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Andrew Thomas shows lack of Law Knowledge Its no secret that David M Cantor, a Phoenix DUI Lawyer, has issue with how Andrew Thomas conducted himself as Maricopa County Attorney. We have posted a few videos regarding this. Today David talks about Thomas’ response to the “legitimacy of the State Bar of Arizona’s case to have him disbarred”. Thomas is arguing that “the state Bar’s independent investigator, John Gleason” is not qualified to handle the case since he is not licensed to practice law in Arizona. He also argues that the Supreme Court’s probable-cause panelist, former Chief Justice Charles Jones, went beyond his authority by recommending that Thomas be disbarred. If you have watched our Blog before you may have seen our video on Pro Hoc Vice. In that video David explains how Lawyers can practice law in any state whether they are licensed for that particular state or not. This is how OJ’s dream team was brought together. So it seems that Mr. Thomas is confused about how that part of the law works. His statement about Chief Justice Charles Jones going too far in his recommendation of disbarment for the former Maricopa County Attorney. So the body responsible for ruling on a lawyers disbarment cannot make the recommendation? That is another odd interpretation of Law Mr. Thomas. It will be interesting to see how this progresses now that Thomas has formally filed against the State Bar complaint. He is due back for hearings on April 14 along with his two former deputies, Lisa Aubuchon and
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Orlando Criminal Lawyer Richard Hornsby is asked by Fox 35 reporter Shannon Butler to discuss the likely success of Jose Baez’s attempt to have the prosecution removed from the case.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Immigration Services Firm Pro-Link GLOBAL Appoints Sophy King Director, Knowledge Management

Immigration Services Firm Pro-Link GLOBAL Appoints Sophy King Director, Knowledge Management

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2010

The Pro-Link GLOBAL Group, a boutique Corporate Global immigration services and Visa firm is proud to announce a tremendous addition to the team. Sophy King joined the team in April as Director, Knowledge Management. She is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Pro-Link GLOBAL works with a variety of clients and provides support for US immigration lawyers.

Sophy has an international background herself and has lived in many of the countries she offers guidance on. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Oriental Studies (Chinese) from Cambridge University in 2000, Sophy then spent two years on assignment in Japan. She has lived in Moscow, Russia; Vienna, Austria and Qingdao, China. A multi talented linguist, Sophy speaks Mandarin, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Russian she is uniquely gifted to help Pro-Link GLOBAL’s mission to provide support for relocation companies and US immigration lawyers who do not offer global immigration services themselves.

Sophy joins Pro-Link GLOBAL from a major global immigration services company and has worked in the global immigration field for the last seven years. Sophy specializes in the EMEA region, though her extensive experience also covers the Asia Pacific and Americas regions.

As noted by Andrea Elliott, Senior Global Immigration Lawyer with Pro-Link GLOBAL, “It is a rare event, that an accomplished linguist and immigration services expert, like Sophy King, comes along. Pro-Link GLOBAL, is honored to have her country expertise and wealth of client implementation knowledge on our team.”

Sophy has distinguished herself within the industry; she has published several articles on global immigration issues and is a frequent speaker on immigration trends and hot topics. Sophy will continue authoring and publishing articles and publishing industry updates via the electronic news media delivered to our clients titled “Global BRIEF” and the Blog established as a “go to” resource for those in the know at

At Pro-Link GLOBAL, which is the only visa and immigration services firm, where all employees are Six Sigma Certified, Sophy will use her wealth of immigration expertise for the benefit of our staff and clients to help provide support for US immigration lawyers. Her role is also to provide customized consultations to our clients on complex topics all the while ensuring that our firms’ broad global immigration services knowledge is refined and clearly documented in line with ISO Standards. Pro-Link GLOBAL is proud to be a leading niche provider of high touch concierge visa services



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what constitutes “actual knowledge” in the legal sense (in regards to harassment under Title IX)?

Question by simpleguy: what constitutes “actual knowledge” in the legal sense (in regards to harassment under Title IX)?
I am looking for the definition of the legal term “actual knowledge” from someone who does know what it means (law student, paralegal, legal librarian, lawyer, pre-law student, someone involved in performing duties which requires that they understand what this involves, etc.) Obviously if this was important rather than just out of curiousity I would pay $ 30-50 and consult a lawyer.

To be more specific, this is in regards to the liability under Title IX for student on student sexual harasment, one of the requirements to prove the institution has “actual knowledge” of the alleged harassment. Does this mean they must be shown irrefutible evidence (i.e. surveilance video, photo, staff actually witness the event, etc.) or is the word from any source sufficient? Is it sufficient from any “witness” or does the source have to be “trusted”? Is pure speculation sufficient? Does “actual” just refer to a specific incident (date,time, place,etc.) rather than broad accusation? Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by gomanyes562
All the questions you asked would be considered by the jury, and it would be up to them to decide whether or not the subject had “actual knowledge”. The standard of proof would depend on the type of case. In a criminal case, it would have to be “beyond a reasonable doubt”, and in a civil case it wouldn’t necessarily.

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Q&A: For lawyer’s with copyright knowledge?

Question by supahfly111: For lawyer’s with copyright knowledge?
Can I put another company’s name on my t-shirt with a different concept? For example, French Connection UK puts “FCUK” on their t-shirt. I want to make a funny t-shirt saying “Well then, FCUK you too!” Can I actually do that legally?

Best answer:

Answer by Terry
No. FCUK is a trademark. This isn’t a copyright issue. You cannot legally use a trademarked symbol without permission (except in certain circumstances, such as a comparitive advertisement, or a review. In those cases, you must include the trademark or registered mark symbol as appropriate).

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prepaid legal signed up without my knowledge?


Question by Justin H: prepaid legal signed up without my knowledge?
I have a question on prepaid legal services. An “ex” freind signed me up without my knowledge. I just got the packet today. Canceling of course, my brother is an attourney, why would I need this.

I have a question, on the enrollment membership form do you know if there is a signature line? If she forged my signature I want to know about it. If anyone has one and can scan it I’d appreciate it. I can’t seem to find the brocure online she showed me once before I told her I wasn’t interested.

thank you
I’m not asking about the law or ID theft I’m asking about the form in particular, I know who signed me up…specifically I’m asking about the form and if there is a signature line. If there is a signature line then she had to have forged it and I can go after her.

Best answer:

Answer by donkey hotay
Any contract requires a signature…..but then if you have a brother who is an attorney, why ask us?

if you did not sign it…..some one did…..

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