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New York Construction Attorney Recognized by Leading Lawyer Sources

New York Construction Attorney Recognized by Leading Lawyer Sources

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 15, 2008

For David Perecman, New York construction attorney, the courtroom is his realm. Within its walls there is no option but to win his construction accident cases – a very good reason why he has, in a single year been recognized as a leading personal injury lawyer in New York by four primary sources for individual attorney recognition–the New York Law Journal, SuperLawyers, Lawdragons, and The Best Lawyers in America®. The founding partner at Perecman & Fanning, a New York personal injury firm handling all types of serious injury cases, Mr. Perecman has achieved particularly notable results within the field of his expertise, construction accident cases. His impeccable track record in construction accident law speaks for his talents as a litigator. “The easy part is complete and thorough preparation. The more difficult part is the ability to present things in the courtroom in a non-lawyer like fashion, to be a regular guy, and someone to whom jurors can relate. If they like you and trust you, they will be more inclined to decide a case in your client’s favor,” he says.

His successful jury verdicts have taught him that personal injury lawyers that try their clients’ cases will often get better results than if they’d settled. Mr. Perecman refuses to fall prey to the underlying fear of loss that prevents some personal injury lawyers from going to trial. Instead of highlighting a case’s potential problems as a rationale for accepting a settlement, Mr. Perecman sees each potential liability in his client’s cases as a double-edged sword. Most problems when treated with his disarming trademark humor can be turned around and used against the defense. Take, for example, construction accident cases in which undocumented aliens are injured on the job, a point oft-highlighted by the opposing counsel when attempting to prejudice the jury against the victim, and one Mr. Perecman has addressed numerous times. “When you’re standing up on a scaffold 70 feet off the ground for /hr, you’re boss calls you hard-working cheap labor. After you fall and break up your body, NOW you’re an illegal alien. When juries hear that, they get angry at the defense for even having brought it up.”

His lack of hesitation to try a construction accident case coupled with his formidable track record is a weapon in itself, and his adversaries’ knowledge of this likely course towards the courtroom tends to produce better results. As Mr. Perecman puts it, “I tell the defendant point blank, either pay me or beat me. Some choose to pay, others–well–there are always appeals”.

Recognizing his professional and civic duties, Mr. Perecman is involved politically, having testified as the Secretary of the New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association and as a Chair of the Labor Law Committee before New York State Assembly committees about the topic of height-related worker safety as well as having met with the Mayor Bloomberg’s task force assigned to inquire into the recent rise in construction accidents, specifically scaffold-related deaths. He also authors related articles, lobbies for consumer protection and worker safety and lectures personal injury lawyers and court personnel regarding construction accident law.

About Perecman & Fanning

For the past 25 years, the New York personal injury lawyers at Perecman & Fanning have concentrated on complex construction accident legal issues, as well as championing all other types of personal injury cases. Perecman & Fanning have recovered over million in verdicts and settlements over the past year alone.


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Winning Legal Strategies for Tax Law: Leading Lawyers o

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NEW Defense Strategies for Drug Crimes: Leading Lawyers

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Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence: Leading DUI Defense Lawyers on Utilizing Expert Witnesses, Understanding Chemical and Field Sobriety Testing Procedures, … Trial Strategies (Inside the Minds) Reviews

Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence: Leading DUI Defense Lawyers on Utilizing Expert Witnesses, Understanding Chemical and Field Sobriety Testing Procedures, … Trial Strategies (Inside the Minds)

Understanding DUI Scientific Evidence is an authoritative, insider s perspective on the evolving technologies and procedures associated with the evidence of DUI charges. Featuring partners and shareholders from some of the nation s leading law firms, these experts guide the reader through the key stages and steps involved in successfully defending a client accused of driving while under the influence. Emphasizing the ability of an attorney to help their clients weigh their options and select the best course of action, the authors discuss the most important considerations when developing a strategy based around scientific evidence, including utilizing an expert witness, understanding the prosecution process, interpreting chemical and field sobriety test results, and researching the latest DUI technologies. From explaining options to clients and analyzing the costs associated with DUI defense to predicting the upcoming changes in DUI law, these top lawyers examine the challenges of working with DUI scientific evidence as well as how best to keep on top of new developments. The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great legal minds of today, as these experienced lawyers offer up their thoughts around the keys to navigating this ever-changing area of law.

Inside the Minds provides readers with proven business intelligence from C-Level executives (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) from the world s most respected companies nationwide, rather than third-party accounts from unknown authors and analysts. Each chapter is comparable to an essay/thought leadership piece and is a future-oriented look at where an industry, profession, or topic is headed and the most important issues for the future. Through an exhaustive selection process, each author was hand-picked by the Inside the Minds editorial board to author a chapter for this book.

