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New Website Makes Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Less Expensive

New Website Makes Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Less Expensive

Jacksonville, Florida (Vocus/PRWEB) December 16, 2010

A new website is making it a little easier and much more affordable for residents to get a divorce in Jacksonville, Florida. The website lets users file for an uncontested divorce in Florida for a low flat rate. These services are available in Jacksonville and throughout all 67 Florida counties.

For those looking for a divorce, the new online service from Jeff Miller’s law firm, Miller Law Associates, offers two basic options: 9 for an uncontested divorce where no children are involved, and 9 for an uncontested divorce with children. Court filing fees are to be paid separately.

So, just what can users expect to get when they use First of all, the website is much more than a do-it-yourself divorce filing service. When users sign up, they get step-by-step assistance through the entire divorce process from the team of experienced divorce lawyers and the support staff behind this online service. The team at Divorce ensures all paperwork is properly prepared, filed on time, and presented to the applicant’s judge.

The client does not have to attend court, so the process can be relatively quick and painless. Most final judgments are issued by the court within 30 days of filing.

Additionally, the website keeps clients updated throughout the entire divorce filing process. Clients can easily login to the website, view their “Status” page, and see any notes about their case. This helps the client stay informed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on this affordable, convenient alternative to hiring a Jacksonville, Florida divorce lawyer, please visit Divorce Yes today.

About the Miller Law Firm and

Miller Law Associates is a Florida divorce law firm with offices located in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. New offices are being planned for Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Managing attorney Jeff Miller has been practicing law as a trial lawyer in Florida and throughout the United States since 1980. His practical in court experience, brings a wealth of experience to those needing divorce representation in Florida. All Florida divorces must be obtained in court. The purpose of the divorce website,, is to ease the burden of divorce on families and to get the process completed as quickly as possible at a fair and affordable price. For more information, please visit


Vocus©Copyright 1997-2010, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Boston Legal – A little less conversation

Boston Legal set to Elvis Presley. :) What more can I say?
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Divorce Lawyers ? To Make It A Little Less Messy!

Divorce Lawyers ? To Make It A Little Less Messy!

Divorce Lawyers – To Make It A Little Less Messy!

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Home Page > Law > Divorce Lawyers – To Make It A Little Less Messy!

Divorce Lawyers – To Make It A Little Less Messy!

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Posted: Apr 09, 2010 |Comments: 0



A wise man once said – wedding is just an event, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Getting married is one of the most important occasions of a person’s life, and people look forward to the day they find true love and get married. While a good number of marriages last through for a lifetime, there are quite a few which collapse midway. Now, that midway could even be within a few months! While no man or woman wishes that their marriage fall through, it is an unavoidable situation in most couples’ lives. Some people decide to stick together irrespective of whether they are compatible or not, and a great number of couples decide to call it quits.

Divorce is never a happy event – though it may appear to be to a few people – and unless handled right, it leaves a scar which will remain all through the person’s life. That is where divorce lawyers come in.

Our legal profession has several specializations and one such key area is divorce. While some lawyers handle all kinds of cases including divorces and settlements, there are a lot of them who decide to specialize in handling divorce cases, and they are doing a big service to the society by bearing that burden. Being a divorce lawyer is never easy. While most legal disputes arise because of money or property (which again is money), divorce is an issue wrought with emotions, and handling emotions is a real sensitive act. The best divorce lawyers transcend their professions and become true counselors to mankind. It is true that more divorces are settled in lawyers chambers than in courtrooms – and by settlements, we don’t just mean the financial kind. Thousands of couples approach lawyers each day to apply for divorce, and only a few of them manage to get through unscathed.

Though the decision to go in for a divorce is taken in a jiffy, the decision of hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is one which should be thought over carefully. A lawyer who is not well versed with the processes and complexities that accompany divorces will only make a mess of things. There have been too many divorces which got screwed up along the way just because both parties did not take care to get good divorce lawyers.

So we come to the right question – how do we identify the right kind of divorce lawyers? Everyone knows that we are over populated with lawyers and wherever we look, we will find a lawyer or two staring down at us – whether in person, from hoardings, or from the TV. Each one says they are the best, but divorce is too messy an event to take a chance. That is where online directories come in – especially those which have user-reviews incorporated. Since online directories are a dynamic medium where information can be updated in real time, we won’t need to worry whether the phone numbers and addresses are current or not – like in a yellow pages directory. The best online directories also allow users to leave comments and reviews on listings – including for divorce lawyers – and you can read up on a few reviews to ensure that you engage the services of one who suits your requirements the best. For instance, you can choose a person of a similar age group so that empathy is high, or you can choose a lawyer who specializes in property settlements during a divorce if you expect property to become an issue during separation.

Once you zero in on the divorce lawyer you want to hire, make sure that you get all transparent with him / her. Hiding things from your divorce lawyer is not going to help, and not disclosing all information will only lead to embarrassing moments in front of the judge. Make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities – especially if you have kids and you expect them to be paraded through court. If that is the case, better to settle the divorce out of court so that the kids are spared of the bad experience.

