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Peter Clitheroe Suffolk “n” Cool with Entertainment Lawyer Todd Murphy

Peter Clitheroe, host of the independent music podcast Suffolk “n” Cool talks to Music and Entertainment Lawyer Todd Murphy about the podcast and getting new music to people worldwide. Todd caught-up with Peter at the famed Rockwood Music Hall on New York’s lower east side during CMJ 2010.

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Cool “Trial Lawyer ” images

A few nice Trial Lawyer images I found:

Miles Edgeworth

Image by stargonautone
as played by Anna. Posing in front of the law offices of Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers.

Anime Expo, 2008. Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Cool “Trial Lawyers” images

Check out these Trial Lawyers images:

Simon Mann to go on trial in Malabo, Bioko, Equatorial Guinea on 17th June

Image by Podknox
Just had news of a date of 17th June for Simon Mann’s trial in Malabo, Eguitorial Guinea.

Herald Tribune reports a trial date for Simon Mann currently imprisoned in Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equitorial Guinea

Black Beach Prison is known for being one of the worst prisons in the World where prisoners have been known to suffer starvation and death from untreated medical conditions

The photo above was taken from Simon Mann’s first TV interview since his abduction from Zimbabwe to Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equitorial Guinea

Story stating that Simon Mann faces the death penalty released today – 15.06.08

Times Reports on the court proceedings today. Simon Mann names Mark Thatcher and Ely Calil as a coup plotters. Not really suprised! They did nothing to help get him out of Zimbabwe. I guess they didn’t expect him to ever get to speak publically about their involvement – 18.06.08

Shackled but smiling, Simon Mann begins trial over Equitorial Guinea coup plot The Guardian’s report on how the proceedings were carried out in Spanish which meant he couldn’t understand a word himself!. Also details of the security precautions they are taking. – 18.06.08

David Pallister reports on the trial of Simon Mann trial in Equatorial Guinea Audio Report from Malabo, Equitorial Guinea – 18.06.08

Thatcher not just an investor, but a key plotter. Also news that the timing of the coup was critical to get Spanish approval of Severo Moto. Details of South African involvement aswell "Mann said Calil had told him the coup plotters had been promised immediate diplomatic recognition by Aznar’s administration if they succeeded in replacing Obiang with Equatorial Guinea opposition figure Severo Moto". – 18.06.08

Interestingly no details of the two Spanish warships with troops onboard that were sent there to support Severo Moto if the coup suceeded?

Court case in Malabo focuses on Ely Calil’s involvement as being Equitorial Guinea coup leader and also brings in defendents involved in the continued attempts to topple the regime since Simon Mann’s arrest in 2004. – 19.06.08

The Times Online reports of rumours of a possible deal been struck for Simon’s co-operation in the trial. It seems that Equitorial Guinea sees the value in using this show trial to demonstrate to the World how it has changed over the past 4 years since the attempted coup. It has also helped clarify the true story of what was going on.

Up until now the official version has been based on evidence from a South African court and from evidence presented in Zimbabwe after their arrest at Harare Airport. Again, it could be said that the tip-off that led them into Mugabe’s hands originated from South Africa and loose talk among those approached and hired in South Africa.

The Malabo trial has also helped bring the possibility of government duplicity back into the public arena. Mann has testified that the UK, Spanish and South African governments certainly had prior knowledge of the coup attempt. This is something that had already been confirmed by other sources before the trial. – 23.06.08

David Pallister of The Guardian reports that "Simon Mann is expected to receive an exemplary heavy prison sentence in Equatorial Guinea this week, if not quite the 32 years requested by the prosecution."

There is talk in diplomatic circles that President Teodoro Obiang is looking for a way to avoid incarcerating such a high profile prisoner for long in Black Beach prison. With earnings from oil rocketing from .5bn (£18bn) in 2006, good relations with the west and pursuing the main financiers of the coup are Obiang’s twin main priorities.

"He needs a face-saving device," said one diplomat. "After 18 months or so I can see Mann being released on health grounds [he has a hernia], perhaps with a proviso that he spends some time in a UK prison."

That view is shared by some of the trial lawyers, although their time-scale for Mann’s imprisonment differs. – 23.06.08

Times Online reports "Prison luxury then ‘home in two years’ for Simon Mann" – "Pardon expected from the President he tried to oust" – 23.06.08

Trial Lawyer meets Computer Programmer

Image by jsvanstar
Kischa and Patrick – two very cool people to spend the evening with! (oh – look at the preposition!)

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Cool “Trial Lawyers” images

A few nice Trial Lawyers images I found:

Clarence Seward Darrow

Image by cliff1066™
Clarence Seward Darrow, Bronze, cast after 1929 original by Jo Davidson

One of America’s most skilled trial lawyers, Clarence Darrow won national prominence for his successful defense of labor leaders Eugene V. Debs, Thomas I. Kidd, and "Big Bill" Haywood. In 1924 he defended Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb in a sensational murder trial. Darrow had them plead guilty to avoid a jury trial, and his eloquence saved them from the death penalty. A year later he defended John Thomas Scopes, a Tennessee schoolteacher tried for violating a state statute criminalizing the teaching of evolution. Although Scopes was convicted and fined 0, Darrow turned the trial into a defense of science and enlightenment principles.…

thanks, KERA!

Image by greg westfall.
KERA is our local NPR station here in Fort Worth/Dallas and points to the north and south.

here’s the text:

Congratulations to Greg Westfall of Fort Worth, the winner of the Flickr Photo of the Week contest! Greg’s won our little contest twice before with his color-saturated photos of wide-open spaces. You can see those photos here and here. He follows last week’s winner, Shri.

