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New York Construction Attorney Recognized by Leading Lawyer Sources

New York Construction Attorney Recognized by Leading Lawyer Sources

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 15, 2008

For David Perecman, New York construction attorney, the courtroom is his realm. Within its walls there is no option but to win his construction accident cases – a very good reason why he has, in a single year been recognized as a leading personal injury lawyer in New York by four primary sources for individual attorney recognition–the New York Law Journal, SuperLawyers, Lawdragons, and The Best Lawyers in America®. The founding partner at Perecman & Fanning, a New York personal injury firm handling all types of serious injury cases, Mr. Perecman has achieved particularly notable results within the field of his expertise, construction accident cases. His impeccable track record in construction accident law speaks for his talents as a litigator. “The easy part is complete and thorough preparation. The more difficult part is the ability to present things in the courtroom in a non-lawyer like fashion, to be a regular guy, and someone to whom jurors can relate. If they like you and trust you, they will be more inclined to decide a case in your client’s favor,” he says.

His successful jury verdicts have taught him that personal injury lawyers that try their clients’ cases will often get better results than if they’d settled. Mr. Perecman refuses to fall prey to the underlying fear of loss that prevents some personal injury lawyers from going to trial. Instead of highlighting a case’s potential problems as a rationale for accepting a settlement, Mr. Perecman sees each potential liability in his client’s cases as a double-edged sword. Most problems when treated with his disarming trademark humor can be turned around and used against the defense. Take, for example, construction accident cases in which undocumented aliens are injured on the job, a point oft-highlighted by the opposing counsel when attempting to prejudice the jury against the victim, and one Mr. Perecman has addressed numerous times. “When you’re standing up on a scaffold 70 feet off the ground for /hr, you’re boss calls you hard-working cheap labor. After you fall and break up your body, NOW you’re an illegal alien. When juries hear that, they get angry at the defense for even having brought it up.”

His lack of hesitation to try a construction accident case coupled with his formidable track record is a weapon in itself, and his adversaries’ knowledge of this likely course towards the courtroom tends to produce better results. As Mr. Perecman puts it, “I tell the defendant point blank, either pay me or beat me. Some choose to pay, others–well–there are always appeals”.

Recognizing his professional and civic duties, Mr. Perecman is involved politically, having testified as the Secretary of the New York State Trial Lawyer’s Association and as a Chair of the Labor Law Committee before New York State Assembly committees about the topic of height-related worker safety as well as having met with the Mayor Bloomberg’s task force assigned to inquire into the recent rise in construction accidents, specifically scaffold-related deaths. He also authors related articles, lobbies for consumer protection and worker safety and lectures personal injury lawyers and court personnel regarding construction accident law.

About Perecman & Fanning

For the past 25 years, the New York personal injury lawyers at Perecman & Fanning have concentrated on complex construction accident legal issues, as well as championing all other types of personal injury cases. Perecman & Fanning have recovered over million in verdicts and settlements over the past year alone.


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Charleston Construction Litigation Attorney Mass Tort Defense Lawyer South Carolina 843-722-7733 Pierce Herns Sloan & McLeod in Charleston, South Carolina handles construction, commercial and mass tort litigation. They serve clients in Charleston, Berkeley & Dorchester County, SC.
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New York Construction Accident Lawyer, Attorney Nicholas Papain

New York City Injury Lawyer Nicholas Papain, one of the state’s prominent personal injury trial lawyers. Nick is a leading construction accident attorney and member partner of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Cannavo PC. Nick is also a President Of New York Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). His Firm Sullivan Papain Block McGrath Cannavo PC offers following services: New Yok Construction Accident Injuries, Car / Auto / MV Accidents Premises Liability, Product Defects Medical Malpractice and plaintiff personal injury lawsuits. As a leading New York Personal Injury Law firm they also have offices in Long Island and New Jersey and he has a team of qualified New Jersey Injury lawyers to handle your case.
Video Rating: 0 / 5 847.662.3303 If you have a personal injury claim, contact Salvi & Maher in Waukegan, Illinois for help. They serve the Chicago area including Lake, DuPage and McHenry counties.
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San Diego Business Law and Construction Attorney Edward W. Freedman Launches Sleek New Website

San Diego Business Law and Construction Attorney Edward W. Freedman Launches Sleek New Website

La Jolla, CA (Vocus) May 20, 2009

Edward W. Freedman, a San Diego business attorney, is re-introducing himself to the community with a sleek new website designed to let people know how he can help them in a variety of legal entanglements. is the result of a partnership between Mr. Freedman and Rosemont Media®, a San Diego website design firm. The site was created to provide visitors with a streamlined, easy-to-use tool to educate themselves on the many areas of business, real estate, and construction law in which Mr. Freedman practices, as well as to impart his overall philosophy and discuss latest developments that may have an impact on them and their potential cases.

