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Miami criminal lawyer Robert E Abreu
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Florida Accutane Class Action Trial Lawyer Spencer Aronfeld Lectures at U Miami Law School

Spencer Aronfeld University of Miami School of Law (1991) lectures at the Mass Torts Law Society today regarding his experience representing individuals in the Chinese Drywall, BP Oil Spill and Accutane class actions. He is joined by Tony Shawl the president of the MTLS and students of the University of Miami School of Law.
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Civil lawsuit? Going to court? The Dolan Law Firm is here to aggressively represent you all the way through the legal process to verdict. With offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and Oakland, Chris Dolan offers a proven history of litigation success. Schedule a free consultation to learn more. Visit us
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Miami DUI Defense Lawyer – Attorney Jonathan Blecher – Drunk Driving Defense – #10

Please visit my website at: Jonathan Blecher, Miami DUI Lawyer Florida has some of the toughest DUI Laws in the United States. If you have been charged with Florida DUI or any state or federal criminal offense in Florida, the decision about who you hire to represent you is critical. You will be putting your freedom and your future into the hands of a lawyer whom you may not know anything about. The law firm you choose for your case is probably the most important decision in your life right now. If you are looking for an experienced and professional Miami DUI Lawyer, Florida DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer consider Jonathan Blecher, Criminal Defense Attorney. Jonathan Blecher is a Miami DUI Lawyer, Florida DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer based in Miami, Florida. He has defended over 2500 DUI and suspended license cases since 1982. He knows Florida DUI laws from serving as an Assistant State Attorney, his service on the Florida Bar committee which writes DUI and traffic court rules, and over 25 years of Criminal Law experience.Allow Jonathan Blecher the opportunity to demonstrate to you how his experience as a Miami DUI Lawyer, Florida DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you. We offer a no charge, no obligation consultation. Time is of the Essence! Current Florida DUI Laws provide for an immediate suspension of your license upon arrest, in most cases. You only have 10 days to file an appeal of this suspension so you must act quickly. What are the

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Miami Trial Lawyer, Spencer Aronfeld tries to feed his clients in Peru

Spencer Aronfeld shows the chaotic scene at cafeteria outside the courthouse in Lima, Peru.

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Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

by Cheryl Bowman

Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Home Page > Law > Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protect Your Rights & Freedom With Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

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At Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, you will find more than an effective, experienced defense attorney who will aggressively and affirmatively represent you. Your case will benefit from the collaboration of six criminal defense lawyers with more than 175 years of combined experienced. Founded in 1977, for 30 years we have defended clients charged with the full range of state and federal crimes. From domestic violence to murder, from weapons charges to securities fraud, from DUI drunk driving to money laundering, from drug charges to public corruption charges, from juvenile offenses to racketeering, we have the negotiation skills and trial and appellate experience you need.

If you are under investigation, if you have been arrested, if you have been charged, or if you have been convicted, start now to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future with Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer team. At our South Florida criminal defense law firm, we answer the phone when you need us most. That means we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Partner’s Profile –


Mr. Robbins’ achievements as a criminal defense lawyer also include outstanding results in post conviction matters. His success stories have been repeated in cases through the United States including New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia, Louisiana and Montana.


For the past three decades as a miami criminal defense attorney, William R. Tunkey has repeatedly won acquittals and dismissals of the most serious criminal charges in literally hundreds of cases. He has obtained these acquittals, dismissals and other successful outcomes in every type of criminal case, including white collar fraud, medicare and medicaid fraud, drug conspiracies, racketeering and violent crimes such as homicide, murder, robbery or rape.


Mr. Ross. excellence as a criminal defense attorney has been consistently recognized by his peers. Mr. Ross has received Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating (.AV.) every year since 1978.


Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert G. Amsel has, for over 25 years, dedicated his legal career to handling criminal and forfeiture matters in state and federal courts throughout the United States.


David, a miami criminal defense lawyer, has acquittals that include a wide variety of felony cases in matters such as armed robberies, armed sexual batteries, trafficking in narcotics including the representation and acquittal of members of the law enforcement community.


A Miami Criminal Appeal Lawyer for more than 20 years, he is one of few certified by the Florida Bar as a Criminal Appellate Specialist.  


