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Aviation Attorney Charles Brewer on US Air Crash 1549 Part I

Attorney Charles Brewer joins Speaking of Justice host Scott Drake for a special edition analysis of the US Air Hudson River crash earlier this of flight 1549. Charles Brewer is one of the nations leading aviation attorneys, is a 40 year pilot who is jet rated and his interview provides amazing insight into just what a job Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III did in ditching that jet in such a way that virtually ever passenger walked away. This review of the jet, the conditions the pilot was likely facing and the training he had highlights the issue of pilot training and preparation, an area that Charles Brewer, after decades of litigating hundreds of aviation cases is uniquely prepared to comment on.
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Aviation Lawyer’s Manual: Representing the Pilot in FAA Enforcement Actions

Aviation Lawyer’s Manual: Representing the Pilot in FAA Enforcement Actions

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Aviation Law – Aviation Litigation MP “Pappy” Papadakis is a world renonwned Aircraft Accident Investigator and Aviation Law Attorney. As a Lawyer and Investigator has evaluated, investigated or litigated over 400 seperate aircraft accidents. He authored the reference text, “Aircraft Accident Reconstruction and Litigation”, which is currently entering it’s 4th edition. Pappy is an “Of Counsel” Attorney to Brent Coon & Associates. – NTSB investigators are focusing their attention on faulty propeller blades as the possible cause of the crash of Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) Flight 529 which crashed on August 21, 1995 in Carrollton, Georgia. The propeller blade which broke up in flight is one of the same type of blades, Hamilton Standard models 14F and 14SF, being targeted in three separate investigations of in flight failures. These blades are commonly used on commuter planes worldwide. The interviewer questioned aviation crash attorney and pilot, John Greaves, about the blades and the ASA crash. Mr. Greaves believes that the FAA is tardy and theyre a day late and a dollar short in their response to these problems, and said that the traveling public does have something to be concerned about here. Baum Hedlund represented five victims from this ASA crash.
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Aviation Attorney ? A Unique History Of Work And Educational Experience

Aviation Attorney ? A Unique History Of Work And Educational Experience

All attorneys need an extremely complicated set of skills in order to be successful and victorious; however, an aviation attorney needs all the skills of any other lawyer plus a very unique history of work and educational experience. Aviation lawyers not only need to be well versed in the typical legal techniques and linguistics, but must also be able to apply that knowledge to the complicated field of aviation law. Therefore, a working knowledge of both private and commercial aviation is required. This necessitates either a strong educational background in commercial flight or direct experience in the flight industry.

Aviation law deals with the legal ramification of commercial, private, and cargo flight accidents, litigation, and assessing and assigning liability where appropriate. While this sounds like an easy enough process, it is far from easy and can be difficult and contentious. Take for example a commercial aircraft that skids off of the runway during takeoff. The airplane in question may have skidded off of the runway because of a mechanical failure – the brakes, wheels, or landing gear did not function properly in which case the manufacturer, the maintenance team, or the airline company may be held liable. If the weather were bad, then the airport authority or the flight tower operator may be held accountable for operating the plane in unsafe circumstances. Finally, the plane may have skidded off of the runway because the pilot or flight team made a mistake in which case the pilot could be held directly accountable.

In order to sift through all of these possibilities for even a simple accident where there is little damage or no injury takes an incredible amount of patience, commitment, and specific knowledge of aviation terminology, physics, and procedural experience. An aviation attorney has usually had some past experience with flight and could have been a commercial pilot in the past. Several lawyers are still currently licensed pilots and fly private planes in their free time. This experience helps a successful lawyer sort through the minutia of the data quickly and efficiently thereby assigning fault and liability more accurately.

Of course not all aviation lawyers were commercial pilots or have a private piloting license. Lawyers that do not have direct piloting experience must find an alternative way to gain the required knowledge that years of experience can earn them. This alternative way is usually through education. Many aviation attorneys, in addition to a law degree which all lawyers have to have, have an additional advanced degree in a field related to flight. These degrees could be in the field of aeronautical engineering, flight design, or flight dynamics. All of these fields help to prepare an individual for the complicated terminology used when trying to sort out an aviation accident.

Aviation law is a complicated legal field. A successful aviation attorney has be well versed in the complex and intricate processes that happen thousands of time a day across the nation at local airports in order to quickly and effectively assign liability where appropriate. In order to do these a lawyer must not only understand the legal aspects of the situation, but the aeronautical aspects of it as well. He or she can do this by either having direct experience as a pilot or through additional education I a related field.

We’re an experienced Aviation Attorney.

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Availing The Right Claim With An Aviation Accident Lawyer

Availing The Right Claim With An Aviation Accident Lawyer

Being involved in aviation accident is one of the nightmares you never expect to dream. Now, it already happened and luckily you survived in the accident. Perhaps, you are thankful enough for the chances of surviving but you are still in the midst of critical condition while you are confined in the hospital. Basically, big airline companies have their written conditions and representation of claims for every aviation accident. Because of the helpless situation, you barely need the assistance of an aviation accident lawyer upon availing it.

Your personal aviation accident lawyer will work out to do some study and investigation to get the proper compensation entitled to you. There’s also an instance that the victim is your husband that had not given a chance to survive in the accident. Hence, you are in the right side to fight for the justice of proper claims. Obviously, you cannot bring back the life of your beloved partner through the use of money but it will be a great help in your family to adjust and overcome the financial crisis.

