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Today Gloria Allred once again shows her ugly face. she feels free to judge and execute Meg whittman?

Question by CARL G H: Today Gloria Allred once again shows her ugly face. she feels free to judge and execute Meg whittman?
based on her opinion of a single document. She expected Mrs. Whitmans husband to remember looking at a letter almost ten years ago he handed to his house keeper to “check out and get corrected” She was an illegal alien who forged documents and was sent to them from a legitimate (supposedly) employment agency. the problem was caused by the agency error not the Whitmans. should Gloria be made to stop using her legal lawyer reputation for smear campaigns as she has done twice?
Paulina in our nation your innocent till proven guilty and the paper only states there was a discrepancy in information. unlike many out there I know mistakes can happen with ssi numbers and info as a family member of mine had it happen to them (typo issue) caused by an employer’s secretary. Also I’f you realize Meg wasn’t running for an office, she was easily able to afford any house keeper and paid this woman more per hour than most of us make, used a well known hiring firm (trusted) it is logical than her husband would not see it as more than a problem she (the housekeeper) should get fixed hens the note on the paper! also to her credit she fired the housekeeper when she was told the truth even though she had been there a long time and still wasn’t running at that time! of course she could have called ice and had her arrested and deported right then and there for fraud.
also people Gloria was interviewed on LA radio and didn’t like the house keeper being referred to as an Illegal alien she wanted undocumented worker but she was documented! she was Illegally documented, fake ssi fake drivers license etc. Gloria stated she was from this planet so alien was incorrect. I don’t buy a bit of the story sh’s spouting.

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Answer by Paulina Paulino
Carl, sorry, The document proves that she knowingly hired an Illegal and (in my opinion) did it because she could deny her pay and treat her like crap.

Why are you blaming the lawyer for Wittman’s screw up?
BTW, showing evidence is not “judging and executing”, but, just that. Showing Evidence.

Additional Details
You say: “in our nation your innocent till proven guilty”



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Freeing Ali: The Human Face of the Pacific Solution (Briefings)

Freeing Ali: The Human Face of the Pacific Solution (Briefings)

How do we imagine and engage with the agricultural heartlands of Australia? In the city and the bush, how do we see ourselves in relation to the farmland that nourishes us all? Heartland explores the cultural and historical foundations of ecological change and disorder across the southwest slopes of New South Wales, a rich and productive agricultural region. Rural places are today calling everyone, George Main suggests, into relationships of mutual care.

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What the Wedding Planner Can’t Teach You – Survival Skills for Wedded Bliss – Advice on Overcoming Moral, Financial and Lifestyle Issues that Couples Face

(PRWEB) May 25, 2005

The flowers have been ordered, the brides maid’s dress colors picked and you and your fiancé are on the fast track to a joyous wedding day. But, are you on track with your relationship? After, “and they lived happily ever after,” what happens next?

The fact is that couples spend twice as much time discussing wedding plans than they do considering the impact their upbringing, background, and individual expectations will have on their relationship? Ands if you start out coming from different social, religious or ethnic backgrounds, the chances for a problem marriage increases, unless you work out the details before you walk down that aisle.

According to Dr. Ruby Payne, couples who come from different class backgrounds have different expectations, priorities, and goals, and cultural or class differences can cause serious unexpected conflict in regard to subjects such as finance management, family commitment, and raising children. Payne, a Ph.D. who works with psychologists, educators, lawyers and judges on the hidden rules of class, the key is communication and an open mind. Her new book, Crossing the Tracks for Love, highlights everyday examples and exercises that aid couples in identifying and resolving potential issues of conflict based on class upbringing so they can learn how to better understand what motivates their partner’s behavior.

The first step according to Payne is for couples to talk as much about their nitty-gritty expectations of marriage as they do about their wedding reception menu. Conflicts can be surprisingly simple according to Payne, one example she offers: a newlywed bride, who comes from an upper middle class background, opens a cell phone plan and picks a top of the line model valued at 0. After a couple of weeks, she accidentally loses it and wants to replace it for the exact same phone, which will cost another 0. Her new husband, who grew up in a modest home with few luxuries, believes that she doesn’t need that expensive phone and can’t understand why she can’t just pick the standard model. In some instances a major fight could ensue from this seemingly mundane situation, but if the couple work together to understand the dimensions of each other’s class background they will be able to better navigate the sometimes bumpy road of wedded bliss, and be better able to deal with other issues in their lifetime together.