If you would like to participate in the Flickr Photo of the Week contest, all you need to do is upload your photo to to our Flickr group page. It’s fine to submit a photo you took previous to the current week, but we are hoping that the contest will inspire you to go out and shoot something fantastic this week to share with Art&Seek users. If the picture you take involves a facet of the arts, even better. The contest week will run from Monday to Sunday, and the Art&Seek staff will pick a winner on Monday afternoon. We’ll notify the winner through FlickrMail (so be sure to check those inboxes) and ask you to fill out a short survey to tell us a little more about yourself and the photo you took. We’ll post the winners’ photo on Wednesday.

Now here’s a bit more from Greg:

Title of Photo: wind river valley 2
Equipment: Canon 1DsMkII, EOS 14mm f/2.8L II, sturdy tripod; shot at f/10 @100 ISO
Tell us more about your photo: This is a three-image HDR. The three images were shot at -2EV, 0EV and +2EV. This was taken on a ranch outside of Dubois, Wyoming at an elevation of about 7,200 feet during a time when storms were passing through. The wind was crazy. I used Photomatix Pro for tonemapping and then did some fairly extensive work in Photoshop CS3, mainly with levels and curves. This area is just breathtakingly beautiful. If you look closely about 2/3rds down from the top and toward the right, you can see the Wind River coursing through a gorge.

color saturated photos of wide open spaces, huh? I kind of like that.

be warned, though, Explore hates landscapes….

the ranch is the "Spence/Moriarty Ranch," home of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College

Miles Edgeworth

Image by stargonautone
as played by Anna. Posing in front of the law offices of Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers.

Anime Expo, 2008. Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Cool “Trial Lawyers” images

Some cool Trial Lawyers images:

Trial lawyer’s dream

Image by robsv
Playground equipment at the elementary school I attended. Yes, I played on this stuff in the 70’s. No, they don’t make it like this anymore.

JR Clary

Image by greg westfall.
Great lawyer and great friend from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

‘Traumatic, stressful’ terrorism trial – lawyer

Image by publik16
At no stage was he a member of any terrorist organisation: lawyer

A lawyer for one of the men found not guilty in Australia’s largest [scapegoat] terrorism trial has spoken about the effect of the long-running trial on his client and on his own life. James Montgomery says in his 30 years practising law, he has never worked on such a stressful and complicated case. Hany Taha, 33, spent his first night at home with his wife and children last night after close to three years on remand. The panel beater from Melbourne’s inner-north is now a free man after a jury acquitted him of raising money for a terrorist attack on home soil.…

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Cool “Music Lawyer ” images

Check out these Music Lawyer images:

Taco Bell Rejection Letter

Image by greggoconnell
I submitted a song I wrote to Taco Bell and this is the rejection letter.

Apple Music Lawyers Issuing Subpoenas in 5…4…3…

Image by JasonBechtel
Random Sidewalk Scrawlings next to the Courthouse.

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Cool “Criminal Lawyer ” images

Some cool Criminal Lawyer images:


Image by Meanest Indian
South Indian film hero Mammothy on a gigantic road sign at Varkala. (Interesting to note he started his career as a criminal lawyer)

Michelle LeClair-Harding

Image by Sheila Steele
May 3, 2006: After a "lengthy investigation" Saskatoon police have cleared themselves of any wrongdoing in this disgraceful incident.

continuation of Odjig racial profiling story

Asked how it could be labelled as racial profiling, board member Michelle LeClair-Harding said, "Greg felt that he was being detained based on the fact that he was a First Nations person running down the street. The fact that someone is aboriginal is not reasonable grounds to stop and detain someone."

Odjig was not allowed to be questioned by the media because a formal complaint is being filed with the police service, and the board felt "it was in the Greg’s best interests" to not speak, said SNTC general manager Donna Heimbecker.

Details of the incident still need to be reviewed by the police service, added LeClair-Harding, a Saskatoon criminal lawyer. "It’s in no one’s best interests to point fingers . . . until it’s gone through the police complaints process," she said, adding Odjig is also filing the complaint to the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. "We still have to give the police an opportunity to respond to these allegations (and) we don’t know all of the details of what happened."

LeClair-Harding also said the board does not know in which neighbourhood the incident took place, although she earlier noted it was a couple of blocks from a Mac’s store.

The SNTC was asked whether calling a press conference to tell the city what happened is akin to putting the cart before the horse when so much information is still lacking. "Greg is going to be leaving our city and going back to Toronto and the board felt we needed to do something to show him that we have zero tolerance for this sort of thing," LeClair-Harding said.

Prominent aboriginal actor Gordon Tootoosis, a member of the Order of Canada, spoke out on behalf of Odjig. "I am extremely disappointed that one of our invited First Nation professional artists from Toronto has fallen victim to what we believe is racial profiling in Saskatoon," Tootoosis said in a statement.

"We don’t want visitors to have the impression that Saskatoon is not a safe and respectful place for aboriginal people to live, visit and work."

Police Chief Russ Sabo, who attended the conference, was asked if it is standard police procedure to pull a car right up to a suspect in an attempt to detain the person. "Officers work in very difficult circumstances, I’m sure you understand that. They are there to protect the public and to take into account officer safety issues," he said.

"The complaints process allows us to look at whether excessive force may have been used. All of those things will be examined when the complaint comes forward.

"Do we make mistakes at times? Yes, everybody does. Was there a mistake made in this case? I don’t know. We have to look into the circumstances."

Sabo thanked Odjig for his courage in speaking out and apologized "on behalf of all of our members of the police service."

Odjig has worked in film, television, radio and modeling. He starred in the film Blood River and has spent time at Ontario’s Stratford Festival, according to a biography provided by the theatre group.
© The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) 2005

continuing with report on the dismissal of the complaint

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