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Aussie Comedy Film Nominated for United Nations Media Peace Prize

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) September 12, 2004

An Australian comedy short film The Ball that recently screened on Australian TV Network Ten as part of the “Just for Laughs” comedy series has been nominated by the United Nations for a Media Peace prize.

The short stars veteran Australian actor Max Gillies (“Gillies Report”) as a cricket loving Prime Minister Howard and Australian comedienne Gabby Millgate (“Babe Pig in the City”, “Muriel’s Wedding”) as a soccer loving boat person who washes ashore in Australia. The nomination is reportedly the first time a short film, and additionally a comedy short film, has been nominated for the award.

The film is the brainchild of Anny Slater, a Melbourne raised Sydney entertainment lawyer who wrote and directed the film, and who with fellow producers Lily Hamdan and Serafina Froio, has steered the film to success at more that 60 international film festivals since its release in April 2003 including the short listing at the 2004 Oscars as best live action short film and screening at The Hamptons and San Francisco Film Festivals. At San Francisco, the film was a finalist for best short film selected by a panel headed by international director Milos Foreman (“Amadeus”). It also played at the Santa Fe Film Festival alongside such films as Nicole Kidman’s “The Human Stain” and at the Montreal Comedy “Just for Laughs” Festival with Carl Reiner’s film “The Man with Two Brains”.

The St Johns Film Festival, Canada said of the film “…a sign of artistic maturity is the ability to look at the world with razor-sharp wit…. The Ball is a hilarious homage to and critique of Jane Campion’s The Piano, …. In a few brilliantly crafted images, The Ball manages to score major laughs of recognition, as the mute heroine, Ada, travels to New Zealand to meet her new husband with her Scottish terrier and her soccer ball. Mistaking refugee-challenged Australian Prime Minister John Howard for her husband, Ada must deal with his strange demands and the loss of her precious ball. Need we say more?”

Ms Slater said, “The Ball is a kind of ‘natural response’ for me to the distressing Australian and international events of the last 2 years. Comedy is most often the most effective method of highlighting serious issues. I’m just glad it translates to audiences locally and in other countries so they can laugh today and think about the underlying issues tomorrow.”

The Media Peace Awards will be announced in October 2004

For production stills, further information or interviews, please contact Anny Slater on +61 (0)411 283 776 or .

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South Florida DUI Attorney Randy Goodis has been Nominated by his Peers Again

Randy Goodis, Esquire

Hollywood, FL (Vocus) September 7, 2010

DUI attorney Randy Goodis, once again has been nominated in the South Florida Legal Guide as a Top Up and Comer. This is the fourth consecutive year Mr. Goodis has earned this honor. When asked how he felt to be given this prestigious title, Mr. Goodis replied, “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by my colleagues in such a competitive field. This is especially satisfying knowing that these honors are bestowed upon lawyers by their peers. From what I am told about this publication, you can only be nominated by the other top lawyers in South Florida. So I am being judged by the best of the best and it is nice to know that they feel I am worthy of being among them.”

Mr. Goodis grew up on Miami Beach. He attended high school at Western High School in Fort Lauderdale where he played on the varsity tennis and football teams and graduated as a member of the 1986 class. He then went to Boston University, graduating with his major in Broadcast Journalism in 1990. He then attended the University of Miami Law School and graduated in 1993. Wanting to get trial experience, Mr. Goodis joined the Public Defender’s Office in Seminole County Florida. During his time there, he never lost a trial. His next endeavor took his fort five miles west on I-4 to Orlando, Florida where he starred as a young Assistant State Attorney in the DUI division. After six months in downtown Orlando fighting crime, he was promoted to run the Osceola County DUI Division. “Those are the days I look back on fondly”, Mr. Goodis reminisces. He then moved back to South Florida, and shortly after became a named partner in a boutique DUI law firm. After seven years, he opened up his own criminal firm. This south florida DUI attorney has been flourishing in his practice since 2004.

