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Assault Charge Defense Lawyer / Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

The Baker Law Firm, LLC Based in Phoenix, The Baker Law Firm defends clients throughout Arizona and the Phoenix area accused of an assault crime. Mr. Baker is a former public defender who understands the law, the criminal process, and is experienced in providing individuals accused of an assault with an uncompromising criminal defense. As an experienced assault defense lawyer, Mr. Baker has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with assault. He will provide you with an aggressive defense and protect your constitutional rights, including Miranda issues, and evidentiary matters. He has a reputation as a tough criminal defense attorney who holds prosecutors to their burden of proof. For more information about assault and battery charges under Arizona law, the criminal process, or to discuss your criminal charges with an experienced assault and battery defense attorney, please call us! The Baker Law Firm, LLC 702 E. Coronado Phoenix, AZ 85006 Phone: 602-889-6901

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Phoenix Arizona Divorce Lawyer Discusses Asset Laws

The Law Offices of Scott David Stewart All sorts of marital assets are subject to division in a divorce: earnings on investments, 401k accounts, businesses, real estate, and pension plans. Likewise, any debt acquired during your marriage, such as credit card balances, car loans and mortgages must be divided as well. As your divorce attorney, Scott David Stewart takes the time to identify which assets, property, and debts are subject to division and estimates the amounts involved. At the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, our office has the legal and financial resources required to sort through what can be a very complicated process, working closely with accountants and financial planners when necessary,. More importantly, we are dedicated to protecting your interests – especially when claims are made against property you brought into your marriage or an attempt is made to alter your estate plan. Be prepared and informed regarding your property rights — contact property settlement lawyer Scott David Stewart today. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, our office represents clients throughout Maricopa County, including cities such as Mesa, Chandler, El Mirage, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, and Sun City. Chandler Office 4035 West Chandler Blvd. Chandler, AZ 85226 Phone: (480) 813-4800 Main Office 777 East Thomas Road Phoenix AZ 85014 Phone: (602) 548-4600
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Boise Attorney
by The U.S. Army

(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter announced today that the State of Idaho has joined Michigan in filing a “friend of the court” brief with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Arizona’s law on illegal immigrants.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, in consultation with the Governor, signed on to the amicus brief Thursday. It makes the case that states have the authority to concurrently enforce federal immigration law, provided that states do not create new categories of aliens or attempt to independently determine the immigration status of an alien.

The brief also contends that the Arizona law is consistent with the regulatory scheme established by Congress – which is one of concurrent enforcement, where the federal government must respond to any inquiry by a state or local government agency seeking to verify the immigration status of any person within its jurisdiction.

“Arizona is simply requiring its law enforcement officials to help the federal government enforce immigration law as envisioned by Congress,” Governor Otter said. “State officials have the right under existing federal law to identify illegal aliens and report them to federal authorities. It’s our affirmative duty to protect states’ rights, and that’s particularly important when a lawsuit seeks to punish a state for doing what the federal government has failed to do – protect our borders and American citizens.”

Eleven states now have joined in the appeal from a federal judge’s initial ruling against Arizona in the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Answer by myopinion
Good for idaho. all states should be supporting Arizona.. because one of these days it will be their turn for the Feds to just come in and push you around. Arizona is right.. Washington is dead wrong!

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Insanity defense difficult for Arizona shooting suspect

Insanity defense difficult for Arizona shooting suspect
WASHINGTON — In an earlier time, the emerging portrait of a deeply troubled young man might have given Jared Loughner’s lawyers the basis of an insanity defense. But John Hinckley’s successful insanity claim after shooting President Ronald Reagan led Congress to raise the bar for federal court, making the task harder.
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Man describes stabbing incident
COURTHOUSE — All charges were held at a preliminary hearing against an Upper Merion man who allegedly stabbed his former boyfriend in December leaving the victim with a perforated lung.
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Phoenix Divorce Lawyer Family Law Attorney Arizona The lawyers and staff of the Weingart Law Firm base their work on the simple principles of experience, integrity and results. Our attorneys help people throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Peoria, AZ.
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Brain Injury Lawyer / Attorney in Arizona – Recovery

The Law Office of Jeffery J. Hernandez Founded in 1992, the Law Office of Jeffery J. Hernandez has earned a reputation for providing sound, professional, and aggressive legal representation to injured individuals, families of loved ones who have suffered a wrongful death, and Arizona businesses. We are committed to offering our clients personal attention, professional skills, and unsurpassed dedication to achieving optimal results. The Law Office of Jeffery J. Hernandez 7047 E. Greenway Parkway, Suite 140 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Phone: (480) 624-2765 Fax: (480) 991-0920 What should I know when looking for a brain injury lawyer? Brain injury cases are more complicated and difficult to prove than other personal injury cases. They involve complex medical, legal and insurance issues and often require expert testimony to successfully prove. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Your chances of success are much greater if you get help from an attorney with experience successfully handling cases similar to yours.
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How can I find a good divorce lawyer in Tucson, Arizona.?

Question by Rosebud: How can I find a good divorce lawyer in Tucson, Arizona.?
I really just want a fair divorce, but my wife keeps indicating that she is going for as much money as she can get from me. How can I find a good divorce lawyer. I DONT want to go to court and waste thousands on layers, but my wife is getting a layer and is going for as much as she can get. Any advice? I wish we could do the divorce without lawyers, but in my wife words, “I just want what I want”.

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Answer by Nancy M.
To find a good divorce lawyer where you are ask your friends to recommend a good divorce lawyer for yourself. I did that when I needed a divorce lawyer. My friend also took me to the man’s office and the attorney sat down with me and let me know what I would get in my divorce.

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