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Casey Anthony: Judge Declares Statements Admissible Criminal defense lawyer Richard Hornsby speaks with WESH 2 News reporter Bob Kealing about the importance of Judge Perry’s ruling that Casey Anthony’s statements will be admissible against her at trial.
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ABA TECHSHOW Chicago, Illinois Judge Nimrod Chapel and Attendees

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Minn. judge at center of power in NFL talks

Minn. judge at center of power in NFL talks
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – U.S. District Judge David S. Doty enjoys a good cigar and a good argument. The man in the middle of the epic legal fight between NFL owners and players is an 81-year-old, take-no-bull ex-Marine with a reputation for presiding over a tight but genial courtroom.
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Minn. judge at center of power in NFL talks
U.S. District Judge David S. Doty enjoys a good cigar and a good argument.
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John Edwards lies low, but that won’t last
With the possibility of federal charges over his past campaign activities, John Edwards may be about to re-enter public view.
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Judge OKs evidence in federal case

Judge OKs evidence in federal case
SPRINGFIELD – The legal landscape is looking markedly different for drug defendant-turned-criminal defense cause celebre Jimmy Roman Rosario.
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Some homeowners, who can afford the mortgage, still default as a strategy
Some homeowners, who can afford the mortgage, still default as a strategy
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Medical Evidence Confirms Judge Matthews Fern Caplan Tim Possenti Orders Death of CPS Reform Grandma

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Q&A: Juries, legal ethics, clients, and reporting stupid things to the judge.?

Question by lil_boy_as: Juries, legal ethics, clients, and reporting stupid things to the judge.?
I work for a lawyer and sometimes I go down to the courts with him to take notes and things.
This old guy starts talking to me in the elevator and says, “Don’t worry, there’s no way we’ll convict your guy.”

I look at him a little funny, because I don’t know who this guy is! He goes, “I’m on the jury.” TURNS OUT HE IS! He comes outta nowhere and starts talking to me because he recognized me from the trial.

I hear this and start choking on my pepsi, (grabbing lunch in recess) he starts patting me on the back, because I can’t breathe. I ask him again, “You’re the jury, the so and so jury for the robbery case up in Common Pleas Criminal Division?”

So I explain to him that I appreciate what he was trying to do but that now I have to go to the judge because it’s not legal for lawyers to talk to jurors during the trial outside of court. It’s especially bad when you do it “in secret.” I explain I’m sure it’s not his or anyone else’s fault but DAMN IT. They were going to let him go! I had to report it because if I didn’t I’d never be allowed to take the bar and my boss would be disbarred for jury tampering. DAMN IT THEY WERE GOING TO LET HIM GO!

Mistrial…. Do over from the beginning….

Naturally the client is pissed off. The judge and (somewhat more reluctantly) my boss said I did the right thing but come on! I did it because I didn’t want to get in trouble/disbarred or whatever, but how stupid is this? One juror can’t keep it to himself so my client has to go through all this crap all over again. I guess I understand having a high standard to make sure juries aren’t tampered with but this is just…

What do you think?
I guess so JP. But I do hope the judge at LEAST takes it into consideration if the next jury doesn’t let him go. I mean this is borderline double jeopardy. Sure sure, it’s not technically double jeopardy, I know. But he’s still gotta face a whole ‘nother jury! He was gonna be freed….
I guess if I had to go to the judge all over again I would. But, damn it, my client didn’t do it! The jury was gonna let him go and I just don’t think it’s fair to him…. He should get something to make up for it somehow.
Paul R:

Points well taken. The judge had no discretion in the jurisdiction and the statutes combined with the case law expressly dictated the result under any reasonable interpretation. I don’t blame him; I can’t.

But even if I agree with everything you say, and I do, its still screws over an innocent man by putting him through it all over again. I run across a lot of guilty people in my line of work. This one really didn’t do it and its not just me saying that. I hope in the judge’s mind, that he remembers that this happened, screw for my sake, for the poor bastard that didn’t do it…. He’s the one I have to look at. It feels like he should get something for this.
Marko: Don’t get me wrong. I immediately knew what I had to do and I did it. I will do what the law says I have to do, but I think the law is wrong here. I have to follow it; I don’t have to agree with it.

I think the law should be changed. I think it should matter if the lawyer or the juror initiates the conversation (intent). I think the remedy might be adjusted (getting rid of the juror rather than mistrial if he was at fault). We disqualify jurors and replace them with alternates for other things, if the juror’s the issue, let him go, if the lawyer’s the issue, “let him go….” (discipline)

Best answer:

Answer by J P
You did the right thing. Had it come out later, you would have been screwed along with your client.

Give your answer to this question below!

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