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Q&A: In the Castle TV series, why does all the criminals say “Call my lawyer” instead of denying?

by iNkMan_

Question by в.נ. тне неаδ ςίυеπ: In the Castle TV series, why does all the criminals say “Call my lawyer” instead of denying?
Whenever they’re accused, they don’t deny or say “I don’t know how that happened” They just say, “I want to call my lawyer” or something like that. Some coincidence isn’t it?

Best answer:

Answer by ♥ Paulomi ♥
lol, thats what i always used to think.. 😛

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Is there a “no post” list similar to the “no call” list so I can keep my e-mail address and not worry about?

Question by delux_version: Is there a “no post” list similar to the “no call” list so I can keep my e-mail address and not worry about?
SPAM! I know there are tons of anti spam, anti ads, and the like, but I just wish I could cleanse my account of these constant ads. I don’t want to contact my alumni, I don’t need a divorce lawyer and I am very happy with my equipment down there thank you very much! I buy one thing and give them my e-mail address and now I’m hit with 10 spam per hour! Arrrrrrg!

Best answer:

Answer by susan w
So far, for 4 years, I have been able to stay almost completely free of SPAM, but Yahoo catches it for me. If I ever see an email from someone I do not recognize, I usually spam it, especially if there are mis-spellings or if the file is large.

There appears to be a safe way to view a tiny bit more of the email without getting anywhere near opening it. I simply go to the Search Email and type in the person’s name or whatever the comment line says. It quietly brings up a short paragraph. This has saved me more than once. Maybe it is not completely safe, but nothing has happened.

Now for keeping your computer and emails clean. I would first check my Security settings. I only allow cookies from sites I have visited, I shut down my computer regularly, so that I am signed off the internet. I never select the option “Remember Me” and I regularly do a “Clean-Up” to keep things running smoothly. As follows on my system, but yours probably will be different.

“Delete Cookies”, “Empty Cache”, and in History – “Clear”
Shut down computer. Wait 30 seconds. Start (not restart-it is different!)
Sign in anew, and having taken a few security precautions, you should be able to be rid of most of the stuff that flies at us through the internet.

You might set up a secondary email address, for surfing the internet, that you just do not open, except to verify information on an order.

Good luck. Hope this helps you.

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(PRWEB) June 23, 2000

Houston Lawyers Demand Governor Look Into Capital Punishment Problems

HOUSTON, TX – The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, headquartered in the greater Houston area, issued a statement Friday demanding that Texas Governor George W. Bush implement an immediate moratorium on the death penalty. HCCLA issued the demand in light of recently published studies showing the capital punishment system in Texas to be flawed and the impending execution of Gary Graham.

“Our system is rife with problems. In our haste to punish, we’re overlooking the rights of the accused,” said Richard Frankoff, HCCLA president-elect. “HCCLA is trying to make the public more aware of what’s going on in Texas courts.”

Frankoff added that the Gary Graham case is a perfect example of a system gone afoul.

As to the question of Graham’s innocence, Frankoff responded, “We don’t know whether or not Graham is innocent. Nobody does because he never got a fair trial.”

Graham was convicted of the 1981 shooting murder of Bobby Grant Lambert outside a Safeway food store in Houston. HCCLA and Graham’s attorneys say that the courts ignored potentially exculpatory witness testimony. They further claim that Graham was poorly represented and Graham’s age at the time, 17, should have been taken into consideration. Graham opponents say that all the evidence has been considered and no basis for a new trial exists.

HCCLA notes the Roy Criner case, another Texas death penalty case, as yet another example of a system that needs to be examined. Criner was convicted of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. Criner’s attorney, Mike Charleton successfully introduced DNA evidence tested at two separate facilities that concluded Criner could not have been the donor. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals however, denied Criner a new trial and upheld his conviction. The final vote was 5-4 with Judge Sharon Keller issuing the majority opinion. Ironically, Charleton also helped argue the appeal for Gary Graham before the same court.

Since Harris County has no public defender system, HCCLA often defends those who cannot afford legal counsel. The group says its chief goal will be to focus on a death penalty moratorium and crusade to make positive changes in the system.

In their statement, which was forwarded to Governor Bush’s campaign, HCCLA notes that Republican governors in three states already have a moratorium in place. They called upon Bush to follow suit so the system can be examined and solutions found.

# # #


June 16, 2000


The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, HCCLA, issues this statement today to demand that Governor Bush implement an immediate death penalty moratorium in Texas.

Recent studies have shown that the capital punishment system is flawed. Defendants like Gary Graham are being convicted without proper representation, while the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals continues to ignore exculpatory evidence.

