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Is this why Bush says we “can’t” deport illegals?

Question by kscottmccormick: Is this why Bush says we “can’t” deport illegals?
From Michelle Malkin’s column on Yahoo:
Immigration lawyers and ethnic activists run a massive, lucrative industry whose sole objective is to help illegal aliens and convicted criminal visa holders evade deportation for as long as possible….
Look no further than New York, where four convicted criminal aliens — a child molester, two killers and a racketeer — just won a federal lawsuit to remain in the country after all being ordered deported. The stunning decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Blake v. Carbone, came down on June 1….
The lead winning plaintiff, Leroy Blake, is a Jamaican national convicted of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor in 1992. The feds began deportation proceedings in 1999. An immigration judge ruled Blake deportable in 2000. Blake took his case to the federal Board of Immigration Appeals, which remanded the case back to the immigration judge, who granted relief from deportation…
Rachel, here’s my plan: enforce the laws against employers hiring illegals, and if the illegals can’t find work they will deport themselves.

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Answer by Rachel G
I would love someone to actually come up with a comprehensive plan with budget figures. It’s simply not plausible.

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(PRWEB) June 23, 2000

Houston Lawyers Demand Governor Look Into Capital Punishment Problems

HOUSTON, TX – The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, headquartered in the greater Houston area, issued a statement Friday demanding that Texas Governor George W. Bush implement an immediate moratorium on the death penalty. HCCLA issued the demand in light of recently published studies showing the capital punishment system in Texas to be flawed and the impending execution of Gary Graham.

“Our system is rife with problems. In our haste to punish, we’re overlooking the rights of the accused,” said Richard Frankoff, HCCLA president-elect. “HCCLA is trying to make the public more aware of what’s going on in Texas courts.”

Frankoff added that the Gary Graham case is a perfect example of a system gone afoul.

As to the question of Graham’s innocence, Frankoff responded, “We don’t know whether or not Graham is innocent. Nobody does because he never got a fair trial.”

Graham was convicted of the 1981 shooting murder of Bobby Grant Lambert outside a Safeway food store in Houston. HCCLA and Graham’s attorneys say that the courts ignored potentially exculpatory witness testimony. They further claim that Graham was poorly represented and Graham’s age at the time, 17, should have been taken into consideration. Graham opponents say that all the evidence has been considered and no basis for a new trial exists.

HCCLA notes the Roy Criner case, another Texas death penalty case, as yet another example of a system that needs to be examined. Criner was convicted of the rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. Criner’s attorney, Mike Charleton successfully introduced DNA evidence tested at two separate facilities that concluded Criner could not have been the donor. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals however, denied Criner a new trial and upheld his conviction. The final vote was 5-4 with Judge Sharon Keller issuing the majority opinion. Ironically, Charleton also helped argue the appeal for Gary Graham before the same court.

Since Harris County has no public defender system, HCCLA often defends those who cannot afford legal counsel. The group says its chief goal will be to focus on a death penalty moratorium and crusade to make positive changes in the system.

In their statement, which was forwarded to Governor Bush’s campaign, HCCLA notes that Republican governors in three states already have a moratorium in place. They called upon Bush to follow suit so the system can be examined and solutions found.

# # #


June 16, 2000


The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, HCCLA, issues this statement today to demand that Governor Bush implement an immediate death penalty moratorium in Texas.

Recent studies have shown that the capital punishment system is flawed. Defendants like Gary Graham are being convicted without proper representation, while the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals continues to ignore exculpatory evidence.

Republican governors in three states have already put a moratorium in place because they have recognized that the system is not working to protect the rights of the accused. We call upon Governor Bush, to follow their brave lead.

Gary Graham is to be executed June 22, 2000. HCCLA joins the clarion call to urge Governor Bush to implement an immediate moratorium until the system can be re-examined and solutions found.

