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Immigration Lawyer – Brad Bernstein offers some insight into next year’s possible law changes

www.4immigration.comListen in as Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein of Spar & Bernstein, PC tackles a wide range of immigration questions relating to everything from green cards, deportation, education visas, work visas, adoption visas, permanent residence, naturalization, entertainment visas, sports visas, and anything else related to immigration law. Top US & New York Immigration Lawyer/Attorney Brad Bernstein and his associates give free advice to callers at Immigration Link Show on Linkup Radio 93.5 FM. Immigration Link Radio Show is aired Monday through Friday, 12:00pm-12:30pm EST, on 93.5 FM in New York City Metro Area and on our website at To schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, please call 1-800-522.0804 (within USA) or 1-212-227-3636 (outside of USA). Also please visit our cool blog, Spar & Bernstein’s Immigration Law Link
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Tory senator’s social network finds its way into federal posts

Charles Boyer in The First Legion

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Pat Obrien and Jane Wyatt in Criminal Lawyer

Tory senator’s social network finds its way into federal posts
OTTAWA – Conservative Senator Leo Housakos has been in the upper chamber for only two years, but in that time a half-dozen of his friends and former associates have turned up in government posts — including the No. 2 job at the CRTC.
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Guard defends killing of Pakistani governor as he’s indicted, gets Valentine’s wishes
ISLAMABAD – The confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor pleaded guilty Monday to a murder he said was justified under Islam, while outside the court supporters bearing flowers and cards wished him a happy Valentine’s Day.
Read more on The Canadian Press via Yahoo! Canada News

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One Thing that I Ran Into….

The Law Offices of Donald W. Hudspeth Business Law – Commercial Litigation – Teacher’s Law – Small Business – Entertainment Law – International Law – Intellectual Property – Internet – Environment and Natural Resources – etc.
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Convert Customers Photos into Hard Cash New Ebook

A few Workers Comp Lawyers products I can recommend:

Convert Customers Photos into Hard Cash New Ebook
Portrait Profits 2010. Affiliates Earn 75% by Promoting New ebook on how to convert Photos into Beautiful oil paintings. Huge Untapped Markets No painting or photography experience required. Excellent profit margins Very Unique Rare concept for the Newbie
Convert Customers Photos into Hard Cash New Ebook

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EMS Chief Crashes into a Scooter Riding Restaurant Deliveryman Leaving New York Personal Injury Lawyers Hungry for More Details

New York, New York (PRWEB) September 10, 2009

A moped driving Chinese-food deliveryman remains in critical condition after he was hit by an Emergency Medical Service chief who was racing to the scene of a reported stabbing, keeping personal injury lawyers buzzing (see the EMS Daily News Report at

According to FDNY sources, the chief had his lights and sirens on when he hit the moped driver. After the crash, the chief stayed at the scene.

“Any way you look at this, it is an unfortunate incident,” said David Perecman, a New York personal injury lawyer.

The stabbing – which later proved to be unfounded – was reported in Borough Park, New York. Personal injury lawyers around Brooklyn have learned from reports that the chief was cleared of wrongdoing and. He had told police that he did not see the deliveryman before the crash.

“When accidents like this happen in New York, personal injury lawyers need to know many more details before they can make any judgment calls,” said Perecman.

The New York Vehicle and Traffic law , section 1104 permits more leeway to an emergency vehicle and has to be shown to be driving recklessly, as opposed to simply negligently, in order to be found responsible.

About David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC:

For the past 25 years, the New York personal injury lawyers, construction accident, auto accident and medical malpractice lawyers at The Perecman Firm, PLLC have championed all types of cases for personal injury accidents. David Perecman, founder of the Firm, is the past Secretary of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) and a chair of its Labor Law Committee. Mr. Perecman’s achievements have brought him recognition as an Honoree in the National Law Journal’s Hall of Fame, in New York Magazine’s “The Best Lawyers in America” and The New York Times Magazine “New York Super Lawyers, Metro Edition”.