Joseph E. Nascimento is the newest addition to the Miami based criminal defense firm of Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman, P.A. Mr. Nascimento’s practice concentrates exclusively on the defense of criminal matters across the state.

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Henry Funk
About the Author:

At Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman, our entire legal practice is focused on protecting the rights and aggressively defending people charged with state and federal crimes. We are one of the nation’s largest and most sought-after criminal defense law firm with highly experienced Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys.


Questions and Answers

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My friend in Mexico has been denied a US VISA twice now, someone at immigration suggests an i-192 for her … from this article hardly sounds right for her. No criminal record. Should she get it?
Why on earth do lawyers try to help criminals even though they know they’re guilty ?
I got my first dui and i want to fight it the problem is i cant afford a lawyer and you are right about public defenders they dont care what is my best bet & if i need a lawyer how do i get a cheap…

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Why Should I Choose David Edelstein As My Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Why Should I Choose David Edelstein As My Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer?

John Gilliaml
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Miami Florida Lawyers and Medicare defense Attorney

Attorneys of Robin Tunkey Ross have served Miami community at large by providing their defense support to criminal and Medicare cases. Criminal and Miami Medicare fraud attorney have handled various cases successfully.

Henry Funkl
Dec 16, 2009

Miami Defense Lawyer From Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman

Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman is a Miami Florida Criminal Defense Law Firm. If you are faced with Florida criminal charges that are backed by the formidable power of the government or the State of Florida or the United States Department of Justice, you can depend on the criminal defense legal team at the law firm of Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman in Miami, Florida.

Jack Authorsl
Dec 04, 2010

Miami Criminal Defense Attorney: Research Well!

Getting arresting for any kind of criminal activity is definitely a painful situation for anyone. It can simply distract your personal, professional, emotional, and psychological life. Furthermore, getting a criminal record or getting your name registered in a police station may land you in a serious trouble.

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View of Criminal defense

Crime is basically breaking of the legal rules and the laws of the state upon which the concerned legal and governing authority ultimately orders a punishment, which can be in the form of a fine or even a sentence of some duration.


Dec 17, 2010

Miami Criminal Lawyer

Modern life can be riddled with so many complexities, and one of the things that you need to have all the time is a good legal service. When times are hard and you are facing law suits you need to have good hands ready to handle your case to ensure that justice is delivered for you on time.

Muneeb Ahmedl
Nov 21, 2010

Florida Criminal Lawyer From Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben, & Waxman, P.A

Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben, & Waxman, P.A. provides provide aggressive and competent legal defense to criminal charges in State and Federal courts. The firm’s lawyers have continued to specialize in the defense of criminal cases and its members include board certified criminal trial lawyers and board certified criminal appellate lawyers.

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Feb 14, 2011

The Role Of A Participation Agreement In Collective Enfranchisement

This article looks at some of the nuts and bolts of collective enfranchisement, namely the role of a participation agreement and its use within the process. It sets out the reasons why an agreement is required and the information it ought to contain.

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Family Court Judgments Against a Father’s Parental Rights Are Illegitimate

The fundamental right to parent your child is an unalienable right – one for which our country was formed to secure. It can’t be denied to you unless the full constitutional due process is invoked to prove you ‘unfit’. Here’s what it means and why the family court judgments are illegitimate.

Shane Flaitl
Mar 10, 2011

Look for NJ divorce lawyers who can empathize with your needs

Going through a divorce is probably one of the touchiest situations you can face in your life. In a way all of it seems a little less painful when you don’t have kids but when you do, the pain is magnified. After you and your partner have decided you need a divorce, there is no other way about it. owever what you can do to make the ordeal less traumatic is by hiring the right NJ divorce lawyers. So what does right mean? The term right has to encompass all the qualities you are looking for in a d

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New Jersey divorce lawyers – different needs, one solution

Divorce as we all know is a painful period for everyone involved. When you are filing for divorce, one thing that you are very mindful of is to not to inflict any of the pain on your loved ones. Children invariably experience the struggle to divide their affection between the two parents. There is not much you can do about this except hire professional New Jersey divorce lawyers who are capable of handing the situation while respecting yours as well as your family’s sentiments.