Our system is flawed, we know this to be true when a man who faces the ultimate penalty is not afforded due process. Gary Graham was not given a fair trial and is going to be executed. Some witnesses in the case have still yet to be heard in a court of law. He was poorly represented at a trial for his life. While opinions regarding the death penalty itself vary among our 400-plus members, HCCLA stands united on this position.

Richard Frankoff






HCCLA Fact Sheet

Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association – HCCLA

HCCLA has been in existence since 1970. Past presidents of the organization include

Dick DeGuerin – noted defense attorney

Marvin Teague – former member Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Currently HCCLA boasts a membership of over 400 attorneys from the Greater Houston Area.


President-elect: Richard Frankoff

713.520.8040 – office



Mr. Frankoff is available for comment at anytime at the numbers above.

Mission Statement of HCCLA

Our Mission Is to Assist, Support, and Protect the Criminal Defense Practitioner in the Zealous Defense of Individuals and Their Constitutional Rights. It Is Further Our Mission to Educate and Inform the General Public Regarding the Administration of Criminal Justice and the Need for an Independent, Ethical, and Professional Criminal Defense Bar.

For more, see

Other Information:

Jack Zimmerman / Jim Lavine (pronounced luh-vine) – currently representing Gary Graham

713.552.0300 – office

Graham’s scheduled execution date: 6/22/2000

The statement was faxed and the original sent via certified mail to the Governor. Signed copies of the statement to Governor Bush can be obtained from Mr. Frankoff’s office.

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Q&A: Was the Bush Administration Actions “repugnant to the Constitution “?

Boise Attorneys
by Village Square

Question by Humanist: Was the Bush Administration Actions “repugnant to the Constitution “?
A direct quote from Federal Judge Milan D. Smith Jr.

BOISE, Idaho – A federal appeals court has ruled that former Attorney General John Ashcroft can be sued by people who claim they were wrongfully detained as material witnesses after 9/11, and called the government practice “repugnant to the Constitution.”

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals ruled Friday that the claims of a former University of Idaho student plausibly suggest Ashcroft purposely used the material witness statute to detain suspects whom he wished to investigate and detain preventively.

“We find this to be repugnant to the Constitution and a painful reminder of some of the most ignominious chapters of our national history,” Judge Milan D. Smith Jr. wrote.

The ruling allows Abdullah al-Kidd, a U.S. citizen, to proceed with a lawsuit that claims his constitutional rights were violated when he was detained in 2003 as a material witness in a federal terrorism case.

Phone messages left at Ashcroft’s Washington D.C. lobbying and law firms were not returned Friday.

Ashcroft had asked that the matter be dismissed, saying he was entitled to absolute immunity from the lawsuit because his position at the Department of Justice was prosecutorial.

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Answer by Nancy
According to former prezident bush, the Constitution was nothing but a G-D damned piece of paper.

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“I’m a lawyer with references from The Bush Administration.” You want that on your resume?

Question by 12-25 Never Forget: “I’m a lawyer with references from The Bush Administration.” You want that on your resume?
At the end of The Firm, Mitch says “Yeah, I’m still a lawyer with references from Bandini, Lambert, & Locke. You want to put that on your resume?”

Are Bush ex-officials saying something similar now?

“Only 25% to 30% of ex-Bush officials seeking full-time jobs have succeeded…”

“2008 White House Office Staff List – Salary ”

“The Firm – Ending”

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Answer by Cookie Monster
Troll. You are almost as bad as Edna

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Courting Justice: A Lawyer’s Casebook, From the Yankees vs. MLB to Gore vs. Bush

Courting Justice: A Lawyer’s Casebook, From the Yankees vs. MLB to Gore vs. Bush

New York Yankees v. Major League Baseball; General Westmoreland v. CBS; FDIC v. Michael Milken; United States v. Microsoft; Bush v. Gore. In each of these landmark cases, one man, David Boies, has held center stage.