The website is equipped with detailed information on Mr. Freedman’s areas of practice, a descriptive biography, pages devoted to testimonials from previous clients, and an updated blog. Mr. Freedman uses the new site to not only explain the legal services he provides, but also to give visitors new and easy ways of connecting with professionals who can help them navigate the complicated world of legal disputes and educate them on how he can assist them with settlements, mediation and arbitration, and court representation.

About Edward W. Freedman

Edward W. Freedman is a San Diego contract lawyer, also specializing in construction, business, and real estate law. Mr. Freedman represents a broad range of clients and handles a variety of cases, including project owners, general and subcontractors, bonding companies, commercial and residential projects, contracts, partnership and competition issues, employment agreements, and mechanic’s liens.

A graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and San Diego State University, Edward W. Freedman places a heavy emphasis on honest communication with his clients from the first case review to the ultimate resolution. At the first meeting, Mr. Freedman gives clients an estimate of the time the whole process may take, as well as an estimation of fees involved in all aspects of the legal process. Mr. Freedman focuses his practice on cost-effective and quick resolutions, providing diligent advocacy, and giving clients the counsel they need to resolve disputes and be able to move on with their lives.

For more information on legal advocacy for business, contracts, real estate, and construction law in San Diego, the Law office of Edward W. Freedman is located at 4225 Executive Square, Suite 490, La Jolla, CA 92037 – (858) 550-0499


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Washington Defense Trial Lawyers to Host Annual Construction Law Seminars in Seattle and Vancouver, WA

Seattle, Wash (PRWEB) January 8, 2006

Washington Defense Trial Lawyers is hosting its annual Construction Law Seminars on Friday, February 24th at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, and on Friday, March 31st at the Vancouver Hilton, in Vancouver Washington.

The Vancouver location is a first for the association and was necessary to meet the growing demand for construction defect continuing legal education in southwest Washington and Portland.. This seminar, chaired by Pauline Smetka of the law firm of Helsell Fetterman, will cover a number of construction issues and advice to avoid law suits for contractors and attorneys. Registration fees vary. Register at or call Kristin Lewis at (206) 749-0319 for more information.

Washington Defense Trial Lawyers is a statewide association of civil defense attorneys dedicated to the highest professional standards of integrity, excellence and commitment to a fair and just legal system. From informal beginnings in 1956, Washington Defense Trial Lawyers has grown into a vital organization of over 750 members statewide. Our mission is to promote the highest professional and ethical standards for Washington civil defense attorneys and to serve our members through education, recognition, collegiality, professional development and advocacy.


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Construction Site Injury and the Law

Construction Site Injury and the Law

Construction jobs are full of cutting, building, riveting, sawing, and sorts of other industrious activities. Unfortunately, as advanced as our safety measures have become, accidents still do happen.

An important thing to remember about construction site injury is the broad range of damage that can be dealt. Injury can be something as commonplace as repetitive stress to something as serious as death.

This article is here to explore the most common ways people get hurt in the construction industry, the kinds of stresses they have to deal with post-accident, and what can be done legally to get the proper compensation.

Discussing Common Workplace Accidents:

Let’s analyze some of the most common accidents that occur on the construction site.

* Falling Accidents. When it comes to construction, there are often scenarios where workers need to negotiate elevated locations. Some examples include scaffolding, girders, building structures, and building exteriors. Falling from even a modest height can result in serious injury or death.

* Falling Objects. It’s not always the person that falls – many times it’s objects. During construction lots of material is being broken, put together, and moved around. This breeds a lot of opportunity for unsuspecting workers to get an unpleasant surprise from above.

* Equipment/Vehicle Incident. Most jobs involve more than simple hand tools. Complex construction equipment and vehicles provide a constant challenge for workers to both get a job done on time, but to also do it safely. As equipment gets older, the risks tend to increase.

* Exertion Injury. Construction work is often synonymous with manual labor. Any time extreme amounts of physical exertion are in play there is a possibility for injury. Examples often include lifting strain, repetitive stress disorder, tendonitis, and general body wear-and-tear.

* Chemical Incidents. Spills, exposure, and other unpleasant interactions with chemicals are a serious concern for many construction workers. There are often harsh cleansers, lubricants, and other chemicals involved in the overall construction plan of a job, and overexposure is not terribly uncommon.