The Firm has recovered millions of dollars for its clients. Among the more recent victories, Mr. Perecman won a million verdict* for a construction accident, a .35 million dollar verdict** for an automobile accident, and a million dollar structured settlement for medical malpractice.

*later settled while on appeal for .940 million

** later settled for .5 million

“Lawyer Advertising”

“Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.”


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INDEFENSIBLE: One Lawyer’s Journey Into the Inferno of American Justice

INDEFENSIBLE: One Lawyer’s Journey Into the Inferno of American Justice

Full of black comedy and outrage, unforgettable characters and situations, INDEFENSIBLE puts a human face on the terrifying systemic failures that make American criminal justice the dirty little secret of our time.

In the span of a single day we meet murderers and misdemeanants, loutish lawyers, and vindictive judges. We race from courtroom to courtroom, judge to judge, and defendant to defendant, in a shocking behind-the-scenes look at big city justice as it really happens.

List Price: $ 5.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0042ANYRK”]

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Plug Into a Great StoryTelling Network and Get More Business How? Via a Free, Content Rich, Bi-Weekly Newsletter

(PRWEB) March 16, 2005

You can do so via ‘The Great Storytelling Network’, a new bi-weekly newsletter that helps a wide range of professionals in the speaking, writing, publishing and other industries to sharpen their persuasion skills; tell their value stories in ways that naturally connect with their audience; and to profitably network, share ideas, and resources which create more business and increase market share.

In today’s information laden and turbulent world economy, the message is clear: To get the attention of consumers, convert them into your customers, and sell more, you must network, tell your value stories in a very natural way so that you can persuade and convince them to buy from you. Enough of promotional messages that are all hype and no story. They no longer generate more sales or increase market share. For you to sell now, you have to tell stories that command attention and stimulate action. This creates the opportunities for more business for all who are part of this network.

This is what The Great Storytelling Network has set out to do: To transform willing professionals into great storytellers, give them a voice to speak to a global market, and the opportunity to network and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace via a newsletter which debuted February 23, 2005.

Now in its second edition, this newsletter is the product of a transnational partnership between two storytelling professionals; Aneeta Sundararaj, trained as a medico-legal lawyer who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Eric Okeke, a motivational speaker, business writer, and financial journalist, who lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Great Storytelling Network offers more benefits:

•    It serves a wide network of professionals such as authors, writers, copywriters, film producers and screen writers, business writers, business owners, professional speakers, other professionals, start-up business professionals and so many more. It has the content to transform them into great storytellers for their products and services and helps them to network for more business.

•    Every edition of the newsletter has a “Theme”. This is deliberate to focus attention on any particular aspect of storytelling or business, on any season or celebration, on any business resource or tool, or on any aspect of the way we all work and live in different parts of the world.

•    The network is not a one-person show. It is the product of a very successful transnational (continental) partnership which benefits you because it offers variety, information, diversity of content and resources that are pooled not from one person or place, but internationally.

•    It emphasizes the “Business of Storytelling” which equips storytellers to become infopreneurs, and teaches other professionals on how they can use stories to sell . Many storytellers are tall in the art of storytelling, but very short on the Craft and Business of Storytelling.

•    You can tap all these benefits simply by subscribing to this newsletter

A celebrated writer and author, Merlyn Swan of Australia said this about this network- “I think you are doing very well in providing story tellers with a great platform for the expression of their hopes and dreams and it would be sad if they do not see this as a great opportunity to reach a very wide audience. It is a symbiotic experience and one I thoroughly support.”

Be a great storyteller, network, and sell more by becoming a part of The Great Storytelling Network. Subscribe now, and see your business boom.

For more information about this newsletter, please visit

Or contact Aneeta Sundararaj.

Contact Name: Aneeta Sundararaj    

Address 1: P O Box 1123 Jalan Pantai Bharu

City/State/ZIP: Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory, 59700

Country: Malaysia

Phone: +60379607048

Fax: +60379607049




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