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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay® Trading Assistant

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay® Trading Assistant
How to sell other people’s products on eBay® for a share of the profits.
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an eBay® Trading Assistant

Affair Detector
This guide helps people improve their relationships by increasing their understanding of the factors contributing to relationship breakdowns. Specifically, the product outlines methods for improving communication and trust within a relationship.
Affair Detector

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5 Books on Becoming an Attorney

by taminator

5 Books on Becoming an Attorney

5 Books on Becoming an Attorney

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Home Page > Law > 5 Books on Becoming an Attorney

5 Books on Becoming an Attorney

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Posted: Apr 28, 2010 |Comments: 0


Aristotle proclaimed that, The law is reason free of passion, and becoming a lawyer has been the career destination for young people from all walks of life for centuries. It is no accident that most of the major political leaders over the last 300 years had their academic and professional grounding in the law George Washington may have been the first President, however the trend for lawyers to be selected as the nation’s leader is clear John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison (who studied law but never passed the bar) and the list continues.

Becoming a lawyer is rightly viewed as a stepping stone to a successful and wealthy future or as a springboard into many other careers in politics and public service and commerce, both at home and overseas. The practice and application of law permeates every facet of society and no lawyer specialized in all of the law so how do you choose the right path for you?

Becoming a Lawyer: A Humanistic Perspective on Legal Education and Professionalism

By Elizabeth Dvorkin

Many are attracted to the practice of law because they see an opportunity to contribute to creating a more fair and just society. The civil rights movement transformed American society, but it was the lawyers who worked in and out of the courts who allowed reforms to go forward.

This book uses most of the enclosed chapters to discuss and explore humanistic issues which are followed by commentaries from numerous lawyers to espouse their views on what it means to be a lawyer in the context of the issues raised by that chapter. This book also covers how taking a humanistic approach in career choice and throughout a lawyers legal education, will improve the reputation of the profession, of individual lawyers and for society as a whole.

Law School Confidential (Revised Edition): A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience: By Students, for Students

By Robert H. Miller

What is it really like during those three hard years of law school? This book answers many of the questions a potential law school candidate will have on what is actually happening at a variety of law schools around the country. How important is it to find and experience legal work through internships? What can you expect from your first days in law school? What are the real-life experiences of law school undergraduates as they go through three years of highly intense study? What attributes does a prospective candidate need to get through law school?

For all of these issues and much more, this is a great source of real-life information and advice.

Careers in Law

By Gary Munneke

This book is aimed at those thinking of attending law school, law school undergraduates and new lawyers looking for career guidance and advice. What marks this book out is how it deals with specific areas of the legal profession and its coverage of the career avenues within them.

Different fields of the law and its application require different specialist experience and training, and this book outlines how you can tailor your own law school experience to place you in the best position for admittance to your preferred field. There is also excellent coverage of the professional and personal demands which are placed on lawyers working in specific fields both within the profession and out in commerce, industry and public service.

The Lure of the Law: Why People Become Lawyers, and What the Profession Does to Them

By Richard Moll

This is written and published in the early 1990’s and is based on the author’s experience as the Dean of Admissions at a leading law school. In some respects it is dated and the commentary is not that of a lawyer himself, but in some respects this helps. People who wish to follow the law as a career do so for a variety of reasons, but how many lawyers actually find they have achieved what they initially set out to do? How many lawyers are actually happy with their career after years building their reputation and achieving their positions? Does the practice of law change you as a person, and if so, is this for the better?

A thought provoking commentary on lawyers and the legal careers which ought to be made required reading before admission to law school.

Becoming a Trial Lawyer

By Steven Grossman

For those embarking on a legal career, most aspire to becoming one of the legal ninjas of the profession a trial lawyer.

Trial lawyers are intellectual mercenaries who operate in the most charged and frightening environment the court, but this volume demonstrates the amount of preparation and time spent outside of court that goes into creating a reputation as a successful trial court lawyer.

This is an essential book for those seriously contemplating a career in the courtroom and covers advocacy skills, courtroom situations and tactics, deposition taking skills, the increasing role of courtroom technology and much more.

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Lawrence Reaves
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Written by Lawrence Reaves Find out more about law and stupid laws at Look for more of Mr. Reaves writing at


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How many years of law school to become a lawyer ?
Are lawyers licensed? If not why not? Who chairs the bar, is it public or private?Who chairs law society,is it public or private. Looks like quite the justice for profit monopoly to me!
Hi, in a divorce situation, the divroce isn’t final, my husband hired an attorney and his sister is paying for it. Is there a law where I can get an attorney too and he has to pay for it?

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Criminal Lawyer Questions and Answers

Good and not expensive criminal advocate surrounded by London, which one?
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Lawyer FAQ

Become a lawyer?
I’m interested in the law, government and politics. I’m in college studying political science and I do very well and like my major a lot. I also like history. A lot of people tell me I’d make a great lawyer. I have doubts though. How do I decide to go to law school? Do lawyers have.