* Fire/Explosion. Sometimes related to the chemicals cited above, fire and explosion is another reality of the construction site. High pressure equipment and volatile material can cause serious burns or worse to workers how are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Results of Construction Accidents:

Just as unfortunate as the accident itself is some of the results that occur afterwards. Many people either do not see some of these issues coming, or don’t know how to handle them. Let’s analyze a few examples:

* Extensive medical bills from various injuries occurred on the job.

* Missed shifts and time at work, resulting in loss of wages.

* Reduced ability to perform work at the same level as before injury.

* Usage of personal days / sick days beyond those available.

* Negative pressure from bosses, coworkers, etc to either hide injury or report it in fraudulent ways.

* Shift work from full-time to light duty or reduced responsibilities.

Problems after an injury end to pile up, and it can be extremely difficult handling them, especially from a legal perspective.

Securing Proper Legal Counsel

It is important to get legal counsel so that you aren’t susceptible to the wims of insurance companies and construction firms. Unfortunately, general practice lawyers are rarely equipped to deal with the complexities of the large construction industry. Therefore it is important to locate a skilled construction law specialist.

It’s even better if you can find one in your area to reduce the costs of long distance representation (if it is even an option).

Bill Hayes and the Hayes Firm represent the highest caliber in personal injury legal defense. The group is dedicated to finding the finest attorney specifically suited to your needs. Visit for a free legal consultation regarding your case. Also visit us to learn more about construction site accidents.

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Optim Legal Launches Full-Service Integrated Property Law Offering – Targeting Developer, Construction, Shopping Centre And Retail Clients

Natasha Goulden, Optim Legal Practice Leader, Property

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) June 18, 2009

Optim Legal, an acclaimed, innovative law firm with a radically different platform for top-tier lawyers to work in the true interest of their clients, launched its integrated approach to property law this month which is specifically designed for developer, construction, shopping centre and retail clients.

“Value, efficiency and an integrated approach is top of mind for clients in this current economic environment,” says Natasha Goulden, Optim Legal’s Practice Leader, Property.

Goulden has 13 years’ experience practicing in a top-tier national law firm.

Goulden said that at Optim Legal, she works along-side colleagues with planning, construction, corporate and finance law expertise, which enables a full-service Property Law response to client requirements.

“As an integrated team, we are able to assist companies in the real estate business to efficiently manage commercial leasing; maximize value on sales, acquisitions and due diligences; and strategically administer development projects.”

“Optim Legal’s lower overheads enable it to pay lawyers more for their time and to attract some of the best and brightest from Australia’s top eight law firms,” Christian Hyland, Co-Founder, Optim Legal, says.

“This means that our clients get the benefit of the expertise of highly skilled lawyers at rates up to 40% less than the top-tier firms that they came from,” said Hyland.

“Optim Legal’s unique model allows me to take the time to learn about my client’s businesses, to think laterally and to develop smarter solutions,” Goulden said.

“My clients appreciate the fact that they have the option of adjusting our fees based on how they rate our service. It’s more important than ever right now to deliver value for money to real estate businesses.”

About Optim Legal

Optim Legal has re-engineered the way a traditional large commercial law firm operates to deliver savings of up to 40% and to improve accountability. Optim Legal delivers the same level of service offered by the top-tier law firms, because Optim Legal lawyers are from those top-tier firms. Optim Legal works with fast growth, innovative and sustainability minded businesses in the areas of corporate law, general commercial law, clean technology, carbon management, property, environment & planning, banking and finance, advertising and marketing and intellectual property.

News Media Coverage

“Imagine a law firm built on the most innovative management thinking from the non-legal world. Well, it’s a reality.” — Australian Financial Review, 6/6/08

“Forging new frontiers in law….Optim Legal’s model breaks new ground for the legal profession which is typically technology-shy and tradition bound.” Australian Financial Review, 26/2/07

“Optim Legal: new kids redefining the block.” — Lawyers Weekly, 18/12/07

“When Optim Legal told me they were different I thought “yes, I’ve heard that one before”. Having had a fair few dealings with Optim Legal since June ’08 I must say, I have not been disappointed. The quality of their work has been excellent and the level of customer service and genuine interest in our business, unprecedented. Their billing model is the fairest I have seen in the legal industry to date. It takes paradigm shifters like Optim Legal to change an industry. Show your support, vote with your feet and try them out. I cannot recommend them highly enough!” — Elmar Platzer, Chief Operating Officer, MassMedia Studios (‘Deloitte Fast 50’ Company 2005, 2006)


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