It is very important to get the services of a good aviation lawyer who is equipped with knowledge and expertise in the field. This will be your assurance to have a big chance of getting a proper claim that your family deserves . But before getting one, you should know some things related to the aviation accident that may help you in choosing the best lawyer who will handle your case.
Experts believe that the aviation accident is rare compared to the vehicular and construction accidents that happen everyday. This is partially true but the effect or aircraft destruction is traumatic resulted to personal injuries and even death of passengers, stewardess and pilots. We could say that there is a small percentage of survival because of the explosion of the aircraft.

There are several causes that leads to the aviation accident . The most frequent is the aborted landing wherein the pilot is forced to land with the incomplete operation and miscommunication to the tower. An aviation accident lawyer also consider the responsibility of a pilot in that accident. Even that most of aircrafts are using the a high-technology technique, the pilot is still the one who controls it and one error might result to a devastating accident. Another cause is the wrong approval of the aircraft to take off. Airlines experts may not expect the bad weather that will affect the normal flight that endangers the operation of the aircraft.

Handling of aviation accident case is very complicated for there’s a need of thorough processes before getting the right justice. There are some cases that the airline company ignore the demand of the victim’s family and just give as little as possible claims that may not be enough for hospitalization and medical cost of survivors. With this situation, an aviation accident lawyer will be your strong companion who will fight for your right against the injustice treatment of the company.

The dead and injured passengers are just victims and their families are entitled for claims and compensation. The process of availing it is difficult  but a personal aviation lawyer will smoothen the development of the filed case.

Tricia Mills is an online writer. She write articles of any topics. She treats her work very special as something that inspires her. It is the best way that she could express her emotions. Moreover, she really likes to write articles about the importance of a Lawyer and an Attorney to the lives of an injured victims in an accident cases and personal injuries as a result of others negligence.

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Learning From Aviation Disasters

Learning From Aviation Disasters

Air travel has become an everyday occurrence and air travel is rarely thought of as a risk. That said, latest figures suggest that, on average, one thousand people per year die worldwide through aviation disasters. Add to this the one and a half thousand people that die in light aircraft, business jets and helicopters and the risk is propelled into the arena a little more forcefully. Of course, this does have to be balanced in some proportion to the fact that hundreds of flights with thousands of passengers take place every single day of the year.

Although just about everyone travelling with an airline will have taken out some sort of insurance, in the event of an accident or incident, they or their families are still entitled to claim compensation also. In nearly all cases the compensation secured will amount to considerably more than the insurance pay out, particularly if it is secured by a specialist aviation lawyer that has in depth knowledge of the international laws surrounding air disasters.

General injury lawyers can, in no way, possess the ability to deal with such complex issues such as air disasters. There is an international framework of laws specific to aviation accidents and they become very complex when you consider how many aspects there are to deal with from piloting to navigation from maintenance to manufacturing and design.

When an accident or major incidence occurs in the UK, the Air Accident Investigation Branch, who are part of the Department of Transport, will investigate in order to determine exactly what happened. This is not for the purpose of apportioning blame but to ensure that safety is improved upon to prevent repeat occurrences. The AAIB have the power to make safety recommendations as they see fit and adhering to this is bound to carry insurance implications for future flights.

Aviation insurance is a multifaceted business and totally different to every other type of insurance. Most aviation insurance is held with insurers in London and large aircraft manufacturers will take out around billion cover to insure against each accident. These insurers will appoint specialist aviation defence lawyers to represent their clients and protect their income.

That said, how could your average injury lawyer possible take on companies that have the latest inside knowledge on aviation laws as well as foreign laws? How could they possibly have the right contacts to deal with air disasters and to secure the best compensation for their victims and their families when up against this sort of knowledge?

That is why the best plan for compensation claims from air disasters is an aviation lawyer. These lawyers are adept and dealing with these types of cases only and therefore can apply everything they know to the case in question. Aviation lawyers will often be instructed to act on behalf of all the passengers and passenger’s families that are affected by an individual plane crash.

A single individual barely stands a chance of gaining compensation from the global companies involved in aviation without the assistance of an aviation lawyer. There are often language barriers to overcome as well as understanding foreign laws if the accident occurred overseas and also the understanding of the way aviation insurance, insurers and their lawyers operate.

With an aviation lawyer the case will still be complex and often drawn out but the end result will be that something positive came out of something terrible. Compensation will have been gained for those entitled and measures will be put in place to prevent a repeat of the accident.

Legal expert Catherine Harvey looks at how aviation disasters require specialist aviation lawyers to extract compensation from those responsible.

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Web Video for Aviation Lawyer

Studies show airplanes and helicopters crash far less often than cars. But when they do, dozens of lives can be lost in an instant. In fact, numbers from the National Transportation Safety Board show that the number-one cause of aviation accidents is human error. That includes accidents with commercial airplanes as well as the more common crashes involving small aircraft. In all of those cases, better decision-making could have saved lives. If youve lost someone to this type of negligence, you should talk to an aviation lawyer as soon as possible about holding those decision-makers legally responsible for their actions.

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