Ryan Kopeckyl
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Child Support NJ – Understanding the Law

A divorce case becomes more complicated when there are issues of child support, custody or visitation involved. Much like most other family courts in the country, even the New Jersey courts also very strongly favors the divorcing parents to work out an amicable agreement that is in the best interests of their children. Ideally, it is the parents who have to work out an agreement. However, if this is not possible, then the court intervenes and works out an agreement with the parents that is in th

Ryan Kopeckyl
Mar 10, 2011

Small Claims Processing Download-Small Claims Processing Scam

This exciting company which has a never-ending supply of clients in need of aid. Billions of bucks of court awarded funds judgments go uncollected. Strangely sufficient, the court isn’t in the company of enforcement. There is no debtors prison.

Dusin Heathl
Mar 10, 2011

The Way In Which A Debt Recovery Solicitor Functions

This article is about commercial debt and also exactly what a debt recovery solicitor is able to do in order to help you obtain back income that’s owed to you.

Joanne Robinsonl
Mar 10, 2011

Help From Specialist IP Solicitors

Last year you had a brilliant, innovative idea for an invention. You consulted IP Solicitors and now the new invention has been created. So, it’s time to patent it.

Tim Bishopl
Mar 10, 2011

Home Of Antique Print & Map Company And Decorator Art

Antique Print Club is the home of Antique Print & Map Company and Decorator Art. Our two separate virtual galleries contain fine and rare original Antique Prints and Antique Maps, or Decorator Art classic-style reproductions.

Henry Funkl

Arts & Entertainment>
Mar 08, 2010

The Convenience Of Online Training

At one time it could often be awkward for employers to arrange cover for staff whilst they went away to do their training. Employees could be gone for quite a while and it was not always possible to organise an adequate amount of cover in their absence. And if you were talking about a business in the catering industry, then managing without them could be quite a challenge.

Henry Funkl
Food and Beveragel
Mar 06, 2010

Buying The Right Display Stands

Exhibition display stands are a fantastic way of showing your products to potential clients. They are modern, convenient and extremely impressive. If you choose to have them emblazoned with a slogan then it will not go unnoticed.

Henry Funkl
Mar 04, 2010

Beds For Children

Children can be hard to bed shop for at times, so here is a guide to the types of bed that you may like to get for your children. All of them are available in a single bed size, perfect for youngsters.

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Keeping Cutlery In Good Condition

Cutlery is all too easy to chip, tarnish, pit or just get water marked. It is important that you know some basic rules in order to keep your cutlery in the best possible condition that you can manage.

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Sociopolitical Corporate Risks For 2010

The year of 2010 has brought a great amount of optimism to the business community, but are we, as both an economy and as individuals really in the green. With the new president of the USA promising to promote and support the economy many people would be led to believe that the economy is finally raising back to the level it once was. However, in order to see the true picture we must look at the socialpolitical risks.

Henry Funkl

Feb 26, 2010

Professional Auto Glass Repair & Replacement With Windshield Repair In Miami

Professional Auto Glass Online offer high quality windshield replacement / windshield repair and car window replacement / car window repair from our trained auto glass technicians who look forward to meeting your customer needs.

Henry Funkl
Feb 18, 2010

Worldwide Supplier Of Industrial Yarn, Staple Polyester & Polypropylene Fibres

Fiber Partner is the global supplier of staple fibres in polyester, polypropylene & bicomponent – high tenacity yarns in polyester and nylon – Plastics in PP resin & PET bottle flakes. We know how to give our customers the best quality at the best price by combining reliability, service, and quality with new ideas, technology, and innovation.

Henry Funkl
Feb 18, 2010
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At Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Robbins, Tunkey, Ross, Amsel, Raben & Waxman, our entire legal practice is focused on protecting the rights and aggressively defending people charged with state and federal crimes. We are one of the nation’s largest and most sought-after criminal defense law firm with highly experienced Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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Miami Medical Negligence Lawyer Boca Raton Slip Fall Attorney Florida Panter, Panter & Sampedro, PA is a family-oriented law firm ready to handle your negligence case. If you need help with issues like medical malpractice or slip and fall, call today. Miami, Florida. 800-PANTERLAW.
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Kenneth J. Allen featured in a special Fox News Investigation, Drug Abuse Among Truck Drivers.
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