Though some relationship experts would have you believe “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,” in actuality, conflicts in relationship are caused less by genders differences and more by class structure. Payne’s Crossing the Tracks for Love evaluates how common occurrences may or may not affect a person based on what type of class mindset they come from – Poverty, Middle Class or Wealthy, thus determining the often hidden boundaries and rules we live by. Once these hidden rules are identified and recognized, couples can than learn how to communicate, compromise, coexist, and thrive in their relationships.

Crossing the Tracks for Love: What to Do When You and Your Partner Grew Up in Different Worlds by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.; Published by Aha! Process Inc., April 2005; ISBN: 1-929229-33-X

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Q&A: We have been the victims of a shady immigration lawyer and now face hearings. Do we have any recourse?

Question by Victim of Shoddy Lawyer: We have been the victims of a shady immigration lawyer and now face hearings. Do we have any recourse?
Our lawyer “misplaced” our paperwork for 4 years, lied about it and advised us to lie as well. We refused and now face a hearing. We have spent thousands, we have done everything by the book and can’t get any answers from the courts. So much more to this story but does anybody have any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by bobby
yes, leave now before capture.your money is gone and being an illegal affords you squat. go back to where ever you came from and apply the legal way.

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Bankruptcy Reform Impacts Harshly on Individuals’ Ability to Discharge Overwhelming Tax Debts in Bankruptcy; Debtors Face Oct. 17 Deadline to Avoid New Rules

(PRWEB) June 1, 2005

The bankruptcy reform legislation just passed by the Congress and signed by President Bush will do almost nothing to protect consumers, according to tax lawyer and former IRS special agent Burton J. Haynes. Instead, it will protect the big banks and credit card companies from consumers, Mr. Haynes says in a new article.

The new legislation will have another effect as well — protecting the government itself (namely the IRS) from taxpayers by making it much harder for them to discharge taxes in bankruptcy.

Mr. Haynes’ new article explains how the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 will make it harder for individuals to resolve unmanageable tax debts through bankruptcy after the Oct. 17, 2005, effective date of most of the Act’s “reform” provisions. The article was written for publication by the Maryland Society of Accountants in its journal, “The Freestate Accountant.” MR. Haynes serves on the editorial board of the Freestate Accountant and writes a series of articles on “Dealing with the IRS Collection Division.”

The article explains that the “superdischarge” provisions of Chapter 13 have been eliminated; the time required between bankruptcy cases has been increased; and the period of time tax debts retain a priority nondischargeable status has been lengthened. The status has been lengthened to include any period of time the IRS is barred from taking collection action because of an administrative procedure such as the filing of an installment agreement request, a request for a collection due process hearing, or the filing of an offer in compromise, Haynes said.

Furthermore, the IRS’s miserly standards for “allowable” living expenses have been engrafted into the Bankruptcy Code, with the result that debtors will be deemed to have a greater ability to repay their debts — often much greater than is realistic, Mr. Haynes added. The entire bankruptcy process for individuals will utilize a “means tested” approach, under which anyone with any significant ability to make payments on his or her debts (applying the IRS’s standards) will be forced out of Chapter 7 and into either Chapter 13 or Chapter 11, where payments for at least five years will be required.

The Act, Mr. Haynes concludes, will be a disaster for debtors, particularly taxpayers with income tax debts that they can’t afford to pay, and will be a boon to their creditors — the banks, the credit card companies, and ironically the IRS. Since the bankruptcy reform bill had a 180-day delay period for most of its provisions, Mr. Haynes notes that there is a deadline of Oct. 16th to file cases under the current law. As of Oct. 17th, the bankruptcy world as we know it will be gone, and will be replaced by a much less debtor-friendly set of rules, he said.

Mr. Haynes’ series of articles on “Dealing with the IRS Collection Division,” as published by the Maryland Society of Accountants, is available on his website at

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