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Q&A: Is the joke I’m starting to think it is?

Question by sweetroll: Is the joke I’m starting to think it is?
I have a lot of experience. I am currently working in a job that looks to be going nowhere slowly. I have been sending resumes randomly to jobs I am really interested in – NOT listed on careerbuilder other that what their search engine robots steal and pick up out of the local papers.
So far I have gotten bombarded with emails from insurance companies, banks and other institutions I have never had experience or interest in working for. They are always vauge, usually no name other than an initial and a last name (probably fake).
Now I am getting phone calls for similar ‘random’ positions. I don’t answer and let it go to VM – it sounds canned so I don’t know if I were to pick up, it would be a ‘real person’ or not.
Last weel it was another insurance company. Today it was a “fortune 500 company in my area who sells prepaid legal services and is looking for customer service reps and would love to talk to me.”
If I ever seriously need to look for a job – is worth it??

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Answer by micheal c
I only get junk jobs off of it. stuff like “sell insurance online”. I have 18 years of experience in my field, and have only gotten jobs online from

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