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What kind of education do lawyers learn about? What types of lawyers are there?

Question by James Y: What kind of education do lawyers learn about? What types of lawyers are there?
And obviously, dont’ answer with “they learn about the law.”

I’m just wondering about the things lawyers do…ANYTHING at all about lawyers (including any emotional results you or someone you know experienced, because of being a lawyer).

In the past, and presently, being a lawyer always appealed to me, but I have no idea why, considering I know almost nothing about it.
Also, if there is a recommended level that lawyers should be at (by level I mean a bachalor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD, etc), how many years would it take to reach it?

Best answer:

Answer by mj69catz
You seem interested in a lot more than what you are asking, so if you like to do research, check out this site:
It has links to different things that lawyers learn about, you can find out different types of law, and check out what you should be doing if you are interested in a career in law.

Lawyers have so many different things they do, that they learn different things. Something they all learn is how there are different interpretations of the law, and how to research, and how to make a point.

All law students in the US are required to have a Bachelors and generally require 3 years of law school.

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