Mr. Goodis travels the state representing those who have been charged with crimes ranging from DUI to manslaughter. He is the DUI attorney Miami has gotten to know. Mr. Goodis has represented high profile defendants, including athletes from the NFL, NHL and various universities. One of his most memorable clients was a reality tv star that found himself in need of a DUI lawyer Miami trusts. Mr. Goodis also concentrates his practice in Fort Lauderdale and is known as a premier Broward County DUI lawyer. He has been practicing in Broward County for the past sixteen years and is familiar with the inner workings of the local system. Mr. Goodis prides himself in being a DUI attorney Florida defendants should contact when they are facing lengthy jail sentences, thousands of dollars in fines, numerous years of probation, endless classes, and a criminal record.

In the DUI filed, many people ask Mr. Goodis what to do after an arrest. Florida has some of the harshest DUI penalties in America, and that is why Mr. Goodis says it needs to be your number one priority to obtain experienced counsel who specialize in the DUI field. After being arrested, Florida DUI laws call for immediate suspension of the driver’s license of the person who was arrested. This person must immediately hire a lawyer to file for a formal review of their driving privileges. As long as the license was valid prior to the arrest, they will be allowed to drive with the DUI citation serving as their license for ten days. This ten day license is equivalent to the normal driver’s license and does not carry any restrictions. Once the attorney files for the formal review, they will obtain a temporary driver’s license that will be valid until the date of the formal review hearing. This hearing must be held within thirty days of the filing date. Mr. Goodis personally uses this thirty day window to review the probable cause affidavit and any other discovery involved to make a determination whether or not subpoenas should be issued for the officers involved in the arrest. Mr. Goodis will order the 911 tapes and any videos involving driving patterns and field sobriety exercises. If the attorney wins this hearing, the driving privileges of the defendant are reinstated as if this never happened until the criminal case is decided. If the hearing is lost, the defendant will not be able to drive on a first DUI in which a breath test was taken for thirty days. This is considered hard time. Once this time is completed, they may obtain a hardship license for the balance of six months. If the defendant refuses the breath test, the hard time will be ninety days and the hardship period will be for one year.

Attorney Goodis knows that he is at the cut off age for being a Top Up and Comer in this prestigious publication. If he is chosen by his peers again, he will be listed in the Top Lawyers in South Florida category. When asked if he thinks he will be nominated to be part of this select group of lawyers he said, “I guess we will have to wait until December to see. I am still trying to find out if I can vote for myself”, he says jokingly.


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Abney Garsden McDonald Nominated for National IT Award

Eclipse Legal Systems

(PRWeb UK) September 20, 2010

Specialist law firm, Abney Garsden McDonald, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2010 BCS UK IT Industry Awards. The BCS (formerly British Computer Society) is the Chartered Institute for IT with a 70,000 strong membership, and aims to promote wider social and economic progress through valuable use of IT in all walks of life and sectors.

The 2010 UK IT Industry Awards are the benchmark for excellence in IT, and will culminate in an awards ceremony at the Battersea Park Events Arena in London on Thursday 11th November. Abney Garsden McDonald has been nominated in the ‘Small Business Project of the Year’ category for its development of a case management system in the field of child abuse claims.

The practice uses Eclipse’s Proclaim software system and has utilised its integrated toolkit to develop a bespoke system uniquely tailored for this area of work. The system manages group and class actions, and is able to link together the often extremely complex information required to bring successful cases against individuals and / or care homes.

Peter Garsden, Partner at Abney Garsden McDonald, comments on the project:

“We are committed to helping the victims of abuse claim their legal rights and find whatever legal remedies are available to them. We are the largest dedicated team of specialised lawyers in this field in the country, and include several of the UK’s leading abuse litigation lawyers.

“The importance of a resilient and intelligent IT system in this area of work cannot be overstated. Using Proclaim we have been able to bring about successful outcomes in the most complex of cases, some with history going back 40 years or more. We have been able to do this within one seamlessly integrated system, driving maximum value in terms of reducing our administrative overhead. To be nominated for a national IT award is testament to both Proclaim’s power and our dedication in building a uniquely bespoke system for this vital area of work.”


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