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Robert Aronov, New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Offers Tips for Those Involved in Holiday Car Accidents

Jamaica, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2007

Nothing can douse the holiday spirit faster than being involved in a car accident, especially one in which you or a loved one is injured.

Yet, iced roads and too much holiday drinking too often do lead to accident and injury. For those who become accident victims, Robert Aronov & Associates, a leading New York personal injury law firm, offers these common sense suggestions.

1.    First and foremost, seek immediate medical treatment. Too often, accident victims delay seeing a medical professional because they hope their aches will go away by themselves or because they don’t want to take the time out of holiday festivities to get a proper medical evaluation.

But sometimes serious injuries do not immediately present due to the shock and disorientation that follow an accident. The best precaution is always to be evaluated by a competent medical professional.

2.    Neither accept nor assign blame on the spot. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is no time to try and make clear-headed evaluations of who did what. Often “fault” does not become evident until a third-party, trained investigator can consider all the facts.

Accident victims should cooperate to the best of their ability with on-scene law enforcement personnel. But stick to the facts as you know them, without assigning those facts value judgments such as whose fault you think the accident was.

3.    Get to know and trust a personal injury lawyer before you ever need one. The immediate aftermath of an injury-related accident is not an ideal time to go “shopping” for an attorney. Look for an experienced lawyer who will fight to protect all of your legal and financial interests. It might be wise to keep the name of the attorney and law firm in your vehicle with your insurance papers.

4.    Do not discuss a “settlement” of your injury claims without first consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are your advocates who will ensure that you do not forfeit your legal rights by settling prematurely with insurance companies or those who have caused your injuries.

5.    Drive defensively. The best way to deal with an injury accident is to avoid it in the first place. Remember to leave extra space between your car and others in inclement weather. Be extra careful at intersections, where other drivers may not be able to stop on iced roads or may run lights due to in-car distractions. And, of course, never drive after you yourself have been drinking. Even if you are not legally drunk, alcohol may slow your reaction times.

For more information on how to select a competent personal injury lawyer, contact Robert Aronov & Associates, with five convenient offices in Queens, Brooklyn and New York City. You may phone 718-206-1555 or visit the firm’s site at


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Non-Reportable, No-Insurance, Worked between parties involved “Car Accident” Affidavit Assistance???

by Dallas SEO Firm

Question by Need Help With “?” & A: Non-Reportable, No-Insurance, Worked between parties involved “Car Accident” Affidavit Assistance???
One of my family members have gotten in an accident (fender bender) and have asked me to type up a simple affidavit specifying that after payment of body work (property damage) that they cannot sue for any further damages, whether property, physical or mental. Anyone know of any simple paragraph to best put this in writing without resorting to a lawyers astronomical fee? Any links or online direction would be great, even better a simple reply with the paragraph to best cover what is needed.

Best answer:

Answer by D
It won’t work. It will not hold up if someone wants to sue you for damages. PS: The answer below mine is 100% WRONG.

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Q&A: If I was involved in an accident & my lawyer did me wrong, can I sue him? I’ve already signed papers.?