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Identity Theft Deterrent Scam-Identity Theft Deterrent

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Litigation Technology: Becoming a High-tech Trial Lawyer (Coursebook) Reviews

Litigation Technology: Becoming a High-tech Trial Lawyer (Coursebook)

Now you can show your students how to effectively integrate PowerPoint and Sanction II software into courtroom presentations. LITIGATION TECHNOLOGY pairs an outstanding text with a companion website to take the mystery out of using computers at trial.<p class=copymedium> Written specifically to train future litigators, the text: <li class=copymedium>is written in a treatise format so that a reader can digest the book from cover to cover or simply go to the index or table of contents and focus on a particular topic <li class=copymedium>puts the use of technology in the context of developing and executing a trial strategy, considering the questions lawyers ask themselves: What is my theme? What type of language and presentation style will move the judge or jury toward ruling in favor of my client? What kinds of witnesses should I call? How do I prepare my case? How do I prepare for the defense case? What is the most effective type of closing? <li class=copymedium>includes both theory — the art and tactics of advocacy and how technology can be used to enhance them — and how-to guidance through the steps in creating the visuals best suited to each stage of the trial, plus tips for placing and using the equipment in the courtroom <li class=copymedium>takes an in-depth, hands-on approach to using technology through four web-based mock trial problems (two personal injury cases and two criminal cases) that provide the video depositions, document image files, scene files, audio files, and text files that students use to create and manipulate electronic presentations <li class=copymedium>demonstrates how to create PowerPoint and Sanction II presentations through step-by-step tutorials illustrated by annotated screen captures; students get a free one-calendar-year license for Sanction, so they can show their presentations at job interviews <li class=copymedium>teaches how to create both linear presentations (moving sequentially through slides) and nonlinear presentations (allowing the attorney to pull up images of documents, digital photos, transcripts, and video clips on the screen in any order)</ul><p class=copymedium> The author also provides: <li class=copymedium>updates on changes in the software programs and printable color PDF versions of the how-to chapters at the website <li class=copymedium>an extensive Teacher¿s Manual with tips from his own teaching experience, advice on tailoring the materials to different types of courses, suggested lecturers and tactical analysis of the case problems, PowerPoint slides for use in class, and sample syllabi showing alternative use.</ul><p class=copymedium> Additional web-based resource materials for instructors: <li class=copymedium>modifiable PowerPoint presentations on the visual trial; using the computer to organize a case file; using a computer for opening statement, during direct examination, for cross examination, and for closing argument <li class=copymedium>annotated screen captures of CaseMap and other software packages not covered in the book as they are developed <li class=copymedium>a members-only section for instructors and practicing attorneys to exchange insights and information about developments in litigation technology and methods for teaching students how to use technology at trial

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Becoming a Music Lawyer

Video Rating: 0 / 5

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Will being a Maoist prevent me from becoming a lawyer recognized by the bar? I go to NYU the best in the USA?

by Lubbock Democrats

Question by State School dude: Will being a Maoist prevent me from becoming a lawyer recognized by the bar? I go to NYU the best in the USA?
Will being a Maoist prevent me from becoming a lawyer recognized by the bar? I go to NYU the best in the USA?

Now it does say violent and unlawful but during the 1950s the CPUSA’s constitution forbid using unconstitutional means to take power and that didn’t stop McCarthy from throwing them in jail. Even the military allows membership in “totalitarian” organizations as long as no uniform is worn at events. Its 2008 and “liberal” New York prevents Communists, Anarchists, and any revolutionaries from becoming lawyers!

They even use the term “loyalty oath” right out of McCarthy!

18. Have you ever organized or helped to organize or become a member of any organization
or group of persons which, during the period of your membership or association, you knew was
advocating or teaching that the government of the United States or any state or any political
subdivision thereof should be overthrown or overturned by force, violence or any unlawful means?
. If your answer is in the affirmative, state the facts below._________
19. Is there any reason why you cannot take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation that you
will support the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of New York? __________. If
there is, please explain.
20. Can you conscientiously, and do you, affirm that you are without any mental reservation,
loyal to and ready to support the Constitution of the United States? .
21. (a) Have you read the Disciplinary Rules of the Code of Professional Responsibility
adopted by the Appellate Division (see, 22 NYCRR Part 1200)? _________________________…
(b) Will you conscientiously endeavor to conform your professional conduct to them?
Since this is a continuing application, I will submit such additional affidavits, papers
or information as may be requested or as may be necessitated by any change in my situation
up to the date of my appearance before the Appellate Division to be sworn in as an attorney

Best answer:

Answer by ruth
I would think that “the best school in the US” would be able to answer this question for you better than any of us.

I’m pretty sure that if you haven’t taken part in an uprising against the US government, you’re okay.

The ABA is pretty liberal these days.

Give your answer to this question below!

2 comments - What do you think?  Posted by - October 3, 2010 at 9:23 pm

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Bob Donnelly & Music Law [6/10] Becoming a Music Lawyer

2008 Sonic Arts Center podcast presentation

In this clip from – Don Passman is an entertainment lawyer and author of All You Need to Know About the Music Business. He describes the role and responsibilities of a music lawyer and the types of clients they counsel.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

1 comment - What do you think?  Posted by - at 9:13 pm

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