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Q&A: Why do liberals make an issue of health care while supporting trial lawyers?

Question by slappyjk: Why do liberals make an issue of health care while supporting trial lawyers?
Fact- the USA is the only society in the world that does not require the loser to pay the winner their legal costs for the suit; therefore, frivolous lawsuits and “win the lottery” judgements are unique to the USA. Trial laywers force doctorts to perform needless operations and procedures, jack up insurance rates, force medical groups to move or shut down, but all we hear from liberals is that health care costs need to be socialized. WHY DO LIBERALS SUPPORT TRIAL LAWYRERS?

Best answer:

Answer by Saddam Hussein
They wanted free medical so if you destory the private medical with law suits, they can claim the private medical failed and that we needed socialized medicine.

Meanwhile the good Doctors will go to other countries to get a better pay, that is what used to happen here, but the economics of medicine has been so badly skewed with law suits the profitability here is lower. So as market theory dictates their will be a shift of the good doctors to higher paying countries.

I hope this helped.

We will no longer be able to get the cream of the crop because we will not be able to afford it. Look at the Canadian health care system it is an admitted failure.

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Are there many unanswered questions about a Health Care bill that’s about to become ” Law “?

Question by The MobFather: Are there many unanswered questions about a Health Care bill that’s about to become ” Law “?
Will the current Bill do any of the following:

1. Allow me to build my own policy and not have to pay for things I don’t need or will never use?

( My sons and I will never need a pap smear, nor give birth, don’t want a hair transplant and will never use the alcohol/drug rehab plan) Yet I am forced to pay for that coverage because of law makers. This vastly increases costs)

2. Do anythin at all to lower the cost of Malpractic Insurance (One of my Dr pays 70,000 / year for liability coverage which is covered by his fees) ( Trial lawyers have nothing to lose. Most cases get settled no matter how ridiculous because the lawyers never have to pay court or legal fees. Easy Fix = Loser Pays all court and legal fees of both parties) That 70,000 will be drastically reduced, and the cost savings passed on.)

3. Lower my monthly premium ?
How can it when Ins companies are now required to cover more people, even with pre-existing conditions. Premiums can only go up. And they are forced to cover basic stuff like minor doctors visits when people should be able to pay for that out of pocket.

Other questions about this “reform”

4. If they are required to cover pre-existing conditions, what prevents people from canceling coverage all together and using the money saved for basic medical care? Then get the insurance only when/if you need major medical care?

5. What will happen when Ins companies go out of business? ( See above question) Will the Gov option be the only option?

6. When the gov has control of how much a doctor or a hospital can make per procedure, what will that do to the number of people willing to enter the Medical field as a profession.

6-B God Forbid, but what if Doctors are forced to join a Gov Union like the SEIU ?

7. (Combined with above) When adding 30 million more people to the system thereby vastly increasing demand, how will the supply side look?

8. When supply gets overwhelmed with demand,how can rationing be avoided?

9. What will happen to our coverage when the government decides it needs to “reign in costs”.

10. What “life-style laws” will be passed in the name of “protecting us” from ourselves?

11. Why can’t people “shop for the best price” like they would anything else.

12. Why will we begin paying for this “reform” next year, but the “benefits” won’t be available until 2013?

Best answer:

Answer by towwwdothello

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Is govt health controlled health care about “control” or “reducing costs” ?

by publik16

Question by slappyjk: Is govt health controlled health care about “control” or “reducing costs” ?
It seems odd that the very people who are screaming for govt to control health are the exact same people who will not allow reasonable tort reform, to make the health care industry less litigious.

Is it really about making health care less expensive OR is it a lie and nothing but a “baby step” towards fill blown socialism.

If anyone really cared about the cost of health care, they would support tort reform, placing reasonable caps and limits on jury awards and litigation. The trial lawyers however, have contributed a fortune to every single democrat, including the Messiah himself (big time) & its the trial lawyers who have filled our courts with frivolous law suits, created a nightmare of litigation fear with excessive malpractice insurance costs, hospitals and doctors forcing patients to undergo needless tests, procedures and operations for no reason other than the fear of being sued.

If there is a smidgen, even a drop of concern about cost of health care, its impossible to oppose tort reform unless you are either a supporter of socialism OR an idiot who doesn’t understand the causes and effects of excessive litigation.

Is Govt controlled health are just about “control”?

Best answer:

Answer by Butters
You’re a Nutjob.