Divorce is any day sad. Choosing the right divorce lawyers will make it a little less messy than it could get, and that is the best one could hope for in the situation.

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(ArticlesBase SC #2126989)

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Jeffrey Lake
About the Author:

Jeffrey Lake writes several articles about legal issues. Visit for more information or to find the highly respected divorce lawyer and DUI lawyer.


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Husband has full custody of children. Been separated for 24 months. wife is 3 months pregnant with another man`s child. husband paying lawyer for divorce. how long does it take with the new law
Im trying to fill out divorce papers gotten from my court house that you fill out yourself then submit back to them having a little trouble
Do all lawyers make a lot of money ?

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How to contest will, Contesting wills from Willclaim Solicitors

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Jack Authorsl
Dec 24, 2010

Divorce Lawyers – To Make It A Little Less Messy!

A wise man once said – wedding is just an event, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Getting married is one of the most important occasions of a person’s life, and people look forward to the day they find true love and get married. While a good number of marriages last through for a lifetime, there are quite a few which collapse midway.

Jeffrey Lakel
Apr 09, 2010

Dui Lawyer, Dui Lawyers

DUI refers to Driving under the Influence. This is a term that is used by many states for being legally intoxicated or impaired while driving a motor vehicle. In certain states DUI is also referred to as DWI which means Driving While Intoxicated. The threshold for legal intoxication is when breath test or urine test or a blood test registers a blood alcohol content of 0.08%. DUI is considered as a very serious offense.

Jeffrey Lakel
Apr 09, 2010

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Jeffrey Lake writes several articles about legal issues. Visit for more information or to find the highly respected divorce lawyer and DUI lawyer.

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Sales Training Giving You More Sales In Less Time

Sales Training Giving You More Sales In Less Time
Our clients learn how to make more sales while they sleep. Featuring 43 different automated sales training lessons, this is the place to be if you are searching for a product for sales people, or have a list targeted to those wanting to increase sales.
Sales Training Giving You More Sales In Less Time

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(PRWEB) September 9, 2000

There is far to much law for those who can afford it and far to little for those who cannot. No one can be satisfied with this state of affairs. The cost of hiring a lawyer and the mysteries of the legal process discourage most people of the modest means from trying to enforce their rights.

Statistics show that one out of every two Americans will need the advice of a lawyer in the next twelve months. The flood of lawsuits in the U.S. and Canada is rising, and the need for legal assistance for the average working family is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. Legal bills can be just as catastrophic as medical bills and happen just as frequently.

Nearly two thirds of the legal situations faced by moderate income households are not finding their way to the justice system. Most Americans do not seek legal help with legal needs because they feel it will not help and that it will cost too much. Other reasons are they feel they can handle the problem on their own, that a lawyer’s involvement will not help, and they do not know how to find a lawyer.

In 19995, 85.8 million lawsuits were filed in the U.S., an avereage of 235,068 per day, 9794 per hour, 163 per minute, and nearly 3 per second. In the next twelve months, the odds are greater that you will be in court than in the hospital. Statistics show that 70% of all Americans do not have a will!

As you can see the need for quality Pre-Paid Legal Plans is here and whether you have an individual or a group membership, your satisfaction with our service is our number one priority. We’ll be there when you need us. So will our nationwide network of thousands of licensed, practicing attorney’s. After all, service is our only business – and you desrve the best.

Pre Paid Legal Services is an publicly traded NYSE COMPANY, which has been in existance since 1972 and has been featured in major publications such as FORBES, U.S.TODAY, MONEY MAGAZINE and SUCCESS MAGAZINE. Pre Paid Legal Services can provide you and your family the legal protection it deserves when ever the need for legal assisstance might be needed, for only a month or less in some states. If you would like to obtain more information about our services, or would like to purchase one of our membership plans, please visit our website at: or call:

(504) 809-1938

Again, please visit:

(504) 809-1938

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Divorce Mediation Lawyer: The LESS EXPENSIVE & Fastest Way to Get a Divorce & Save your children!

Want to get a faster, saner, and far more affordable divorce in New Jersey: Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Ocean & Monmouth County? Experienced divorce mediation and collaborative divorce lawyers are the answer! Learn about the mediation process, the benefits of mediation and how to choose a mediator. Both the mediation and collaborative divorce processes are faster, far more affordable, less stressful, and more dignified alternatives to litigated divorce using a divorce attorney. AND both alternatives avoid litigation AND your children do not become casualties!; http
Video Rating: 4 / 5 804.897.1515 Whether it is divorce or custody issues, the attorneys at Hall & Hall, PLC try to keep the interests and goals of the client first and foremost. Call the firm in Midlothian, Virginia.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

11 comments - What do you think?  Posted by - October 3, 2010 at 9:14 pm

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