driver was faulted for the accident & I was the passenger in my daughter’s little Kia Spectra. We were T-boned on the passengers side & my head was slammed into the seat belt adjusting mechanism as well as my back was twisted (I later found out that I had an annular tear with few treatment options if any). I was promised by my attorney that his firm had a doctor who would see me with or without insurance & he later said that the doctor no longer accepted patients w/o insurance. My injuries were never treated (after I left the ER) but I did keep an accident journal of what the injuries caused me on a daily basis. When I asked my lawyer if he had received the updated copy of my journal, he said “YES”. How could he, I never sent it?
He also made the settlement proposal without first discussing it with me, he asked for the $ 2,000.00 Med Pay that was available on my daughter’s insurance coverage, why not the Med Pay coverage from the person at fault? My lawyer also became a doctor over night & told me that he felt that further medical attention for my injuries would not help my case due to the fact that I had a previous condition (brain tumor) and that this would more than likely be used against me. It didn’t matter that I was honest about that fact up front & it didn’t matter that the side of my head that was slammed into the seat belt adjusting mechanism, was on the same side as the surgery to remove that tumor and that since, I have not had a day where I I haven’t had to take prescription pain medicine just to try to dull the pain. The injury site was right on the plate that is in my head.
Throughout all of this, I continued to care for my terminally ill mother & she was hospitalized on the 21 of January (2009) & passed away on the 25. Believe it or not, it was during this time that my lawyer called me to let me know that the insurance company of the man at fault had submitted an offer & I was strongly advised to take it. I felt as if I didn’t accept this offer, I would be compensated at all. This, based on what my lawyer said to me.
We met today and against my better judgment, I signed papers and One of them was the $ 2,000.00 Med Pay check made payable to me from my daughter’s insurance provider, my lawyer said that it was to go to pay the medical bills & that he would pay them. Am I out of luck just because I signed those papers? Is there anything that I can do go after the lawyer for misrepresentation or misconduct or something? He never sent me to a doctor and he lied about receiving the updated journal & he made proposals without consulting with me and he advised me (indirectly) against further medical attention and he went after my daughter’s Med Pay instead of the one who was faulted for the accident.
What can I do now? Do I continue with my accident journal? Help!
I honestly feel as though my lawyer has taken advantage of the fact that I have just lost my mother. He never once called me, I always had to call him. His call finally came the day after I lost my mother and I had called to check the progress of my claim. After he found out about my mother, I had a settlement offer in 2 days. does this sound suspicious?
My daughter just reminded me that my lawyer also failed to contact Kia due to the fact that the side impact air bags did not deploy. I did inform him of this in our initial meeting.
I can appreciate your response to my situation but can you appreciate the stress of the situation that I was in at the time in which he finally contacted me? I was the sole caregiver for my mother, responsible for 2 households, a full time college student, constantly in & out of I.C.U. with my mother while trying to survive college & life and then I had my mother pass away. I am aware of the reputations that many believe lawyers have earned and many would say that I found the “cream of the crop” in the one I ended up with, but is there nothing that one can do when they have been taken advantage of in such a disrespecting manner?

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Answer by Ron Burgundy
Sounds like you might be out of luck. You can try consulting another lawyer but it sounds like it’s over.

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Why would I be served “civil papers?”?

Question by my $ .02: Why would I be served “civil papers?”?
Tonight I found a note on my door from a county constable saying they need to serve me “civil papers”. I have no idea what this would be about unless it has to do with our bad credit. Our home is in the process of a mortgage adjustment, but we’re not in a bad place with our bank. We have retained a bankruptcy lawyer to deal with credit card debt (after six months of unemployment). It seems unlikely that it is related to that, however, since we have not received any threatening letters, emails or phone calls. My name is common, and I’m even wondering if it’s a mix-up. Definitely unsettling!!

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Answer by Pat
Someone is suing you.
It’s a civil matter, not criminal.

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