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Would president Obama’s “universal” health care…?

by Alain-Christian

Question by BOBO: Would president Obama’s “universal” health care…?
…funding program have legislation that prevents the trial lawyers from representing clients that desire to press suit on the grounds of medical malpractice? If not, would the trial lawyers not just suit the American government(tax payers) in place of the insurance companies they formally placed suits against? Like would the taxes collected to fund universal insurance coverage have to be raised every time a lawyer won a medical malpractice suit against the U.S. government? I mean the U.S. government would then be the medical insurance agent for the public, right?
My second question… is a U.S. government sponsored universal medical coverage program even Constitutionally legal????

Best answer:

Answer by Stupid Question Terminator
yes of course, everything you suggest is ridiculous

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Q&A: Are the Folks against Health Care legislation “Un-American” because they disagree with Obama?

Question by Bill O: Are the Folks against Health Care legislation “Un-American” because they disagree with Obama?
In an Op-ed piece appearing in USA Today, Nancy Pelosi called dissenters at Town halls “Un-American” and stated that “Americans have been waiting for nearly a century for quality, affordable health care.”
Fact: We already have the best quality health care in the world.
Fact: Even the Leftists are now promoting HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM
So whats wrong with the Insurance industry? It costs too dam much and there is one reason it does!
Greedy patients that cry malpractice and unscrupulous lawyers that file multimillion dollar law suits against doctors that make mistakes BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN!
What say you America?

Please opine anytime anytime with pithy comments. And when answering please don’t be…pugnacious…in the No Spin Zone!
For the several answers that pick at semantics…ABC News reported that Pelosi called the protesters “Un-American” too!

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Wolf (blocked by many)
What was said:
“These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American. Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.” ~ from the USA article you sited

The spin:
Folks against Health Care legislation “Un-American” because they disagree with Obama.

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When speaking about Health Care Reform, did President Obama talk about tort reform? Is that change…?

by juggernautco

Question by KJ: When speaking about Health Care Reform, did President Obama talk about tort reform? Is that change…?
we can believe in from President Obama?

How can he be blaming health care costs on anything else? The Democratic Party is full of lawyers, so in order for Mr. Obama to really do health care reform, he would have to go against his base. Do you believe that will ever happen?

In a recent press release, stated the following “Lawsuit Abuse Facts: ”

According to a recent Towers Perrin study, the U.S. tort liability system cost each U.S. citizen $ 721 in 2001 ($ 205 billion total).
More than 40 percent of doctors reported avoiding prescribing appropriate medication because they knew the drug might be involved in litigation.
Personal injury lawyers walk away with 30-50 percent of any jury award to the plaintiff, plus an additional percentage of the award to cover expenses.
Since its widely used cholesterol-lowering drug Baycol was withdrawn from the market, Bayer is facing more than 8,000 lawsuits. The New York Times notes that at least 6,000 of those lawsuits, however, are being filed by people who did not suffer any side effects whatsoever.
Their web site state these “Fast Facts – Symptoms of Lawsuit Abuse:”

Lawsuit abuse affects all Americans on different levels.
80% of Americans say personal injury attorneys take too much of their clients’ winnings.
76% of Americans believe medical liability lawsuits threaten access to quality healthcare for families.
74% of Americans describe medical liability issue as crisis or major problem.
By 61% to 22% margin, Americans say lawsuits against doctors result in wealthy lawyers rather than improved quality of care for patients.
Lawsuit costs passed on to consumers add up to nearly $ 721 per year for every person in America today.
Because of litigation fears, 79% of doctors said they had ordered more tests than they would based only on professional judgment of what is medically needed.
It takes at least a year to resolve most lawsuits, and delays of three to five years are not uncommon. Unfortunately, injured people with legitimate claims can wait years before their cases go to trial.
An estimated $ 50 billion per year is spent on unnecessary test procedures designed only to guard doctors and hospitals against malpractice claims.
Almost half of the money spent by physician insurers goes towards defending cases that ultimately are closed without compensation paid to the claimant.
The first four answerers are saying Tort Reform is not needed! Wow… it is only 2% of health care (I wonder where you got that fact!). Even if it were true, that is still $ 5 Billion…. not much of a savings and that is why lawyers throw around that fact!!

Best answer:

Answer by Angry
The elephant is the perfect symbol for Republicans: they never forget, lead each other around by the tail, and think everyone should work for peanuts.

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