Chapters Include:

1. Linda M. Callahan, Principal, Callahan Law – “Client Defense: Overcoming DUI Scientific Evidence”

2. Donald John Ramsell, Managing Partner, Ramsell, Armamentos & Klis LLC – “DUI Attorney: Both Lawyer and Scientist”

3. Lawrence E. Wines, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Wines Law Offices LC – “DUI Scientific Evidence, Scientific-Medico Legal Defenses, and Practice Tips: What DUI Lawyers Need to Know”

4. Victor W. Carmody, Owner and Senior Partner, V.W. Carmody Jr. PA – “Success is a Lifelong Work in Progress”

Appendices Include:
Appendix A: What is a DRE and What is DRE all About?
Appendix B: Things You Want from the Crime Lab (Discovery Request)
Appendix C: More on DRE and Studies on DRE
Appendix D: Police Officer s Observations Science and Defenses
Appendix E: The Science behind Field Sobriety Tests
Appendix F: Conditions Effecting SFST Performance, Defenses, Non-Alcohol Causes of Nystagmus, and Non-Standardized Field Test
Appendix G: Chain of Custody, Lab Sample Handling, and Sample Storage Issuees
Appendix H: Driving While Drugged and Related Issues
Appendix I: Gas Chromatography Gold Standard and Quality of Chromatograms and Other Error in Gas Chromatographic Procedures
Appendix J: Scientific/Medico-Legal Defenses in Alcohol Testing
Appendix K: Hospital Tests are Generally Different than Crime Lab Testing Procedures
Appendix L: Retrograde Extrapolation and the Rising Alcohol Defense
Appendix M: First Conference Questionnaire
Appendix N: Investigation Outline
Appendix O: Request for Discovery
Appendix P: Expert Witness Introductory Questions
Appendix Q: DUI Preliminary Investigation Questionnaire
Appendix R: DUI Intake Questionnaire

List Price: $ 150.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0314979670″]

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NewWest.Net Presents Conference on Real Estate and Development in the Northern Rockies, Oct. 25-26 in Missoula, Mont.: Leading Developers, Financiers, Architects, Attorneys and Policy-Makers Highlight Event; Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics, Jerry Sorensen of Plum Creek Timber Among Keynotes Speakers

MISSOULA, Mont. (PRWEB) September 19, 2007

    “Growth and real estate development is the biggest industry in the Northern Rockies – and also one that has a tremendous impact on the land and the nature of our communities,” said Jonathan Weber, CEO and publisher of NewWest.Net. “The aim of this conference is to understand the dynamics of the development business, and to foster the conversations that will enable growth to happen in the most positive way possible.”

The conference will feature more than 40 speakers and panelists. Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics – who at last year’s conference predicted many of the recent developments in the real estate market – will once again kick off the event. Jerry Sorensen, director of land asset management at Plum Creek Timber Co., will discuss how the company views its enormous land holdings in Montana.

Mary Sexton, head of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, will talk about water issues, and attorneys Alan McCormick and Michelle Bryan Mudd will discuss land use law. Ed Wetherbee of Missoula’s Old Sawmill District, David Hale of Boise’s Linen District, John Carroll of Carroll Investments in Portland, Dennis Glick of the Sonoran Institute, Paul Johanssen of Great Northern Ventures in Whitefish, and Nick Kaufman of the WGM Group will be among those presenting innovative development projects. Renowned architects Don MacArthur and Lori Ryker will show some of their visions for the future.

The lead sponsors for the event include Farmers State Bank, the Missoula Organization of Realtors, First American Title Holding Company, ANB Financial, Bitterroot Resort, and the WGM Group. Supporting sponsors include Alpine Granite Accents, Bitterroot Economic Development District, Five Valleys Land Trust, The Maverick Group, Montana Associations of Realtors, Montana Water Trust, O’Berry Cavanaugh and the Washington Companies. Media sponsors include the Flathead Beacon, Sun Valley Online, and

The conference will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn conference center in Missoula. The two-day program includes two luncheons and a reception Thursday evening sponsored by Farmers State Bank. It will end Friday afternoon with a “big picture” discussion that will include writers Gary Ferguson and Peter Stark.

Continuing education credits will be available for real estate agents, attorneys, insurance agents, and, pending approval, architects and planners. For all the details on the event, including pricing information, visit NewWest.Net/conference or call 406-829-1725. A limited number of press passes will be available for qualified press.

Attendees are encouraged to register by Friday, Sept. 21 to save almost 25% off the admission price.


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Galbally]: The Autobiography of Australia’s Leading Criminal Lawyer

Galbally]: The Autobiography of Australia’s Leading Criminal Lawyer

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Veteran Internet Executive Joins Leading Bail Bonds, Criminal Attorneys And Private Investigators Directory

(PRWEB) December 15, 2004 the leading online directory and resource center for Bail Bondsman, Criminal Lawyers, Private Investigators, and Bounty Hunters, today announced the addition of Joseph Caroni as Brand Manager of is the premiere resource for information on the web about the bail bond and legal process. The company is committed to making it easy for consumers to find a quality local bail bondsman, immigration bond agent, criminal attorneys, defense attorneys, or private investigators. In addition they provide marketing, web development and other consultative services to the Bail, Legal and Private Investigator industries.

Joseph Caroni is a veteran internet executive with extensive experience in online marketing and operations. His duties as Brand Manager for include the management of the day to day operations of the company as well as assuming responsibility for all marketing / sales initiatives.

“I am ecstatic to join the team and help maximize the experience for our users as well as our clients.” said Joseph Caroni. “The growth potential for the company is huge, and the territory ahead, is largely untapped. To this end I will actively add new distribution channels such as, the latest addition to the AboutBail network.” was launched in 2003 and is the most aggressively and effectively marketed directory of its kind on the web. Their mission is to provide an outlet where people in need can easily find help anywhere at anytime.

“At we strive to provide the highest quality experience for our users in their time of need. This demands world class advertisers, employees and technology.” said Adam Camras, CEO, of “The addition of Joseph Caroni to the team is keeping with that tradition.”

To Browse the Directory or to learn more about the Bail Bond, Legal, or Private Investigative industries please visit


Joseph Caroni

12335 Santa Monica Blvd. #300

Los Angeles, CA 90025

T: 866.411.BAIL (2245)

F: 310.231.4357


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