Question by kennahvc2007: If I was involved in an accident & my lawyer did me wrong, can I sue him? I’ve already signed papers.?
I was injured in an automobile accident when my daughter & I were out on Mother’s Day (2008). The other driver was faulted for the accident & I was the passenger in my daughter’s little Kia Spectra. We were T-boned on the passengers side & my head was slammed into the seat belt adjusting mechanism as well as my back was twisted (I later found out that I had an annular tear with few treatment options if any). I was promised by my attorney that his firm had a doctor who would see me with or without insurance & he later said that the doctor no longer accepted patients w/o insurance. My injuries were never treated (after I left the ER) but I did keep an accident journal of what the injuries caused me on a daily basis. When I asked my lawyer if he had received the updated copy of my journal, he said “YES”. How could he, I never sent it?
He also made the settlement proposal without first discussing it with me, he asked for the $ 2,000.00 Med Pay that was available on my daughter’s insurance coverage, why not the Med Pay coverage from the person at fault? My lawyer also became a doctor over night & told me that he felt that further medical attention for my injuries would not help my case due to the fact that I had a previous condition (brain tumor) and that this would more than likely be used against me. It didn’t matter that I was honest about that fact up front & it didn’t matter that the side of my head that was slammed into the seat belt adjusting mechanism, was on the same side as the surgery to remove that tumor and that since, I have not had a day where I I haven’t had to take prescription pain medicine just to try to dull the pain. The injury site was right on the plate that is in my head.
Throughout all of this, I continued to care for my terminally ill mother & she was hospitalized on the 21 of January (2009) & passed away on the 25. Believe it or not, it was during this time that my lawyer called me to let me know that the insurance company of the man at fault had submitted an offer & I was strongly advised to take it. I felt as if I didn’t accept this offer, I would be compensated at all. This, based on what my lawyer said to me.
We met today and against my better judgment, I signed papers and One of them was the $ 2,000.00 Med Pay check made payable to me from my daughter’s insurance provider, my lawyer said that it was to go to pay the medical bills & that he would pay them. Am I out of luck just because I signed those papers? Is there anything that I can do go after the lawyer for misrepresentation or misconduct or something? He never sent me to a doctor and he lied about receiving the updated journal & he made proposals without consulting with me and he advised me (indirectly) against further medical attention and he went after my daughter’s Med Pay instead of the one who was faulted for the accident.
What can I do now? Do I continue with my accident journal? Help!
I honestly feel as though my lawyer has taken advantage of the fact that I have just lost my mother. He never once called me, I always had to call him. His call finally came the day after I lost my mother and I had called to check the progress of my claim. After he found out about my mother, I had a settlement offer in 2 days. does this sound suspicious?
My daughter just reminded me that my lawyer also failed to contact Kia due to the fact that the side impact air bags did not deploy. I did inform him of this in our initial meeting.
I can appreciate your response to my situation but can you appreciate the stress of the situation that I was in at the time in which he finally contacted me? I was the sole caregiver for my mother, responsible for 2 households, a full time college student, constantly in & out of I.C.U. with my mother while trying to survive college & life and then I had my mother pass away. I am aware of the reputations that many believe lawyers have earned and many would say that I found the “cream of the crop” in the one I ended up with, but is there nothing that one can do when they have been taken advantage of in such a disrespecting manner?

Best answer:

Answer by Ron Burgundy
Sounds like you might be out of luck. You can try consulting another lawyer but it sounds like it’s over.

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What are the steps involved for terminating your lawyer? (Worker’s Comp)?

Question by JESSIE G: What are the steps involved for terminating your lawyer? (Worker’s Comp)?
lawyer hasn’t contacted me in 2 months after my numerous attempts to reach him. I haven’t recieved a Worker’s Comp. check since June 5th.( ” They say I missed doctors appt. so they stopped them) and at their request I saw another doctor on Aug. 4 who declared me Temp. Disabled.

Best answer:

Answer by dh1977
How do you fire your lawyer? Call him and tell him he’s fired.

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I was involved in an auto accident. On the traffic report it says he failed to yield to my vehicle.?

Question by gen3benz: I was involved in an auto accident. On the traffic report it says he failed to yield to my vehicle.?
He was sited for 2 tickets. No licence and failure to turn safely.
It has been over 3 weeks and his insurance company is still “investigating”
They told me I could be charged with storage fees and an abondonment fee for the place THEY had it towed.
How do I win this claim and is he 100% at fault?
Any accident lawyers out there?


Best answer:

Answer by dodge man
your not liable for any of this at all ,don’t let them intimidate you ,id get back in touch with them ,and make sure they know that you haven’t forgot about it,all insurance company’s are like that though, their forever trying to beat the small person out of something.stay with it and fight it ,good luck hope this help,s.

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After Ch7 bankruptcy, what’s the best I could do with the “Investment” properties that were involved?

Question by josef_vasky: After Ch7 bankruptcy, what’s the best I could do with the “Investment” properties that were involved?
I recently had a Ch.7 bankruptcy discharge that involved my credit cards and two “investment” properties.
My bankruptcy lawyer said that the houses will be auctioned off by the sheriff at some point. That means foreclosure right? If it is is foreclosure the best option for me?

The mortgage servicers said i could short sale, sell ,settle or resume payments with them. I am not interested in keeping the money pit properties.
The accountant that I go to says that the discharged amount of the bankruptcy is treated as income so I will owe the irs.
Further, I made the mistake of telling the tenant in one of the properties that I am going through bankruptcy so she stopped paying rent, but says she is looking for another house.

I gues my bottom-line question is: should i just maintain the outside of the properties like my lawyer said and wait for the sheriff to auction them off?

Or what questions should I consider asking?

Best answer:

Answer by crb
Your accountant is wrong; discharged debt is not taxable income, and is addressed with the IRS through form 982.

The mortgage servicers want you to short-sale, because they will make more money if you do the work of selling, rather than through a foreclosure. The question is, what do YOU get out of a short sale? It will be only slightly better for your credit – in 3 years it will make no difference at all. Is it worth the time, money, and effort? Doubtful.

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