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Life Magazine May 21, 1965 — Cover: Klan Defense Lawyer Matt Murphy Reviews

Life Magazine May 21, 1965 — Cover: Klan Defense Lawyer Matt Murphy

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Peter Clitheroe Suffolk “n” Cool with Entertainment Lawyer Todd Murphy

Peter Clitheroe, host of the independent music podcast Suffolk “n” Cool talks to Music and Entertainment Lawyer Todd Murphy about the podcast and getting new music to people worldwide. Todd caught-up with Peter at the famed Rockwood Music Hall on New York’s lower east side during CMJ 2010.

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Texting and Driving Kills — Dr. Frank Ryan’s Death While Texting and Driving is a Warning says Craig Murphy, Esq.

Las Vegas accident and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 19, 2010

On August 17, 2010 Dr. Frank Ryan, famous Hollywood plastic surgeon, died when his Jeep plunged off of a cliff near his Malibu beach home. News sources widely report that he was texting while driving. People Magazine reports that his texting while driving caused him to accidentally drive over a cliff and plunge to his death. The Los Angeles police, according to People Magazine, told Dr. Ryan’s family that at the time of his death, Dr. Ryan was sending a Tweet about his dog.

For months and months Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy of Murphy & Murphy Law Offices has been warning people not to text and drive. Even Oprah Winfrey has taken on the cause by making a number of public information commercials warning of the dangers and tragic results of texting while driving. Now we have another example. Hopefully it will cause people to stop and consider the dire consequences of texting and driving.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently requested that physicians tell their patients not to send text messages or use their cell phones while driving. In the New England Journal of Medicine doctors were asked to advise patients against texting and using cell phones while driving the same as they warn patients against smoking or supporting the use of seat belts.

At the same time that the New England Journal of Medicine article was published, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved the Distracted Driving Prevention Act. The Distracted Driving Prevention Act provides incentives to states with distracted driving regulations. According to the Senator who co-sponsored the bill, “It’s a proven fact that distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and injuries every year.”

The Distracted Driving Prevention Act did not stop Dr. Ryan from texting while driving. Will Dr. Ryan’s death serve as a warning of the dangers of texting while driving to all drivers? Probably not.

The dangers of texting while driving should be apparent to everyone. Yet every day people can be seen texting while driving. The apparent dangers and laws prohibiting texting while driving do not stop people from doing it. Maybe the tragic death of this famous plastic surgeon can serve as a warning and cause people to stop texting while driving.

Take a minute to let the facts of Dr. Ryan’s death sink in. A famous doctor plunges to his death while Tweeting about his dog. What was so important about that text message that it had to be done while he was driving? Why couldn’t it wait until he got home? He was only minutes away from his house. This is a case of a tragic death that could have been prevented because common sense was ignored. The rules of the road that apply to everyone were ignored and had a tragic ending. Dr. Ryan’s tragic death begs the question why people think that their texts are so important that they and anyone else in their social network cannot wait to hear the latest bit of trivia in their lives and they text while driving. Texting while driving has severe and tragic consequences. This is a prime example. There was absolutely no reason that the text message could not wait. Dr. Ryan gambled his life and lost. All for a text about his dog.

According to Las Vegas accident attorney and injury trial lawyer Craig Murphy, Esq. “It does not matter what your text is about. It cannot be worth risking your life and the lives of all the other people around your car.” Craig Murphy, Esq. advises “Do not text and drive. Text when you get home. If it is so important that it cannot wait, pull off the road. Park in a parking lot. Just do not text and drive.”

If you or a family member has been injured by a distracted driver, someone who was texting or using their cell phone instead of paying attention, call Craig Murphy, Esq. at Murphy & Murphy Law Offices in Las Vegas today. Craig Murphy and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices sues distracted drivers, drunk drivers and impaired drivers for the injuries and damages they cause. In addition, we believe that the injuries and damages caused by distracted drivers, drunk drivers and impaired drivers are so significant that punitive damages are also warranted in these situations. You can contact Craig Murphy, Esq. and Murphy & Murphy Law Offices at 702-369-9696 or through their web site at

Craig Murphy, Esq. also wrote a book, The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Nevada Car Crash Cases, to educate Las Vegas auto accident injury victims about their rights when they have been injured in a Las Vegas accident. The book is a practical self-help guide that fully explains the insurance claims procedure for someone who has been injured in an accident in Las Vegas. The book provides forms and step-by-step explanations. In addition, the book provides useful information on how to pick the right attorney for an accident or injury case. Craig Murphy, Esq. says that “hiring a lawyer is one of the most important decisions a person can make. It will affect every aspect of their case.” According to Craig Murphy, Esq. a great deal of care and consideration should be given to the hiring of a lawyer or attorney. The injured person of his or her family should hire a lawyer with a proven track record of success in the courtroom. The lawyer also has to be someone with whom you can work on a close basis with because the case may go on for a number of years.

Murphy & Murphy Law Offices provides The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Nevada Car Crash Cases to Las Vegas residents at no cost to them. To obtain a copy of the book, interested people should contact Murphy & Murphy Law Offices at 702-369-9696, go to the Murphy & Murphy Law Offices web site at, or go to and request a copy.


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