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Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Files Lawsuit in Tractor Trailer Accident Case

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 5, 2006

Seattle personal injury lawyer Charles Paglialunga has filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of three Washington men who sustained serious personal injuries when a semi truck allegedly ran them off the road. The lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court under cause number No. 06-2-26596-3 KNT.

The lawsuit alleges that the semi truck that caused the accident was driven by a man named Abdirazak Ali, who was heading towards SeaTac airport when he suddenly decided not to drive into the airport. He abruptly made an illegal u-turn and in the process, the semi truck he was driving crossed the lane of travel of the car the Plaintiffs were in and nearly ran over their vehicle, dragging it off the side of the road, the lawsuit alleges. The semi truck was owned by Schneider National Carriers, a national trucking company.

According to Seattle personal injury lawyer Charles Paglialunga, the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for personal injuries including neck injuries, head injuries, and fractured bones. Charles Paglialunga states that under Washington law, the injured plaintiffs are entitled to fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries, including an award for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and disability.

The PH Lawfirm handles serious car accident and trucking accident cases throughout Washington State and the country. According to Mr. Paglialunga, car accident cases involving semi trucks and tractor trailers are preventable with improved national safety legislation, but the trucking industry is resisting many such changes because they will lower profits. According to Mr. Paglialunga there are proposed legislative changes that would limit the number of hours a truck driver can drive in a 24 hour period and reduce the number of trucking accident fatalities caused by tired truck drivers.

Mr. Paglialunga states that many car accidents involving tractor trailers result in serious permanent personal injuries and fatalities. When fatalities occur, a wrongful death lawsuit would be filed against the trucking company and driver on behalf of the estate of the deceased individual.

For more information about this lawsuit, car accident lawsuits, or semi truck accident lawsuits, contact the law firm of Paglialunga & Harris, or visit


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Business files deeIs this business JetAway going out of business? Are the owners selling? What does this mean

Boise Attorney
by Village Square

Question by swingydude: Business files deeIs this business JetAway going out of business? Are the owners selling? What does this mean
MONTROSE — JetAway Aviation has placed a lien, amount unknown, against property it claims to own in Montrose. If JetAway Aviation defaults on repaying its lender, the public trustee of Montrose County can be directed to sell the property — meaning members of the Girdner family could be first in line for any of those benefits, a deed of trust filed Dec. 20 indicated.

JetAway, a limited liability company, along with another LLC, One Creative Place, executed a deed of trust that identified its lenders as Paul and Michael Girdner of Boise, Idaho.

Michael Girdner also signed as the borrower, on behalf of both LLCs, which is not unheard of, a local escrow agent told the Daily Press. The notarized document certifies that Girdner is a “manager or managing member of JetAway Aviation, LLC,” and he would therefore have the power to act on behalf of the company.

JetAway CEO Stephen Stuhmer did respond to a request for comment.

JetAway, located at 1 Creative Place adjacent to the Montrose Regional Airport, is locked in a heated and expensive legal battle over Montrose County’s decision to award a competitive bid for fixed-base operations at the airport to another company. The county and JetAway will head to court in May after Federal Aviation Administration-sponsored mediation terminated.

The successful FBO bidder, Black Canyon Jet Center, also succeeded in having JetAway held in contempt over the advertising of fuel sales, which court orders barred JetAway from doing.

Paul Girdner testified at the November contempt hearing that he pays the company’s bills. Testimony indicated he was a financial backer.

The Daily Press showed the deed of trust to its attorney, who explained how such deeds operate.

David Masters said a deed of trust, similar to a mortgage, uses property as collateral to secure financing. In a deed of trust, the borrower transfers the property to the public trustee to be held in trust, subject to the terms of the deed.

The Dec. 20 deed places its property in trust with Montrose County Treasurer Rosemary Murphy, who can be called upon to sell it if terms are not met and a demand for sale is made

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Answer by Den
The company has chosen litigation perhaps because it is uncompetitive. Bad situation for everybody involved.

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If a person files a lawsuit as “in pro per” when they go to court can a lawyer then be present?

by LordKhan

Question by DAWN L: If a person files a lawsuit as “in pro per” when they go to court can a lawyer then be present?
My friend filed court papers to change child custody. He filed “in pro per”. Now he’s going to court and wants to take a lawyer with him. Is that legal? Or since he filed in pro per he has to continue to represent himself?

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Answer by coryshawn
THe lawyer would have to file a notice of appearance on his/her behalf and they would be counsel of record for atleast that appearance, although he/she could go back as “in Pro Per” following that hearing. Does that make sense?

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FolderViewer Is Not the Umpteenth Windows Explorer Replacement, It Is a Completely New Way of Organizing Your Files

(PRWEB) July 27, 2005

FolderViewer is not the umpteenth Windows Explorer replacement, it is a completely new way of organizing your files. Originally developed for law firms to support the secretarial staff and lawyers to keep track of time-spent on documents per client and author.

FolderViewer lists, prints, (un)packs, renames, distributes and converts and edits files and images. The files are presented on screen according to different Views. There are already 50 different Views implemented in the program, but you can design as many as you want and save them to disc. All nearly 110 file properties (i.e. Author) and derived properties (i.e. Week number) can be used to Group, Filter, Sort or Search on.

New Technology: Distribute files (i.e. MP3´s) to calculated sub-folders based on file properties like ..\Artist\Album\ using very advanced, yet very easy to use Copy/Move Queries. Or distribute your MS Word documents created today, but not yet printed today to ..\Weekno\Author\Company with just one click using advanced filters.

Use the Multi Rename Tool to rename files on the fly using the file properties in the new filename, correcting case properties as well.

The Folder content or search results can be saved or exported to CSV, Excel, XML or HTML files for example to publish your MS Word documents to a local Intranet.

(Un)Pack files and send them using your default mail client, complete with an attached report of all the included files and their properties.

Multi process and convert images to different formats with just a few mouse clicks.

Create new folders using the New Folder Wizard based on (company) rules. Rename tags of MP3 files using the MP3 Batch processing tool. Organize your photos using the FolderCommander (press F12) tool which displays your image files in two panels using details or thumbnails.

You can print file lists, edit, preview and organize all kind of files like: MS Office documents, Media files and Photo’s:

Using the EXIF/IPTC batch editor, IPTC-data to XML converter, syntax based File Editor, HexEditor, MP3 player, MP3-tag editor, Slideshow-, and Image Editor (where you can add sounds and annotations to images to use in a Slideshow).

Finally, after installing FolderViewer a MS Explorer add-in is also installed on your computer. This tool offers you Folder content, Tree-structure and Contact Sheet printing functionality from within the MS Explorer.

There are many other features not mentioned here. Just explore the program and press F1 to get to this Help-file when needed.

We hope you will enjoy FolderViewer as much as we enjoyed creating it. And when you still want to use it after 30-days you can become a registered user for only $ 35,00.


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Just Days after Announcing Separation, Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce

Just Days after Announcing Separation, Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce
The pop diva filed for divorce Thursday, citing irreconcilable differences for the legal separation Staff Just two days after formally announcing her separation from music executive Jordan Bratman, pop singer Christina Aguilera filed for divorce Thursday in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. By filing papers on Thursday, October 14, Aguilera and Bratman’s …

Christina Aguilera – Aguilera Files For Divorce
CHRISTINA AGUILERA has filed for divorce to officially end her marriage to music executive JORDAN BRATMAN.The pop superstar confirmed the break-up on Tuesday (12Oct10)…
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