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Who is not only shocked but angry?

Question by ☠Ghost of Jane Doe☠: Who is not only shocked but angry?
This is a TOTAL scam!!!! Michael Jackson’s estate has been taken out of the hands of his mother and passed over to…his lawyer and music exec!!!!!!!! RIP OFF!!! SCAM!!!!!

Go here:

then click the tab for “news updates” to here: “Judge removes mom from control” -or- Go here:

I can’t believe the dirty scandal crap! Now it makes Jacksons death even *more* suspicious to me.

Star3…But don’t you think that Michael was under the influence? I mean, don’t you think he could have been influenced to do this back in 2002 with intentions of changing it later?

Best answer:

Answer by Liz
it sucks i think all of his estate and belonging should go to the kids.

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Angry Gay Pope Complete Deposition with Scientology Lawyer Kendrick Moxon – Part 2

Scientology lead lawyer Kendrick Moxon interviews the Angry Gay Pope on the record regarding the beating of protester AnonOrange Scientology Gold Base in 2008. Full details and transcript available at . More on Kendrick Moxon at http .

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