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BigHand Speech Recognition Module Expedites Out-of-Hours Document Production

BigHand Speech Recognition Module Expedites Out-of-Hours Document Production

BigHand for BlackBerry® smartphones

(PRWEB) November 16, 2010

BigHand, the leading voice productivity vendor in the professional services and public sector community, has today announced that over 80 firms have implemented BigHand’s integrated Server-based Speech Recognition module to improve productivity. Authors are able to record their dictation via the desktop or mobile device such as BlackBerry®, iPhone® or Windows® phone, and send direct to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ speech server from Nuance Communications. Text is returned to the author via email or sent to an assistant for proofing, improving productivity on-the-go.

William Chetwood, Partner at specialist shipping law firm Bentleys, Stokes and Lowless submits dictation via BlackBerry to the Speech Recognition server to improve out-of-hours productivity. Chetwood comments:

“Being able to dictate into my BlackBerry and have the text back by email a few minutes later is perhaps the most exciting BigHand development since it introduced me to digital dictation. The major drawback to speech recognition has always been the training time – few busy lawyers feel they have time to do this. The beauty of server based speech recognition is that the training can be taken away from the lawyer and performed by a secretary in the ordinary course of producing documents.

I have only had the “text to email” for a few weeks but already, I would be very reluctant to lose it. The first time I used it, it produced an email in a fraction of the time that it would have taken me to type on my BlackBerry. The following weekend, whilst at home, I produced an arbitration pleading entirely by BlackBerry dictation/speech recognition, saving me a 3 hour round trip to the office. Accuracy is consistently high. We will be rolling this out to more lawyers who need to work out of hours as soon as possible.”

BigHand’s Speech Recognition Module and mobility apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows phone can significantly improve productivity for legal and professional services firms. Any firm interested in a free speech recognition user assessment should email enquiry(at)bighand(dot)com.


About BigHand

The BigHand Group supports over 120,000 professionals globally, across 1,250 organisations, and is based out of London, Chicago, Sydney and Toronto. BigHand is a Microsoft Gold Partner, BlackBerry ISV Partner, and was voted ‘Dictation System of the Year’ at the 7th Annual Law Technology News (LTN) Awards 2009. BigHand was also nominated at the British Legal Awards 2009 as ‘Technology Provider of the Year’. Additionally, BigHand won ‘Mobile Product of the Year’ at the CNet Business Technology Awards 2008. Further info is available at


Jo Greenway, UK Marketing Manager, BigHand Ltd, jo(dot)greenway(at)bighand(dot)com


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How much should a lawyer-drafted terms & conditions document for a website cost?

Question by Sparky: How much should a lawyer-drafted terms & conditions document for a website cost?
My website includes creating free account, uploading, viewing, and downloading photographs. I thus need a terms and conditions document drafted for those who try to upload copyrighted content. I think I’ll also need a “take down” document for those who wish to make copyright claims on given photograph uploads. How much should this legal service cost?

Best answer:

Answer by hensleyclaw
this will depend on how long it takes to create the document. Most lawyers charge by the hour for everything. You need to speak to an attorney that deal with intellectual property to get a clear answer.

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Help!! Any Family Law Lawyers amongst us? I need some help interpreting part of a legal custody document…?

Question by gotmini02: Help!! Any Family Law Lawyers amongst us? I need some help interpreting part of a legal custody document…?
“Should either parent require childcare for ten or more hours while the child is in his/her physical care,the other parent shall have first option to provide such care”.
My daughter drops her toddler at day care at 745am. She usually is able to pick her up her baby before or at the 10hr mark. However does the wording of the above custody order imply that the father has the legal right to pick up the baby as early as he wants from day care once he determines that the baby will be in daycare over 10hours

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Answer by jesipy
i think it means that instead of going to day care, he has the option to provide the care instead.

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First to File and Corporation Service Company Announce the Release of a Next Generation Document Management System for Patent Lawyers

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) April 25, 2007

Corporation Service Company (CSC®) and FTF Technologies Inc. (FTF) jointly announced today the release of the First to File EFR™ document management system integrating patent management workflows. This revolutionary and highly scalable electronic file room is the only enterprise document management system that is designed specifically for patent lawyers and administrators.

“FTF and CSC® have worked extensively with corporate patent lawyers and administrators to incorporate the best of breed features, functionalities and workflows into an innovative patent-centric document management system,” said Faisal Shah, President and CEO of FTF. “We are all extremely pleased with the initial feedback we have received from our current user base.”

“With the introduction of the First to File EFR application, CSC® continues to expand its service offerings in the intellectual property arena” said Bruce Winn, President and CEO of CSC®. “This new product allows us to offer our customers patent management services as well as a comprehensive view of critical patent information through our innovative CSC GC Dashboardsm”.

The new First to File EFR system contains exciting new features to assist corporate patent lawyers with their document management needs. These include document staging capabilities and WebDAV access, as well as instant case and document searching capabilities using its InstantOCR™ technology. The system also integrates the new FTF ServerSecure Technology™ (SST) for additional security as opposed to traditional hosted solutions. In addition, the First to File EFR application integrates with the USPTO PAIR system, providing critical data updates to patent case files, and streamlines electronic filing with the USPTO via its proprietary eFiling package and auto-population of critical forms. The First to File EFR management system provides an innovative reference library and repository that is fully integrated with its workflows and allows users to search, cite, manage and use their reference documents, especially critical in the filing area.

About FTF

FTF Technologies Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The First to File® intellectual property management solution was the first web-based, end-to-end solution for a company’s patent and innovation management needs. The FTF document management and storage solutions eliminate the paper shuffle, enhance collaboration, improve quality, remove risk, enhance process control, accelerate prep and prosecution and provide total visibility of a company’s patent assets. For further information, visit the company website at

About CSC®

Corporation Service Company®, a privately-held company headquartered in Wilmington, DE is a leading provider of legal and financial services for many of the world’s largest companies, law firms and financial institutions. Founded in 1899, CSC® offers clients an integrated, comprehensive portfolio of services that includes corporate compliance and governance services, entity management services, litigation and matter management services, public record document and retrieval services, uniform commercial code services, domain name management services, trademark clearance and brand protection services, motor vehicle titling services, and registered agent services. To learn more about CSC®, visit the company website at


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