Republican governors in three states have already put a moratorium in place because they have recognized that the system is not working to protect the rights of the accused. We call upon Governor Bush, to follow their brave lead.

Gary Graham is to be executed June 22, 2000. HCCLA joins the clarion call to urge Governor Bush to implement an immediate moratorium until the system can be re-examined and solutions found.

Our system is flawed, we know this to be true when a man who faces the ultimate penalty is not afforded due process. Gary Graham was not given a fair trial and is going to be executed. Some witnesses in the case have still yet to be heard in a court of law. He was poorly represented at a trial for his life. While opinions regarding the death penalty itself vary among our 400-plus members, HCCLA stands united on this position.

Richard Frankoff






HCCLA Fact Sheet

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association – HCCLA

HCCLA has been in existence since 1970. Past presidents of the organization include

Dick DeGuerin – noted defense attorney

Marvin Teague – former member Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Currently HCCLA boasts a membership of over 400 attorneys from the Greater Houston Area.


President-elect: Richard Frankoff

713.520.8040 – office



Mr. Frankoff is available for comment at anytime at the numbers above.

Mission Statement of HCCLA

Our Mission Is to Assist, Support, and Protect the Criminal Defense Practitioner in the Zealous Defense of Individuals and Their Constitutional Rights. It Is Further Our Mission to Educate and Inform the General Public Regarding the Administration of Criminal Justice and the Need for an Independent, Ethical, and Professional Criminal Defense Bar.

For more, see

Other Information:

Jack Zimmerman / Jim Lavine (pronounced luh-vine) – currently representing Gary Graham

713.552.0300 – office

Graham’s scheduled execution date: 6/22/2000

The statement was faxed and the original sent via certified mail to the Governor. Signed copies of the statement to Governor Bush can be obtained from Mr. Frankoff’s office.

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Secrets of high performing call centres

Secrets of high performing call centres
A complete guide to call centre management system that helps organisations maximise profit, maximise performance, reduce cost and improve staff morale.
Secrets of high performing call centres

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Just call her Miss November

Just call her Miss November
The kids in Kapuskasing nicknamed her “Loser.
Read more on Toronto Sun

Illegal Migrants Could Find Themselves Jailed For A Year Under New Law
The Conservatives plan to target migrants who take advantage of the Canadian immigration system.
Read more on CityNews

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When Your License is on the Line, Call a DUI Lawyer

by Brantford Selections

When Your License is on the Line, Call a DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal throughout the U.S., even if the laws and punishments for driving under the influence vary a little from state to state.

Consequences of DUI

No matter where you live, the consequences for this crime are inconvenient at best and serious at worst. You could have your license suspended, be slapped with some heavy fines or even spend some time in jail. These consequences can make something as vital as getting to work a challenging task.

Speed is of the Essence

If you want to avoid some of all of these consequences, it would probably be wise to hire a DUI lawyer and to hire one quickly after your arrest. In many states, unless you appeal the DMV for a trial, you will automatically lose your license after 10 days or so if you have been caught driving under the influence. So, time is of the essence.

Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

Good DUI lawyers will be able to create considerable doubt in a jury, in spite of unfavorable driving patterns, chemical results and sobriety tests. If your license or your freedom is on the line, their experience is a good ally to have on hand.

Search by City and State

Because the laws vary a little from state to state, you will obviously want to hire a lawyer who knows the laws specific to your state inside and out. Be careful when you illuminate candidate though because one lawyer might service more than one state. You can also search for good DUI lawyers by city.

Know their Credentials

Even though you don’t have a lot of time to find good DUI lawyers, you still want to know the credentials of the people who will be defending your case. You will probably want to ask questions like, have they been successful in the past? Do they have a good reputation in their area? Where were they educated? How much do they charge? You can get specs on several different DUI lawyers if you find a website that provides mini bios for attorneys all over the country. These short bios usually list such credentials because they want to prove their competency to potential clients. Visiting such a website is a fast way to locate and research different lawyers.

Free Consultations

Once you have narrowed your search down, you can also get a feel for how helpful lawyers will be by calling up for a free consultation. It won’t cost anything more than your time and a couple phone calls may be the determining factor in which lawyer you choose.

If you have decided to look further into good DUI lawyers search for them alphabetically by city and state and read several of their bios at There are more than a hundred listed on this site. The Author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.

Article from

William C. Head is known as the nations’ leading DUI lawyer. Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis recently received the 2008 Heartbeat of America award. For more information about this firm, visit:

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