Dubbed by the New York Times “the lawyer everyone wants,” Boies has indeed been courted by government and major corporations alike, and by a host of the famous and powerful. His clients have included Calvin Klein; Don Imus; George Steinbrenner; and Garry Shandling, as well as companies such as DuPont; Altria; Lloyd’s of London; and American Express. He has won record-breaking damages for consumers in cases against Sotheby’s and Christie’s and from major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, for price-fixing. His combination of legal know-how, meticulous preparation, and high-risk tactics at trial has earned him the sobriquet “the Michael Jordan of the courtroom.”

Written in the straightforward, sympathetic style that characterizes his courtroom presence, Courting Justice examines the varied clientele, behind-the-scenes dramas, and eleventh-hour strategies that have catapulted Boies to the top of the legal profession. His memoir ranges from his now-famous deposition of Bill Gates to the media-saturated battles of defending Vice President Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount frenzy. when for days on end it was this one laconic nonpolitician who was asked to explain to the American people how their president was being decided.

Through gripping accounts of some of his most notable cases, Boies brings to life not only his high-profile battles in and out of court but the details of his own life, from an unassuming boyhood in small-town Illinois and adolescence on the streets of Compton, to his brief career as a cardsharp (which helped hone his photographic memory), his lifelong fight with dyslexia and the lessons he learned in law schools—one of which he was asked to leave.

Inspiring, revealing, and compulsively readable, Courting Justice is an insider’s look at the American legal system, highlighting both its strengths and its weaknesses, the ways it can be abused and the ways in which, at its best, it defends our liberties.David Boies’s memoir should be a bestseller for two simple reasons. First, his spectacular legal career, representing clients as diverse as Al Gore, George Steinbrenner, the U.S. Justice Department, and Calvin Klein, provides ample material for a compelling exploration of the practice of law in its most high-profile glory. And secondly, the book seems bound to sell well simply because most enterprises Boies gets himself involved with, from lawsuits to Las Vegas gambling, tend to pay off big. In Courting Justice, Boies traces the intricacies of numerous cases, such as Bush v. Gore in the hotly contested 2000 Florida recount, Steinbrenner’s action against Major League Baseball, and the U.S. Government’s antitrust litigation against Microsoft. At the same time he sheds light on the legal profession itself, exploring the politics of the profession and the power plays endemic to it. As though presenting his cases to a jury, Boies lays out the framework and issues of each case in a patient, step-by-step manner that illuminates the nature of the litigation and Boies’s strategy while also supporting the narrative arc of the story he’s trying to tell. As with many top lawyers, there is more than a dollop of ego and pride in Boies’s accounts. Throughout Courting Justice Boies portrays himself as the voice of reason, possessed of a shrewd sagacity that his rivals and peers can only admire with slack-jawed amazement. Then again, when you look at the numerous legal triumphs and precedent-setting cases he was involved in, especially during the late 1990s, his arrogance is perhaps well earned. Regardless, it lends confidence to his outstanding ability to turn a phrase and tell a story, which, combined with the numerous stories he has to tell, makes David Boies’s latest effort a success once again. –John Moe

List Price: $ 25.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0786868384″]

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Rick Perry says Bush was guilty of ‘big government’ overspending

Rick Perry says Bush was guilty of ‘big government’ overspending
The Texas governor says his predecessor will be well-remembered by history, but not for his fiscal policies.
Read more on Dallas Morning News

Celina city council, friends mourn passing of Brad Glendening
Brad Glendening proposed to DonnaCarol in the middle of a game of charades. He signed “Will U marry…”, said the word me, went down on his knees and presented her with a ring.
Read more on The Celina Record

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If Obama was a criminal defense lawyer would he be famous for his “Bush Defense”?

by iNkMan_

Question by : If Obama was a criminal defense lawyer would he be famous for his “Bush Defense”?
Blame everything on Bush

Best answer:

Answer by Andreas
He’s been in office for 7 months. Let’s take a look at how things are about 3 years from now.

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